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Operation: Cupid | K.SM x B.CN by lovee_dahlia
Operation: Cupid | K.SM x B.CNby ♕
NOTICE: This story is made for the PURPOSES of fun, its dedicated situation is all FICTION and is NOT REAL. Operation: Cupid | K.SM x B.CN Bangchan, Who DESPISES love fo...
Americano. | Hyunin by multifanie
Americano. | Hyuninby ★
In which jeongin works in a coffe shop with pets. But There is a Customer that comes everyday and orders the same order. Jeongin thought he was interesting. That doesn...
Little me ft Skz by FitiaNomena
Little me ft Skzby Skz worldomination
Trying something new . This story is about little space . If you don't know what's it about search it up
Do i know you guys..? // ☆ //-Straykids text au- by stfuvyvyyhgtyfrrdes
Do i know you guys..? // ☆ // my toes are cold
☆8 strangers in the same groupchat all with their own unique personallity promises one thing and one thing only there is gonna be lots of chaos☆ text/instagram au includ...
 They have BOOBIS by Nono01944
They have BOOBISby hn_ms
انتقل أربع فتيه صغار إلى مدرسه جديده وكونوا صداقه بين أربع فتيه كبار ماذا لو الفتيه الأكبر سنًا بدؤا بالشك في ان الصغار لديهم أثداء
Slumps ft Skz by FitiaNomena
Slumps ft Skzby Skz worldomination
Where a little boy named Jisung is mean to everyone and no one dared to befriend him bur he has a reason to .Find out what that reason is.
Feminine / Hyunin  by BurnMarshmellow33
Feminine / Hyunin by SoftMarshmallow
An au where Hyunjin is a bit feminine and Jeongin likes a bit feminine:) Social media au • • • • • • • This description is bad, but oh well
Building Mate ~ Chanmin by Grahh_We_Go_Wild
Building Mate ~ Chanminby Mong
"I've been waiting for this moment, Seungmin. Don't think you can escape me." In which Kim Seungmin, an employee at "Blueprint," falls in love with a...
In the mafia by HyunlixLeeHwan
In the mafiaby Hyunlix💕🐥
Мафиозное AU по Stray Kids Фанфик переписан из фикбука с разрешение автора
꧁Obligados꧂- chanmin by chaefresita45
꧁Obligados꧂- chanminby lee Chaeryeong
Bangchan y seungmin son obligados a casarse, los padres de Chan y Min no les importa casarlos con un hombre o mujer lo unico que les interesa es ser mas millonarios, lo...
Puppy and Wolf (Chanmin/Seungchan) by LostRfromStay_skz
Puppy and Wolf (Chanmin/Seungchan)by LostRfromStay_skz
Fanfic of Chan and Seungmin 🌟INTERACTIVE ON CONVERSATION TAB🌟 Minor Relationships: Hyunin Minsung Changlix The shy and polite Seungmin is ever falling for Chan, the le...
Sorry, I Love You (2MinSung) by Kazuko_95
Sorry, I Love You (2MinSung)by Kazuko桃子
Seungmin has a crush on Minho, but things isn't as easy as it seems. What will Seungmin do and how will things unfold? Read more to find out~ Cover credits: Jelly
polos opuestos? by lino_porang_03
polos opuestos?by
esta historia es del hyunlix y el minsung es la segunda pareja (osea que la historia se va a ver mas menciones de esos dos ships) en la historia habrán más idols, se con...
Crush (minsung) by kpoploveraasempx
Crush (minsung)by Kpop Lover
Minho had always been seen as cold by everyone but his close friends, refusing to talk to others, always glaring, keeping to himself, etc. But one day, he decides to do...
Love Rivals [HyunIn/HyunJeong] by stfuvyvyyhgtyfrrdes
Love Rivals [HyunIn/HyunJeong]by my toes are cold
Jeongin figures out that he is not the only one with a crush on Seungmin. the one and only Hyunjin is also interested in him. So from now on Jeongin considers Hyunjin...
Why Did He Hate Me? by -inner_soul-
Why Did He Hate Me?by somebody
You were too far from my reach but I stood there still... There was a time when I thought you were my destiny and maybe in future we would have our faithful reunion and...
The Calm After the Storm || Hyunlix by acehyunlix
The Calm After the Storm || Hyunlixby Ace
After a few days of feeling like someone is watching him, Hwang Hyunjin ventures to his friend Felix's apartment to seek some peaceful sleep. What bothers him is that no...
¡¡ Oh F**k I Have Super Powers!! by Maisperdidaqueonemo
¡¡ Oh F**k I Have Super Powers!!by ImPoStEr
Felix é um adolescente comum. Quer dizer, ele é um adolescente "comum" e totalmente "normal", tirando obviamente, os super poderes que ganhou num aci...
skz bxb oneshots/ateez bxb oneshots  by kpoploveraasempx
skz bxb oneshots/ateez bxb Kpop Lover
I always have these little things I like to call 'imagines' so this is just a place for me to put those. They are one shots based off of moment the certain ship has had...
𝙅𝙪𝙨𝙩 𝘼 𝙂𝙖𝙢𝙚 (𝙃𝙮𝙪𝙣𝙄𝙣) by L3VANT3R
𝙅𝙪𝙨𝙩 𝘼 𝙂𝙖𝙢𝙚 (𝙃𝙮𝙪𝙣𝙄𝙣)by 🧋
It was all for a game at the beginning. But now...