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Protecting Taylor by missswiftie89
Protecting Taylorby missswiftie89
Fifteen-year-old Alex Ryan, agent #113, has been chosen to protect Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris. Millions of girls would dream of having that job, but not Alex. She do...
Are We Ready For This? | TAYVIN  by starbucksxlovers
Are We Ready For This? | TAYVIN by starbucksxlovers
The first of a two-part series
The Tattoo Kiss (Jaylor Fanfiction) by BraedenLee
The Tattoo Kiss (Jaylor Fanfiction)by BraedenLee
At 22, Taylor Swift doesn't have the life she's dreamed about since childhood, barely making it by with just a GED, emancipated at 16, and insanely in debt. Will she hop...
The One (Jaylor) by EvelynGSchulman
The One (Jaylor)by Evelyn
After her break up with Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift has given up on finding love. Can Joe help her get that back?
Growing Up |TAYVIN (Sequel To AWRFT) *discontinued* by starbucksxlovers
Growing Up |TAYVIN (Sequel To starbucksxlovers
A sequel to 'Are We Ready For This?'
Tayvin | Better Than This by XYouLoveTheGameX
Tayvin | Better Than Thisby S🍃
Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris They can treat her better
Adopted By Taylor Swift ~star light star bright~ by new-york-swift
Adopted By Taylor Swift ~star M & A
~TRIGGER WARNING~ this story does include self harm, so if you are sensitive, please do not read. A fifteen year old girl with a scratched up past somehow finds herself...
daylight: taylor swift + joe alwyn by graynovembers
daylight: taylor swift + joe alwynby kay
i've been sitting here for like ten minutes trying to think of a good non-cheesy yet also alluring description and i've now given up so basically this story is about whe...
Homophobic//Kaylor// by klossbow
Homophobic//Kaylor//by K a y l o r
Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss are best friends with unsure feelings. Taylor posts Karlie's birthday Instagram post with Calvin Harris in it. Is Taylor Swift homophobic...
Wildest Dreams (Tayvin) by newromantic3
Wildest Dreams (Tayvin)by newromantic3
From the moment they met they both knew this was their forever, their always, their one and only. *Tayvin future/current one shots - time-stamped as they are NOT sequent...
The Unexpected Return by kissesonswift
The Unexpected Returnby kissesonswift
Taylor Swifts boyfriend, Harry Styles breaks up with her a week before she's due to have her baby, leaving Taylor with the responsibility to bring up the baby herself. Y...
Enchanted - Taylor Swift One Shots by CauseltsGravity
Enchanted - Taylor Swift One Shotsby Ruby
Random Drabbles and One Shots about the lovely Taylor Swift. Some of these were written a while ago when my writing was literal trash so please don't take everything too...
Cruel Summer by anonymoushoe13
Cruel Summerby anonymoushoe13
Taylor's relationship with Calvin was already deteriorating when she arrived at the Met Gala. That was when she saw him for the first time... *occasional smut* *enemies...
Summer //hood// by LongWayHomeLuke
Summer //hood//by AUDI
When Summer meets Calum in the summer. 2014 ~ 2015 © LongWayHomeLuke. All rights reserved Most Impressive Ranking: #1 Calum Hood FanFic (July 2018) #141 5SOSFanFic (Au...
I Choose You (Tayvin Oneshots) by AlanaRielC
I Choose You (Tayvin Oneshots)by AlanaRielC
Maybe some people are bound to find their way back, but maybe some do not. Is it more of a choice than it is by fate? Can you keep up when life begins to be a constant b...
EDM PREFERENCES by 1-800-Otaku
After listening to EDM music, and looking at cute dj gifs, I knew I had to make this story. I DONT OWN ANY PICTURES OR GIFS, JUST THE COVER. This includes: -Avicii -Calv...
Adopted by Taylor Swift by Swiftie_forever
Adopted by Taylor Swiftby Lgbt
Hi. This is my first story so sorry if any errors. This about a young girl who is abused and Taylor ends up adopting this young girl.
Talvin In Love by talvinforever
Talvin In Loveby Talvin Forever
A Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Fan fiction A story of Taylor and Calvin future (I say Talvin but I know some people say Tayvin. If it really bothers anybody let me kno...
Illicit Affairs: The Swift Saga by beefnpoot
Illicit Affairs: The Swift Sagaby jake & hannah
After the media slandered her name for decades, Taylor Allison Swift decides to tell her story herself. In this fictional biography, we will delve into her life, career...
The Beat Of Your Heart - Tayvin Oneshots by ali_235
The Beat Of Your Heart - Tayvin Ali
Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Oneshots. Please let me know if you like them. Thanks!