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Bartender (FangxEdgar) by rrustycoffin
Bartender (FangxEdgar)by 🕸️
this is my first fic so it might be bad and my english is kinda sucks but i couldnt find much fangar fics so here's mine! <3
Trust Me | Fang x Janet by NobodyBS
Trust Me | Fang x Janetby NobodyBS
The war is raging. The fires are blazing. The world is burning. Sometimes, it isn't a knife, a dagger or even a broadsword that hurts the most. Words. They don't hurt yo...
Destiny's Will [ Fadgar ] by evciqity
Destiny's Will [ Fadgar ]by evciqity
I couldn't find any fadgar fics so here's my own 😭 I've never written anything before so bare with me :')
Changeby Riley <3
One day, Colette and Edgar accidentally swap personalities... They want to get back to normal, but they don't know how. Will they be able to change back? Or will they st...
One for eachother.A Brawl Stars story by vikingstreets
One for eachother.A Brawl Stars vikingstreets
Charlie likes Chester a lot,but he does otherwise. He doesn't care about her feelings,he just sees her as a friend. Even if she knows that he likes Mandy, she doesn't st...
Why? It's because I like you. | Mandy x Chester by diobrandoluvvv
Why? It's because I like you. | diobrandoluvvv
!!This is a highschool AU!! "Boys will make fun of the girls they like." It's what every mother tells their daughter while she cries in her arms that a boy pic...
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Lucha por amor by Javi2829
Lucha por amorby El Spike
Cada historia más fumada que la anterior
Look Into the Stars: Brawl Stars Fanfic (Scrapped Concept) by BlackTealKnight
Look Into the Stars: Brawl Stars BlackTealKnight
[DISCONTINUED] Leon was a normal brawler in Brawler's High. Just minding his own business and what not. Until one day, luck ceased from him and he was met with an unfor...
Mechanical hearts by suckthatcat
Mechanical heartsby ☆
Y/N is an agent at Starr park, you help to defeat the bad guys, but you never expected to meet someone, a robot? Enemies to lovers story
Plesure Pain and Sugarblast! (English) by Cevz04
Plesure Pain and Sugarblast! ( Coco
Mandy, a grumpy boss who freaks out over every little thing, and Chester, an incorrigible prankster who drives her insane. But somehow they seem to work together. But ca...
Sunshine and lollipops by Mystic_Spirit_666
Sunshine and lollipopsby 𝔟𝔦𝔱𝔱𝔢𝔯𝔰𝔴𝔢𝔢𝔱_𝔭𝔬𝔦...
ARTWORK ON THE FRONT ISN'T MINE! When Leon starts his Junior year of high school, he's hoping for fun and happiness. Besides, he gets to be with his best friend Sandy. ...
cordelius x lily :3 [un amor tranquilo] by colette-nwn
cordelius x lily :3 [un amor colette-main
[es facil] bueno algo normal como una pareja normal, alguno que otro celo y pequeñas peleas que se pueden resolver facil mente asi que solo are una pequeña lectura porqu...
Brawl-Cord by TheBrawlerina
Brawl-Cordby Sylvia Brawler
Mr. P decides to make a Discord server for all the brawlers for easier communication regarding matches and other normal stuff. Unfortunately, the Brawlers are anything B...
Ugh,Bitter like burnt syrup!(MandyxChester) by artmesiqs
Ugh,Bitter like burnt syrup!( Ar3m!s
!!Non of these characters are made by me all the credits to Supercell,the image is not mine!! This may contain adult scenes in the future,death?Gore?
Puppy eyes  by Ezekiel2009Ez
Puppy eyes by Ezekiel_lol
They are already together in this AU and aged up. We love our idiotic bfs so we have to write about them (as usual). I simp for both but they are also my parents and I...
So Long & Goodnight... by Beddibugg
So Long & Your mom
Edgar has been a lot more silent recently, and it's gotten the attention of his co-worker, Colette. What's more is her discovery of a note buried deep in the trash. Thei...
Jessie X Leon (A thief's heart) by ss1378943
Jessie X Leon (A thief's heart)by Phantom Knight
A thief named Jessie comes to see what valuable thing she can steal but runs into some problems a boy named Leon is showing her around because she is part of a new famil...
Come As You Are by chromaferry
Come As You Areby chromaferry
Edgar's forever haunted by his first breakup, and Colette thinks she fell for him at the worst possible time. (Edgar x Colette) (Past Edgar x Emz)
Floral Memories [Complete] by DemiGboss
Floral Memories [Complete]by DGBoss
Nita eats flowers out of panic and gets sick. Later, she gets help. -The last page I will post is an art page for anyone who wants to draw pieces, characters, and scene...
outsider|| Leon x Sandy by Yui_TwT
outsider|| Leon x Sandyby Yui_TwT
Leon finds a new person in town, he quickly became friends with him