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Mr. Popular and The Cute Yandere | Solthorn | 💖  by AngelCercan
Mr. Popular and The Cute Yandere | AngelCercan
I'm best friends with one of the most popular boy in my high school, how? our parents were very close since middle school and well we were close since birth! but ever si...
Boboiboy splits (highschool au) by Jun_Matie
Boboiboy splits (highschool au)by Junou.Matie
Fang just moved into the neighborhood recently with his older brother. The nearby, school offered to have Fang into T.A.P.O.P.S high as a transfer student. Fang then mee...
Dingin (Boboiboy Halilintar X You) | END ✓ | by tvokitou
Dingin (Boboiboy Halilintar X You) 𝐈𝐳𝐚
"Seperti yang kalian tau, gw ini sifatnya dingin dan cuek. Tapi sifat gw itu pelan2 berubah karena Dia" - Halilintar - "Gw merupakan seorang yang dingin...
"My Perverted Boyfriend~" | Blice story | On Going | Icelaze Solthorn | ☑ by AngelCercan
"My Perverted Boyfriend~" | AngelCercan
Two childhood friends made a promise after being seperated then meet again after 16 years will they still remember each other? {Completed} Most impressive rank [7 Dece...
You Matter Too! | Elemental story | 💖 by AngelCercan
You Matter Too! | Elemental AngelCercan
after another success mission boboiboy watch was hit by a machine gun and his watch suddenly glowed and all the elementals where out and but then a mysterious person cam...
Perfect Brother [COMPLETED]  by BuRocks17
Perfect Brother [COMPLETED] by ||Jolyn on HIATUS||
Be perfect? Or be yourself...? [BBB Cahaya & BBB Api (Sibling AU)] {Disclaimer: I do NOT own BoBoiBoy nor any of the characters here. They belong to Monsta. I only own...
You're All I Need [COMPLETED]  by BuRocks17
You're All I Need [COMPLETED] by ||Jolyn on HIATUS||
"You're all I need..." [BBB Petir & BBB Daun (Sibling AU)] {Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the characters here. They belong to Monsta. I only own the plot of...
WHATEVER IT TAKES | boboiboy ! cyclone [ ✔ ] by kazscircus
WHATEVER IT TAKES | boboiboy ! -
❝whatever it takes, for them!❞ [ elemental!family fanfiction ] - boboiboy cyclone. the epitome of joy, happiness, carelessness. but as one member falls, their family sp...
Our Little Brother by ejenfatini
Our Little Brotherby Tini
💙 [🅾🅽 🅶🅾🅸🅽🅶 / 🆂︎🅻︎🅾︎🆆︎ 🆄︎🅿︎🅳︎🅰︎🆃︎🅴︎] 💙 ⇛ sᴇᴠᴇɴᴛʜ ʙᴏᴏᴋ ⇚ Tanah and Petir were a happy family together with their parents. But, apparently their parents...
Dream catcher| Boboiboy Galaxy|  Fang centered by Jcfuntime
Dream catcher| Boboiboy Galaxy| JJCHRISTOPHER1522
During one of the Kokotaim Gang's missions together, they were called to a village where a villain named the Nightmare stalker has been terrorizing the people. They put...
Who's Your Ideal Guy? by Sharlamin
Who's Your Ideal Guy?by Amano
🔵Editing🔵 Raints High School has such influential male students. Although, it's in a few different ways. Some of them are good student, has good grades and manners. So...
My Source of Happiness [COMPLETED]  by BuRocks17
My Source of Happiness [COMPLETED] by ||Jolyn on HIATUS||
"My little brother's my source of happiness... ... how about yours?" [BBB Air & BBB Angin (Sibling AU)] {Disclaimer: I do NOT own BoBoiBoy nor any of the chara...
I Wouldn't Mind [HIATUS]  by BuRocks17
I Wouldn't Mind [HIATUS] by ||Jolyn on HIATUS||
Twin boys, named Api and Air, with gifted elemental powers but with opposite personalities. These brothers had a strong brotherly bond together, where nothing can separa...
Telescope | BBB by Whisper018
Telescope | BBBby Whisper018
"I'll figure out tonight what it is I need to do, Fabricate a lie and relay it back to you, In my head it's only letters, Make 'em make sense to make it better"...
Just Smile [HIATUS]  by BuRocks17
Just Smile [HIATUS] by ||Jolyn on HIATUS||
If there's anything bothering you... If there's anything you're upset about... If there's anything you're depress about... If there's anything you're missing from the pa...
Always Here For You [ON-HOLD]  by BuRocks17
Always Here For You [ON-HOLD] by ||Jolyn on HIATUS||
"If I'm all what you need, then I'll always be here for you..." [BBB Petir & BBB Daun (Sibling AU)] {Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the characters here. The...
the young elemental hero by multi-fandom-person-
the young elemental heroby marigold ❁❀
boboiboy and his friend are on a vacation then suddenly boboiboy got sucked into the portal and is now trapped in another dimension here 80% of the population have super...
After He Was Gone (Deep Thoughts) by AnginTaufanGalaxy
After He Was Gone (Deep Thoughts)by Nz_At76
(STORY COMPLETED YET CLIFF HANGER) What if Boboiboy Taufan was gone just to protect the ones he loved. This fanfic is about original Boboiboy POV, trying to find the hap...
The Elementary School by ejenfatini
The Elementary Schoolby Tini
The Elementary School. Everyone in the town said that this school had been haunted by a kid years ago. And also there had been a rumour that everyone who goes there will...
This Is My World [High School AU] by _Amethyx_
This Is My World [High School AU]by (logged out)
❝I don't know what's going on. I was just a nobody, but then Tanah came along and my world turned upside down.❞ -Api, 15 years old