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harry's dork (zarry) by zeeandhazza
harry's dork (zarry)by ZaRrY
zayn likes to prank harry, a lot.
Poison In Me (C.S Ziall A.U) by Lazaye
Poison In Me (C.S Ziall A.U)by Vessel
In which a soldier comes across a guy in a tribe.
Him |Zarry| by kiara__14
Him |Zarry|by Z
all he knew that He just drives him craZee ~New at writing #2 bottom Z :D #1 compulsive #5 control #1 persuasion #1 gaslight #1 controlling
Purge  [zarry] by numbLovr
Purge [zarry]by ♡
· This is not a test. This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the Annual Purge sanctioned by the U.S Government. Weapons of class 4 and lo...
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PRIDE » Zarry ✅ by itsZaynAndhaRRY
PRIDE » Zarry ✅by Lacy G. 👩🏾
A man tells the story of an affair with his father's male accountant. Harry Styles is a well respected future heir of Manly, a company his father owns that sells product...
Physchopath(zarry|boyxboy) by antiviews
Physchopath(zarry|boyxboy)by jason
psy·cho·path ˈsīkəˌpaTH/ noun a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.
The Quiet Ones || Ziam Twin Au || ON HOLD by gulfjeons
The Quiet Ones || Ziam Twin Au || ファティマ
[ON HOLD] Everyone has one person they fall in love with, Zayn has two. •Payne Twins• published; 19 may 2016
Him [Zarry] by Prisonerwithavision
Him [Zarry]by Z
"Harry this isn't healthy. You're obsessed. I can't believe you go to all that trouble just to look at him." "Of course I do," "I have to.&quo...
Where it wasn't suppose to be (zarry impreg) by AfricanZARRYlover
Where it wasn't suppose to be ( Marie
Love is a magnificent feeling, it's a wonderful thing that once you have it you will never want to let it go. But when love is found in the wrong place not everything ca...
Part-Time » Zarry ✅ by itsZaynAndhaRRY
Part-Time » Zarry ✅by Lacy G. 👩🏾
An asexual teacher falls in love with a teacher who has Erectile Dysfunction. * * * Zayn Malik is a 29 year old high school teacher who has found himself in a month an...
New Life [Zarry ageplay] by Prisonerwithavision
New Life [Zarry ageplay]by Z
"To the one who eventually comes along, I can already say that I love you more than anything or anyone else. I want nothing more than to love you and look after you...
Like a fairy tale.  by ZarryGirl_12
Like a fairy tale. by Zarry is comfort
A pilot Captain Zayn Malik finds a mysterious magical bottle on an island after his airplane crash in which he finds a very handsome and bubbly 2000 years old genie name...
FUCKBOY ▹ ZUSTIN by harwin-strong
[ COMPLETE ] ❝i love you, daddy.❞ [zustin au] [this was my first popular story please don't read and if you do, i'm sorry.]
A shining rainbow by zarrylove30
A shining rainbowby zarrylove30
- You are my shining rainbow! - And does such a thing exist? -Yes. - Where? - Now and here, he's sitting in front of me and smiles at me the way I love him!🌈🌈🌈
I Know Places - Ziam AU by zapsterpiece
I Know Places - Ziam AUby r
Once Zayn and Liam were husbands. They used to be travellers and visited many places around the world. Unfortunately, they were separated from an airplane accident and f...
He's My... My Teacher?! (Zainourry) by loveann13
He's My... My Teacher?! (Zainourry)by Anneke
Niall Horan is a new teacher at Cheshire High, what happens when he meet 4 interesting students. Tbh I'm not really writing this for others, I had a dream about this and...
Bakery Boy. (Zarry) by Illegalzayn
Bakery Boy. (Zarry)by I love bands.
Zayn falls in love with Harry Styles the bakery boy. But, There's more to it than a cheesy love story. Where everything changes, a lot of hearts break, and a separation...
There's no knight in shining armor by ziam_till_forever
There's no knight in shining armorby ziam_till_forever
Some people are meant together, but not forever. The beautiful love story of Zayn and Liam is as such. No two people meant for each other like they are. However, it see...
Unfaithful Love || Zustin by babeofbeauty
Unfaithful Love || Zustinby b a b e
Zayn Malik is a 23 year old wannabe fashion designer living a rather normal life, other than the fact he's having an affair with the one and only Justin Bieber. »Zustin...