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Master's Vampire (Book 1 of The OutCaste Series) by c_kewpid
Master's Vampire (Book 1 of The cuteicles
Evelyn, a Disabled vampire, slowly learns about feelings after being bought by her Master as a gift for his human mistress. ....... "Hate to break it to you when yo...
Sophie's Selection (Kotlc) by maddie_23_
Sophie's Selection (Kotlc)by maddie_23_
A proclamation from the royal house. All gentlemen from the ages 18 to 21, heed this announcement. In light of Princess Sophie Elizabeth Foster Ruewen's eighteenth birth...
Caste - The Murderer Of Humanity ✅ by vishnu_mithra
Caste - The Murderer Of Humanity ✅by writtenbyparmitha
Copyright: All Rights Reserved Genre: Short Story (One Shot) Sub-Genre: Random / Fan Fiction (Pravisht Mishra) Cover Credit: @vishnu_mithra Author's IG: parmitha_ss.offi...
Train tales Ch-3 by nishijha15
Train tales Ch-3by nishijha15
Train tales is a series of stories of one in a million passengers on trains and their beautiful journeys of life as they sit on a train for a small journey. It's a sequ...
Royal Game by ashori_ajol
Royal Gameby Ashori
In 1558 , during the reign of the Mughal Empire, the status you are born into is what you are labeled as for the rest of your life. But the law of the kingdom doesn't st...
Player One by dxppochin
Player Oneby Kou
Mazie and Caleb, twins whom had a record of suspensions. It wasn't their fault, to an extent. But one school turns their lives upside down. A caste system, one that the...
Caste by onepeterpotter
Casteby breanna ❦
In a world where there are no dictators, nor presidents. Where only Kings and Queens live. And a caste system is based upon the color of your eyes. In this world royals...
Tied To You (Raglak) by darkmira101
Tied To You (Raglak)by Darkmira101
The moment I was born as a girl in this world, my fate had ripped me into pieces for others to chose it for me. My childhood till my marriage I was in guidance of my fat...
Rainflower Amongst The Embers by Kunaichan
Rainflower Amongst The Embersby Kunaichan
You are one of eight mothfacyts. Rainflower Ember Earthencity Galeite Pitchwyng Lightmoth Frostfur or, the dreaded eighth mothfacyt. Daemoth.
Our Generation Writes by our_generation_wp
Our Generation Writesby Our Generation
Welcome to taking back your power. Using your voice and your strength, you can speak for the voiceless and be the change. We must raise attention to the hidden inequalit...
Mysore Palace, Trafficked Girls & 'Untouchables' - India by KatieShevlin9
Mysore Palace, Trafficked Women & Travel First
My impressions after reluctantly spending a morning visiting Mysore palace, and eagerly visiting a home for girls exposed to trafficking and sexual violence. Another exa...
Altered by lixuanng
Alteredby li xuan (lee)
Beauty, strength, superhuman abilities-these are the things that used to be out of reach. When it's at your fingertips, turns out it doesn't come alone, but with consequ...
Not What's Desired by Thegreekgodsarereal
Not What's Desiredby Thegreekgodsarereal
I used to hear stories about the times before us. when people could be what they wanted to be, do what they wanted to do, and love however they loved... I'm Leta Briar...
Nameless by BubonicKorean
Namelessby BubonicKorean
In a world where the ruling members of society are chosen based on their namesake... Literally. The letters that hold this world, full of diverse nations, together are K...
The Thorned Rainbow by lizzylue11
The Thorned Rainbowby LizzyLue11
"The stone of beauty cast to live in the dirt; The rainbow designed to reconcile the storm; Jade Francisca born to live for eternity." Jade's home lies in the...
The Renunciates by Manu_K_13
The Renunciatesby Manu.K.
A kind of modern-day sequel to the story "The Renunciation" by Rabindranath Tagore. Not necessary to read the story but strongly advised if you want to get all...
Hiding In Plain Sight by KateSunshineClarke
Hiding In Plain Sightby KateSunshineClarke
Charlotte "Charlie" Neal is a Five who, unlike the Prince, has worked every day of her life. At first she signs the paperwork to join his Selection to appease...