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A Night Out by CPDRuzekfan
A Night Outby CPDRuzekfan
What happens when Kim and Adam are forced to have a night out with friends (separately) Inspired by the picture of the 'Girls Night' where it looks as if Burgess is give...
Is Love Enough by CPDRuzekfan
Is Love Enoughby CPDRuzekfan
Adam Ruzek and Kim Burgess. I'm going to start it the night Kim was shot, but how I would of written it after that it won't be like the show it will be my own story usin...
intelligence groupchat by DutchRedFighter
intelligence groupchatby DutchRedFighter
the groupchat of the intelligence fam. I think it would be nice to think about how things go in the intelligence group chat
The Missing Daughter (One Chicago Story) by Multiiiifan
The Missing Daughter (One Chicago...by One Chicago 🖤💫
Eva Burgess got into a fight and has to get checked out at the hospital. While that happens they find out something they never expected
A Family Affair by h_i_234
A Family Affairby upstead
It had been almost a decade since Jay had first noticed the drastic and sudden change of attitude coming at him from his niece Olivia, and still to this present day Jay...
Together (sequel to Forever) by CPDRuzekfan
Together (sequel to Forever)by CPDRuzekfan
A sequel to Forever. Make sure you read Forever first so this story will make sense. A Burzek and Linstead story
Three Years and One Lifetime by aly2094
Three Years and One Lifetimeby Aly
It's March 2023, a little over 3 years since Hailey Upton disappeared from Chicago. One fateful evening, Will Halstead makes a shocking discovery, one his brother better...
#2 Our City, Our Rules (A Chicago P.D./Chicago Fire Fanfiction) by BrianaHernandez95
#2 Our City, Our Rules (A Chicago...by Brie
The sequel to the smash hit Wattpad story "All We Never Said". This book is the second in the "Chicago Heroes" trilogy by BrianaHernandez95. In book...
Chicago PD - Back in Chicago by prettylittlecupkakes
Chicago PD - Back in Chicagoby prettylittlecupkakes
RELIVE Chicago PD in writing from a different perspective! Hiiii! I have never written anything, but I have soooo many ideas I decided to give fan fiction writing a try...
One Chicago One Shots (COMPLETED) by Katie-MD
One Chicago One Shots (COMPLETED)by Kay
Pretty much what you read in the title. I love reqests, so if you have an idea let me know! Disclimer: I unfortunately do not own the One Chicago series, all characters...
I'm glad that your home - Upstead ( Season 11)  by CaptainUpstead2023
I'm glad that your home - Upstead...by Ciara Chase
In this story is where it all happen in season 10 episode 3 when Jay Halstead got a job in Bolivia for 8 months and came back home to find that his wife Hailey is pregna...
Forever (Chicago PD:Burzek) by CPDRuzekfan
Forever (Chicago PD:Burzek)by CPDRuzekfan
This is my first fanfic, I've read quite a few and want to give it a shot. This story is untitled at the moment and will focus on Adam Ruzek and Kim Burgess, but all cha...
You make me feel like i'm living a teenage dream - upstead social media au  by knownforyears
You make me feel like i'm living a...by Liv
A teenage Upstead social media au in which Hailey transfers schools and a quiet green eyed football player with freckles in her new friend group sparks her interest
One big family  by xrosawritesx
One big family by Rosa🧸
this is a story about mainly upstead with a little family the characters will be introduced to you in the introduction! i hope youre gonna enjoy this book!!
Troubled waters - Upstead by knownforyears
Troubled waters - Upsteadby Liv
It's crazy how one experience can your entire perspective on life (and love) or A fic based on what I think might happen in Chicago P.D. Season 9 episode 13
The next generation of One Chicago  by stellaride4_life
The next generation of One Chicago by Alison King
The Next Generation of Firehouse 51 and the intelligence unit
One Chicago couples one shots by Justice22xo
One Chicago couples one shotsby Justice22xo
All your favorite Chicago couples. Burzek, Dawsey, Manstead, Linstead, and Stellaride. One shots requests . I will do requests.
We'll Make It- Chicago PD Burzek Fanfic by mrvl-bucky0310
We'll Make It- Chicago PD Burzek F...by mrvl-bucky0310
Adam and Kim are married, but will they start a family of their own? What other struggles will life throw their way?
Sequel to 'Is Love Enough' by CPDRuzekfan
Sequel to 'Is Love Enough'by CPDRuzekfan
What's the Ruzek family up to now?
One Chicago sickfics by Multiiiifan
One Chicago sickficsby One Chicago 🖤💫
One chicago sickfics because, why not? Any requests? Comment or dm me on insta!