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PREGNANT  by Rrra1sa143
After a celebrity with a secret in which he had a womb and could give birth, ends up hooking up with a waiter at a club and later discovers, he is pregnant. What will he...
Put your arms around me by Hyunjintheaussi13
Put your arms around meby Hyunjintheaussi
two high schoolers fall in love... ~RANKS~ #20 in hyunlix (out of 3.44k stories) #214 in leefelix (our of 9.23k stories)
Whelve Within Heartbeats | ✓ by hyunbokkie
Whelve Within Heartbeats | ✓by hyun59
a burst of control, a moment of anger, a beat of confusion and Felix was falling... helplessly so.
My kitten (Hyunlix) by Lovewriting143
My kitten (Hyunlix)by Lovewriting
Once a kitten stumbled onto Felix's doorstep. He took it in, caring for it for the next few weeks. However, Felix was facing heavy bullying at school and the kitten alwa...
Hey stranger (Hyunlix), Completed  by GoogleWasMy_idea
Hey stranger (Hyunlix), Completed by Zi
In which Felix texted random numbers to promote his idol's comeback. Little did he know he have already texted his ultimate bias, Hwang Hyunjin. Converted story ©All ri...
The Night That Changed it All - Hyunlix by jeonginvx
The Night That Changed it All - Hy...by jeonginvx
When Felix gets harassed at a party, he turns to a stranger for help. Little did Felix know that one little moment would lead to fake dating the most popular boy in scho...
Unwanted But Wanted Love : Hyunlix  by strangeSHINNIEeyes
Unwanted But Wanted Love : Hyunlix by 💫diii✨
Hyunjin and Han was in relationship but fate had something for them " WHAT'S YOUR NAME? " Hyunjin said in calm but dangerous voice while holding his waist t...
unrequited love - hyunlix by -M1NGILUVS
unrequited love - hyunlixby ⤵
Which Felix falls for someone who'd instead use him than love him. All because he wanted to feel as if he was special and meant something to someone.
Love U The Series by SongNara0925
Love U The Seriesby Hannah
Felix and hyunjin. Two young models. What if they're gonna act together in a drama. What if the drama is a bl drama and they're the main ship. Warning: Bl Little spicy b...
He Is A Model-  Hyunlix by bokibinnie
He Is A Model- Hyunlixby haniiiiiii
Instagram au - Felix has a fan account for his celebrity crush •∆• uwuUu°•°•^ seungbin #1 10 July 22
The chosen ones (Hyunlix, Minsung, Seungin, Binchan) by JoelRhaghunauth
The chosen ones (Hyunlix, Minsung...by Joel Rhaghunauth
8 young men, 4 from a rich upper class, 4 from the lower class. When fate brings them together, they will not only find what's missing in each of their lives, but discov...
Teenage Dream  by bflooo3
Teenage Dream by bflooo3
Felix hurry and write your wish before the sun sets" "Lose my virginity to ... Hwang Hyunjin"
gift ; hyunlix ✔️  by isapsychowriter
gift ; hyunlix ✔️ by 𝘪𝘯𝘨
gift skz / hyunlix 𓏲᠀ 𓄲₊˚✧ @isapsychowriter
He's mine! by SongNara0925
He's mine!by Hannah
What if both of the twins fall in love with the cutest boy in the school? Read to find out Warnings: Boy×boy (relationship between same gender-male) Stray kids ships Cr...
Stray Kids - The Chat by Hazelflight38
Stray Kids - The Chatby Hazelflight!
What happens when Chan adds random numbers to a group chat? A lot of crazy stuff, apparently. Now please, sit back, relax, and prepare to be bombarded by idiocy. -use o...
Iris - HyunLix by nabillyyyyy
Iris - HyunLixby Billy
Hyunjin and Felix are destined to meet again in a new life as members of the same boy group. Little did they know, it's not the first time fate intertwine their paths...
Wait..." "No...no....no...no.....NOOOOOOO!!!" "THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!" "THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE!" "WHAT THE FUCK??!??!" "NO...
Crazy || Hyunlix  by -M1NGILUVS
Crazy || Hyunlix by ⤵
"Do you know how crazy you make me?" "I'll make you crazier, love." Inwhich hyunjin decides to go hang out at a club with his friends, bring dared to...
°×The New Aussie Transfer×° |Hyunlix FF by _Yuumits_
°×The New Aussie Transfer×° |Hyunl...by Chan_X
"hyung..." "Everything will be okay lix..." Felix was breathing heavily,he looked like he was about to pass out (Mature content:small smut,angst, swe...
your blueberry boy ・❥・ hyunlix by 5starmichelins
your blueberry boy ・❥・ hyunlixby 5starmichelins
"so... uh... do you want to tell me something about yourself?" "no, not really." nursing school student hwang hyunjin is assigned to be the nurse of...