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Forever Yours by SidNaazian13
Forever Yoursby SidNaazian13
SidNaaz fiction. A tale of love and togetherness. A journey that is heavily inspired by their own, realities. It will be a long, full length story with up and downs, emo...
Mine: She's his addiction //A BB13 fanfic (COMPLETED) by SuprahStar
Mine: She's his addiction //A Lassie Katsopolis
"I'd tried to cut myself from all the passion and hurt I feel for Shehnaz so many times and failed miserably. I couldn't leave her alone now. I didn't have it in m...
MENT TO BE TOGETHER. . 💑 by sidnazztalekrishu
MENT TO BE TOGETHER. . 💑by Kri shu
what will happen when sid & sana both came out of bigboss. . how will their destiny make them lead in outside world. .. let's see it with my prospective. ..😍😍😍😍😍😍
SidNaaz X Bigg Boss 👑 ✅ by lost_beautyy
SidNaaz X Bigg Boss 👑 ✅by 🥥🍂
Bigg boss 13 fiction where shehnaaz gill is a wild card and secret admirer of sidharth shukla❤️ From fan to soulmate, the journey is unique in it's own way ! * The story...
Jaan E Sidharth ♡︎✅ by lost_beautyy
Jaan E Sidharth ♡︎✅by 🥥🍂
A cousin love story♡︎ Opposite attracts , right? Yes, It does❤️ Enjoy the beautiful love story of sidharth and his naaz🌷
Flawed In Love (Completed) by JoyStansSidNaaz
Flawed In Love (Completed)by Joy SidNaaz
Sidharth and Shehnaaz taking a different shade but the love remains the same for you to connect.. 💞
When They Cross Paths by JoyStansSidNaaz
When They Cross Pathsby Joy SidNaaz
There is an awkward silence that overcomes you when you cross paths with the person who takes over your heart! It balances the edges of all unknown desires..
Taken For Granted  by Storiesofsidnaaz
Taken For Granted by Storiesofsidnaaz
This story digs deep into the emotions of sidhart shukla and shehnaaz kaur gill...Sidhart breaksup wd sana thinking that she would be better of without him....this effe...
Tu Meri Kitab ✨ (Slow Updates)  by Happysoul_H
Tu Meri Kitab ✨ (Slow Updates) by Himali
Peep inside All about sidnaaz 😉✨💖🥰🌼❤
Graves Beneath the Feet (Complete) by munsen12
Graves Beneath the Feet (Complete)by Amrita Sen
A suicide of a struggling actress in a film studio..A year later on the muhrat of a new film, the director is found dead in the same studio. This is followed by a series...
THAT ATTACHMENT by itsnothormone
The story is on a short incident in Sidharth and Shehnaaz's lives. Shehnaaz had already realised her live for Sidharth but Sidharth, on the other hand fails to accept hi...
YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING 💕Vol -1 by its_suman15
YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING 💕Vol -1by lovesaga_13
Volume -1 SIDNAAZ 💕 #88 out of 34.1k in teenager #7 in schoollove #20 teenagelove sidharth shukla - A 18 years old kind and honest boy. shehnnaz gill - 16 years old...
The Soulmates | ✔ by its_sanjh
The Soulmates | ✔by Sanjh
The book will contain short stories on sidnaaz by favorite couple from bigg boss 13 that is siddharth shukla and shehnaaz gill. You can request any scenes which you wan...
Love has No Age by sravani363
Love has No Ageby sravani
Manik is married to nandini They want sidnaaz to be together Let see what has written on their Destiny
sidnaaz tales...  by jjyoti
sidnaaz tales... by Jyoti
this book will have short tales of our sidnaaz
Rewinding The Past by sphinxfly
Rewinding The Pastby sphinxfly
Based on the events of 2nd September. A 52-year-old Shehnaaz along with her niece decided to venture into the past. The night of 1st September hoping that She could cha...
SIDNAAZ OS by Akajal1
SIDNAAZ OSby Akajal1
Some one shots on sidnaaz .How i wished those situations would have turned out. Peep in to know.
The lion king And His Queen  by user90775424
The lion king And His Queen by Sanju
this is about sidharth and shehnaaz to know more read it .
Khariyat by Parinita22august
Khariyatby Sidnaaz ek jism do jaan
Love is like a fire... either it wil melt you or it will make you roar But wait!!! The choice is all yours Whether to be an ice or a strong fire She chose to be a fire...
Endless Love- Sidnaaz by sidnaaz_lover1227
Endless Love- Sidnaazby sidnaazfan
This is a mysterious and revengeful story of sidnaaz......thier is some mystry about their past......