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Yo! Here comes the Earth's Newest Protector: Izuku Midoriya by lookATtheName
Yo! Here comes the Earth's Newest...by ButWhynottho
With the age of conflict now behind them (Goodbye Moro and Frieza!), The Earth is now at peace once again.Our migthy warriors have moved on , Vegeta has ascended to beco...
Two Faced by ShotoTodorhoeki
Two Facedby MidoriYaas
Izuku Midoriya was born to be a ray of sunshine. Someone who gave hope to anyone he graced with his smile. Someone who would do anything for a friend. Someone who would...
Over The Years | YEONJUN X READER by sumacberry
Over The Years | YEONJUN X READERby Nana
Y/N, an average-looking girl has had a prolonged crush on her handsome and charming childhood friend Choi Yeonjun. Will Yeonjun return her feelings or will Y/N force her...
Obsession //J.JK by _alice1004
Obsession //J.JKby _alice1004
In which love goes far......maybe a little too far
Daya Rae Todd daughter of Red Hood (female Damian Wayne) by Georgia_May06
Daya Rae Todd daughter of Red Hood...by N e z u k o s b a s k e t
Basically when Jason was back at the league him and Tahlia fucked and Tahlia purposefully got pregnant, but didn't tell Jason, 9 months later when he's living with Roy a...
FNIA: Reject them, find Baloons. by DeltaTEC
FNIA: Reject them, find Baloons.by Ironman Macki
I am Taylor Grant. I'm here to find an old friend of yours Balloon Baby. My mom never really let you be in here that much, but when I did...you made a bond with the Ball...
My Own Father  by Kritz_dream
My Own Father by Meliorism
Wei wuxian from another dimension raises little Wei Ying.
A DESTINY'S CALL💙💙❤❣ by prachideshmukh625
A DESTINY'S CALL💙💙❤❣by Prachi Deshmukh
SHEHNAAZ KAUR GILL💙💙❤❣is a beautiful, kind- hearted, determined, intelligent, hard-working ,a little shy and very sensitive girl.....but always ready to put her point...
GhostVisit- Eddsworld AU by TrashySinArtist
GhostVisit- Eddsworld AUby PineappleGod
Ever since Edd and Tom started dating, Matt has been pushed to the side, practically forgotten. He had his own apartment, living next door to Edd and Tom, who now shared...
BTS Jin centric one shots and stories! by Snowdropthewolf
BTS Jin centric one shots and stor...by Snowdropthewolf
Previously The secret life of a Hyung. This can range from him being the son of a mafia crime boss and running away and into the idol life to him being a Hybrid, super...
Daylight (Lesbian Twilight X Btvs Fanfiction) by Edalynblue
Daylight (Lesbian Twilight X Btvs...by Edalyn Rogers
When Isabella Swan moves to the completely normal town of Sunnydale and meets the preppy, mysterious new girl, her life takes a thrilling and terrifying turn. With her t...
The Woes of Harry Potter  by Hermazing
The Woes of Harry Potter by Hermazing
What if the events of Chapter 9 of The Order of the Phoenix, 'The Woes of Mrs. Weasley', played out a little differently? Basically Harry thinks Ron is actually dead and...
The One with the Brightest Smile {HIATUS} by lamsis4life
The One with the Brightest Smile {...by lamsis4life
Asta lived a life of ridicule and loneliness but he never let that get to him...right?
Insanity by NicholeByers
Insanityby Nichole Byers
Tim Bradford thinks he's in love with Rachel Hall. And thinks he missed his only shot.
Uncle with benefits by theapot_11
Uncle with benefitsby althea aquino
It's all fiction and not happened in reality but some places in Laguna and in Antipolo are all real places😊 HOPE YOU LIKE IT💖
The Road To New Beginnings (Bellow Diamond - Human AU) by GayLlamaFromSpace
The Road To New Beginnings (Bellow...by Min
The story begins in a high school, where a transfer student from privet school gets used to having a larger variety of people in her life, and a popular honor student st...
More Than One by moxxie_box
More Than Oneby moxxie
The worlds superpower, America, was thought to be just like the other nations; without any states. However, there's more than just him who's taking care of and represent...
How Could You? by ALovelyWriter24
How Could You?by ALovelyWriter24
started off as a one-shot. Jai is half asleep one day and accidentally kissed Luke's girlfriend. What will he do when Luke finds out and starts hating him?
Though I Sleep by GalaxyRose1996
Though I Sleepby GalaxyRose1996
Lately, Phineas has been plagued with dreams, and all of them have to do with Isabella in one way or another. That doesn't necessarily make them good dreams, however. Lu...
Dan vs one shots  by Author_of_DN
Dan vs one shots by :)
Dan vs one shots and head canons Dan x reader Chris x reader Elise x reader And everything in between those Warning: horribly written, Smut is a maybe, mature themes s...