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HIS LOVE OR OBSESSION ✨ ( completed)  by sidnaaz_Fiction_1227
This story is about.. What he choose.... His love Or obsession... ???? He love someone else but marry his obsession.... Will his obsession ever change into his love...
When They Cross Paths by JoyStansSidNaaz
When They Cross Pathsby Joy SidNaaz
There is an awkward silence that overcomes you when you cross paths with the person who takes over your heart! It balances the edges of all unknown desires..
Masoom Ishq (Completed) by RiddhimaPaul
Masoom Ishq (Completed)by SidNaazFan
Marrying someone without your will and then staying in that marriage is difficult. But what happens when you get married to a person who doesn't even know the meaning of...
The perfect Mismatch  by Mammy2630
The perfect Mismatch by SidnaazForever
Sidharth Shukla-A rude,arrogant, ruthless mafia.32 years old .Though being a mafia and risking his own life along with his family, he can't tolerate a single scratch on...
Bepnaah...❤ by KanishkaVerma4
Bepnaah...❤by Kanishka Verma
Sidharth is married n have a child also but his wife cheated him n leave him. Only for his child he get married to shehnaaz. How shehnaaz survive with a person who has...
Abhi abhi.. by SWSidNaazFan
Abhi SM
Hey Guys!! I am back with another story. Get ready to witness the roller coaster ride of a mother and a widower. How will their path meet, How will they fall in love, Is...
His Imperious Boss! ✅ by Poohbear8435
His Imperious Boss! ✅by PoohBear
"Kyu Sidharth.. aaj itna late?", Asked Vicky looking at Sidharth arriving at 10:25am into the office. "Argghh.. mera alarm bhi meri kismat ki tarah kharab...
THAT ATTACHMENT by itsnothormone
The story is on a short incident in Sidharth and Shehnaaz's lives. Shehnaaz had already realised her live for Sidharth but Sidharth, on the other hand fails to accept hi...
Meri Mohabbat Tum Ho❤️ by sidnaazxemotion
Meri Mohabbat Tum Ho❤️by Sidnaaz Loversland
This is a story of a super handsome Ceo of Shukla Enterprises Sidharth Shukla and the famous tv actress who is on the top but still down to earth girl Shehnaaz Kaur Gill...
Ehsaas... by KanishkaVerma4
#11 Kanishka Verma
what if sidharth starting loving a girl who is already married and also have a child...... This is a different one... i hope you like it...😊
THE KINGDOM👑👑 by secretrider342
THE KINGDOM👑👑by secretadmirrer
The royality the love the morals....every now nd then is heard repected and followed but love the heart connection..drown them all.... when its about loved its all about...
TAKE MY HEART : Sidnaaz (COMPLETED) by preetibhatt14
TAKE MY HEART : Sidnaaz (COMPLETED)by Preeti Bhatt
A story featuring SidNaaz where Sidharth Shukla is the topmost criminal lawyer of the country. He is ruthless and defeat is unknown to him. Shehnaz Kaur Gill is a cute...
The Journey  by fictionalmen_whoree
The Journey by Peehu
Kuch to different milega 😁
🥀 QATL-E-AAM 🥀 by Sidnaaz_e_jaan
🥀 QATL-E-AAM 🥀by __stupidfeelings__
{Main leads : Shehnaaz Gill ; Sidharth Shukla} [Publishing date : 21 June , 2021 Completion date : 02 March , 2023] This is a story about a broken Lively girl and a happ...
SIDNAAZ STORY❤️ Started from 25 July 2022📍 Story of a obsessive husband and his cute little wife 💑 Dive in to know more about the story ✨ #104 in love out of 2.35 mill...
Sidnaaz - Ishq ki dastaan (On Hold) by sidnaaz_alaxy
Sidnaaz - Ishq ki dastaan (On Hold)by Sidnaaz Galaxy ✨️
Short Stories Collection On Sidnaaz ✨️
SidNaaz : Falling for you by preetibhatt14
SidNaaz : Falling for youby Preeti Bhatt
What happens when a 39 year old man falls head over heels for a 26 year old girl who is a complete opposite to him? A man who doesn't know defeat....Will he be able to m...
Their Future by hk67890
Their Futureby Gurleen
story with pics...The hit Jodi of India, bb13 power couple, who were once called do Jism ek jaan, a decade later has become strangers....what happened in these years, a...
the journey of love ❤️  by punjabi_kudi
the journey of love ❤️ by Gurrr ❤️
Two people who were more than friends to eachother but less than lovers ... Way more possessive and protective for eachother ... Join in there journey of love. ❤️ A sid...