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THE HARDEST DARE  by meiiiyaaa
THE HARDEST DARE by mei (hiatus)
Would you accept to do a dare for the sake of your friends happiness or lost your shit forever? •COMPLETED• 04/11/2020
꧁ රෝස ꧂                                              ✓ 𝕐𝕀ℤℍ𝔸ℕ ✓ by Madhu_96
꧁ රෝස ꧂ Madhu_96
ඔයාව දැක්ක මුල්ම වතාවෙයි මට හිතුනෙ.. ඔයා රෝස කියලා.. එක පාරටම මගෙ ඇස් ඉස්සරහට කඩන් පාත් වෙලා මගෙ ඇස් දිහා බලලා ඔයා යන්න ගියා.. ම්ම්.. හැමදාම මාව හොයාගෙන ආව ඔයා.. මගේ රෝස...
༺ සකුරා ༻                                                    ✓ 𝐳 H 𝒶 𝐍 ʸ 丨 ✓  by Madhu_96
༺ සකුරා ༻ Madhu_96
සිහිනක් පසුපස හබායන ජීවිතේ ජය ගන්න වෙර දරන සුන්දර සකුරා දේශය පුරා දිවයන සකුරා වසන්තයකි මේ ආදරය... ZHANYI - NON FICTION SCHOOL LOVE STORY LOVE AND ROMANCE HAPPY ENDIN...
Intentions|YIZHAN FF by Amusedbyyou
Intentions|YIZHAN FFby lil lofi
"If we stay together we'll hurt someone that means more to you than I do." ______________________________________________ Zhan, a workaholic living with his s...
Switch by Hay_Mern_Ko
Switchby HayMernKo
When an Unexpected Change Occurred Between You and Your Rival. Start Date - 4 Oct 2023 ( Wed ) End Date - 12 Apr 2024 ( Fri ) Status - Completed Chapters in Total - 36 C...
Follow the light《Zhanyi version》 by -DreamingFirefly-
Follow the light《Zhanyi version》by 白日梦
A life for a life . . . A human for a human . . . A promise for a promise . . . A prince for a princess . . . And at last . . . The agent for the assassin . . . Cover cr...
꧁ නොසිතූ ꧂                                                 ✓  ʸ 丨 𝐳 H 𝒶 𝐍  ✓ by Madhu_96
꧁ නොසිතූ ꧂ Madhu_96
ආදරයයි හිතේ තියන කැමැත්තයි හරි හැටි තේරුම් ගන්නට තමන්ට නොහැකි වුනොත්... අපේ හිතේ ඉන්න අපි මේ ලෝකේ ඉන්න වැඩියෙන්ම කැමැති කෙනා ඇවිල්ලා කියලා දුන්නොත් අපිට.. මේක නිකන්ම නි...
TEACHING "YOU"  by meiiiyaaa
TEACHING "YOU" by mei (hiatus)
"I kissed our teacher." SEQUEL When wang yibo teach his teacher this time STARTED: APRIL 2, 2020 ENDED: ARPIRL 5, 2020
Don't Take My Brother Away! - Wang Yibo x Xiao Zhan fanfic by HaiRyuuKi
Don't Take My Brother Away! - HaiRyuuKi
Summary: Song Zu Er is a girl who cares about beauty and wisdom. She has an elder brother named Xiao Zhan who is a perfect guy. She likes their school idol named Wang Y...
Whether I Remain There or Not by niriyas
Whether I Remain There or Notby niriyas
Should I smile for being your best friend? Or should I cry for just being your friend..? Our relationship begins with friendship, and ends with friendship. But after sev...
SHUSH by aoikazuya_13
SHUSHby aoi.xx_13
This is the story of two mafia leaders, one from Beijing and the other one from Chonqing. This story is a fanfic story only :)
Mr. Empress by aoikazuya_13
Mr. Empressby aoi.xx_13
Yizhan/Wangxian AU inspired by Mr. Queen :)
He asked me "Will You Marry Me?" by TinselTea
He asked me "Will You Marry Me?"by Teal_Glass
[ON GOING] Wang Yibo is 18 years old and an Alpha,who lives in China Beijing.He is very cold to people and very strict, He may seem rude at first but when you get to kno...
Wang Yibo's life was a total mess until a Forensic Doctor named Xiao Zhan came into his life . Yibo always wanted some love , care and affection in his life . Xiao Zhan...
༺ හුස්ම ඔයා ༻                                             ✓𝐳 H 𝒶 𝐍 ʸ 丨 ✓ by Madhu_96
༺ හුස්ම ඔයා ༻ Madhu_96
මන් හිතුවෙ මට මගේ ජීවිතේ ලගම උන්න දෙන්නම නැති වෙලා ගියා කියලා.. ම්ම්ම්ම්.. ඒත් මන් එච්චරටම අවාසනාවන්ත නෑ... Zhanyi One Shot Happy Ending ❤️💚
Always Together Rock Dog Bodi X OC Alexis by destinycopley134
Always Together Rock Dog Bodi X Destinycopley123
Alexis was always gifted ever since her birth. For Alexis her life has never been easy. Always running from different places due to her not being accepted by humans or h...
No Substitution  by erisloveschaos
No Substitution by Koko
From the moment Wang Yibo saw Xiao zhan he knew the other man stole his heart. Traits Yibo didn't know he possessed were felt. Yibo need the Man's attention and he is re...
Eternity With You ✅ by Fire-On-Fire
Eternity With You ✅by Zion
[ ZSWW ONESHOT] Xiao Zhan and Wang yibo attending Weibo night after a groud breaking scandal. That's it that's the story
Avismarniya ( A Book Of Poems ) by lilyinmyheart
Avismarniya ( A Book Of Poems )by Lily D. Kai
Avismarniya : Adjective. That which can't be forgotten ; Unforgettable. ***** A collection of long lost memories, and new found dreams, some half broken pieces of works...