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Fnaf (All)  oneshot :) by MOON___DROP
Fnaf (All) oneshot :)by moondrop
x reader here ya go you sinfull simps
A New Life. (FniaReborn) by PollavaGrug
A New Life. (FniaReborn)by Pollava Grug
First of all, I ask you to read the explanation of some of the things that I will write in the first part of this book. Also, all this will not happen in the usual Fnia...
CHILDHOOD LOVE [POKEMON]by saraha___senju
"No matter how far we are from each other, we will always be connected."
strange love (a bonnie x foxy fanfiction) by YoutubeGirl9
strange love (a bonnie x foxy YoutubeGirl9
just a fanfiction im writing about bonnie and foxy. HOPE U ALL ENJOY
Raised By Pokemon (Clemont FanFic) by The-Insecure-Otaku
Raised By Pokemon (Clemont FanFic)by ☕VanillaLatte☕
Angel Barnes wasn't your original 15 year old. You see a child she ran away from the hell of her home and got far far away and never returned, she was living in Vanivill...
The girl with heterochromia by Samiraarts44
The girl with heterochromiaby Samira
>When we were nearly done with the ritual, Vivian and I just met each other in the same room and some time later, my little sister, Rebecca, started to scream. Vivian...
Leave before dark by Vixxy_The_PirateFox
Leave before darkby Vixxy the Pirate
Mike Schmidt gets a new job at Freddy Fazbear's pizzeria, everything seems alright until....
What the animatronics really think -- discontinued by ToxicGamerLox
What the animatronics really Reeee
We've all seen Five Nights at Freddy's from the security guard's eyes, but have you ever thought of it through the animatronics eyes? It has been established that they...
Reviving the Truth by taylor_luvs
Reviving the Truthby taylor_luvs
"Why are we here?" I ask. My body trembles from the memories overtaking me. "We're not like the others," he says in a hushed tone. Are we being mon...
Ask/dare  five nights at freddys by 85fish
Ask/dare five nights at freddysby
Where you can ask questions/dares to any animatronic you want
Art book by hoping14
Art bookby Dream_to_believe
It is my art that I make and I hope you like them. So vote Comment And give me ideas to draw. Thank you for all your help and I hope that you will like all my pics...
Lemon Tea 💖 by PinkMel2
Lemon Tea 💖by Mellie
There's a girl named bonny and her friends who are school girls. However she sees this tan boy around..........she may fall in love over some lemon tea
F.N.A.F by kitty_girl580
F.N.A.Fby kitty_girl580
What happens when u r stuck at the most scaryist place in the world..... The univers
security breach x kitten by Ldunn1234
security breach x kittenby fnaf_lover
😈🥺 the adventure of kittens life time
Freddy X Bonnie(MM) by ASHJKLove
Freddy X Bonnie(MM)by ASHJKLove
MM= Master Mutterer Bonnie X Freddy is a story about two animatronics that fall in love. Most of these characters belong to Scott Cawthon
Mike's Life by TheGameStorys
Mike's Lifeby TheGamerGuy
I got this job and it went horrible purple man He Did It All