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Mr. Popular and The Cute Yandere | Solthorn | 💖  by AngelCercan
Mr. Popular and The Cute Yandere | AngelCercan
I'm best friends with one of the most popular boy in my high school, how? our parents were very close since middle school and well we were close since birth! but ever si...
Still Alive(Bbb Fanfic) by castrielklee
Still Alive(Bbb Fanfic)by klee
[C O M P L E T E D] At the flouting island,where Boboiboy and the gang fought with Bora ra, the fight ended with the gang sending Bora ra suck into his own blackhole but...
Boboiboy React!🌏✨ by galaxiagacha_29
Boboiboy React!🌏✨by GalaxiaGacha_29
"WHERE ARE WE?!?" "Boboiboy??!" "AYAH?!?" "Hello master" "Welcome everyone, let's start the show shall we?~" A Boboiboy...
My Journey with you : The First Journey  by OctavinelleFloyd
My Journey with you : The First ClaireAllord
Boboiboy X Reader BoBoiBoy is a boy who has elemental-based superpowers and the ability to separate into three. With his friends, Ying, Hannah (Yaya in the original Mal...
Boboiboy: Dark Past to Bright Future by MousyYearlyREEEEE
Boboiboy: Dark Past to Bright _Dimah_
I don't know what to put in the description. ╮( ̄ω ̄;)╭ . . . . . . . . Like always Boboiboy and his gang do their mission. But then, they got a very different mission tha...
Photosynthesis Duo: A Duo Who Got Left Behind (discontinued sorry lol-) by LocalXela
Photosynthesis Duo: A Duo Who Xelain
The characters here used are none of my own, they all rightfully belong to Monsta !! Warning ! - Some mistakes in grammar - Broken English(prolly :') ) - Stiff and immat...
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BoBoiBoy Zodiac 🚩 by QueenDevila
BoBoiBoy Zodiac 🚩by Eva
Because I LOVE BBB since I was child, here we are. I relate to Fang very much 'aight? don't mind the cover 😂☕
CITY OF MANIA | reader! interactive story by kazscircus
CITY OF MANIA | reader! -
❝ we're all maniacs here.❞ [ cyberpunk!au x boboiboy ] A USER-INTERACTIVE STORY. - 22nd century is a dream that only one could imagine. But it is here now, in the year 2...
Boboiboy Galaxy is boring by maeed437
Boboiboy Galaxy is boringby M-437
Now from the tittle you think this is some kind of whiny ass rant or shaming Malaysian animated films galore. No this is a what I think of Boboiboy Galaxy (season 1 and...
The Untold Life of Boboiboy & His Brothers by Jkadawag16
The Untold Life of Boboiboy & Nagano, Kisumi
Before Minato became the 8th Hokage, before Akihito became Izuna Uchiha, before Minato meets Boboiboy from another dimension and before Boboiboy changes his name to Mina...
Boboiboy: The Deep Secret of a Gem (C) by MousyYearlyREEEEE
Boboiboy: The Deep Secret of a _Dimah_
Boboiboy's friend is gone. The gang had given order to go back to Erth for safety. Then, the same thing happened on Earth. Yaya, Ying and Gopal gone. Just Fang and Boboi...