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I Am Canada (A Hetalia Fanfic) by hope_forever_18
I Am Canada (A Hetalia Fanfic)by Hope? I guess?
Matthew Williams, otherwise known as Canada, is a country that most ignore, often without trying to. Just as he is ignored by most countries, his history is left out of...
Canadian Roomates Things by Sevenc94
Canadian Roomates Thingsby Sevenc94
a bunch of incorrect quotes, headcannons, art, and other stuff
Poetry Book 4 by queermontague
Poetry Book 4by 𝙼𝚘𝚗𝚝𝚊𝚐𝚞𝚎
hello again! another poetry book - number four, to be exact. if you've been here a while, you know the drill: there's no order to this thing, and after 100 poems or writ...
Canadian Provinces and Territories  by CrazyMomFriend
Canadian Provinces and Territories by CrazyMomFriend
This book will be similar to my 'States Designs' book. It'll pretty much be their designs, some backstory, and possibly some art of them here and there. But yeah, if tha...
Stars - Country/State/Provincehumans by StarryxxHimari
Stars - Country/State/ StarryxxHimari
Random one shots/short stories. I will not do smut, you horny bitches Also I'm not doing anything with N@zi Germany, Soviet Onion, and weird ships. (Idiots I'm not shipp...
Semblance by Might-is-the-Fall
Semblanceby M. Fall
Freddie, a 15 years-old Scottish, just lost her mom. In her will, she finds that her guardianship has been awarded to her father, a man she never met and who lives in Ca...
Odette & The Prince by AmeliaThornhill
Odette & The Princeby Ashley Ayala
***do not steal this book. This is my book and i have been writing it for a while*** Odette & The Prince tells the story of a young American woman who unknowingly meet...
Saved By A Promise by fucked_yourmom
Saved By A Promiseby fucked_yourmom
when amara madden meets carder vanderbilt through a mutal friend that become frenimes but by there 2nd year of university there dating but what happenes when Amara finds...
Hello World by pixietree7
Hello Worldby pixietree7
Hecate, nicknamed Cate for short, is an awkward 15 year old girl living in the city of River in British Columbia, Canada. She feels out of place and seems to be unable t...
Revolve Around Me  by Kiarbear15
Revolve Around Me by Kiarbear15
Madeline travels, to worlds unlike her own by opening a cover of a couple 100 pages. Starting grade 12 within months of moving to the little town of Fort James British...
Forgotten Luna by BreanneMcIntyre
Forgotten Lunaby Breanne McIntyre
Love.Hurt.Confusion.Hope Jess Nault lives the average 17 Year-olds life, nearing her 18th birthday she is thrown into the world of her own kind, Werewolves. Jace , Her...
these are our streets by queermontague
these are our streetsby 𝙼𝚘𝚗𝚝𝚊𝚐𝚞𝚎
"What is this world coming to??" "What do you mean, Blue?" "You know what I mean! Damn it, we grew up in these streets! We know these back alley...
My Real Life by canadiangirl107
My Real Lifeby canadiangirl107
hey guys. I know I'm already writing a fan fiction, but I just thought of a story that would be much easier to write. I thought it would be fun to write about my life. W...
The BC Night Train by seanconeil
The BC Night Trainby Sean O'Neil
A visiting Professor, from Hong Kong is in BC to audit a new course being offered by a number of Canadian University on Urban Legends. While auditing the course, at UBC...
B.E.C.K.Y.: Am I A Superhero? by ravenhawk008
B.E.C.K.Y.: Am I A Superhero?by ravenhawk008
If Venom and Ironman had a baby, his name would be B.E.C.K.Y. Alex Winger was a man living a normal life as a teacher in British Columbia, Canada. Then, he encountered s...
BLINDED  by Aspen_rose627
BLINDED by Aspen_rose627
17 year old Maisie Scott is sick of her tiny mountain town. She's lived in Ashdale British Columbia for her whole life. Now she wants out. As an avid Vogue reader and cl...
Province & Territory humans on crack+Headcannons by Sp00kyFr0gz
Province & Territory humans on A Sad Canadian
**Cover art not mine all credits to the actual artists :)) This story is mainly about the provinces & territories but will also include other countries