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Clois: Smallville  by gigan2004
Clois: Smallville by gigan2004
An alternate version of the beginning of Clark Kent and Lois Lane's relationship in Smallville.
Clois Part 4: The One For Me (Earth 2) by gigan2004
Clois Part 4: The One For Me ( gigan2004
Establishing a new timeline that picks up early on in Smallville Season 4, Clark and Lois discover their feelings for each other much sooner which puts them at odds with...
Smallville: Clash of Love (Part 3) by gigan2004
Smallville: Clash of Love (Part 3)by gigan2004
A completely insane Lana returns and attacks Lois. Bruce and Tess's relationship develops. Jor-El urges Clark to prevent Lana's path towards evil through time travel.
FBI Monitor by DKGwrites
FBI Monitorby Donna K. Griffin
Lena posting pictures on Instagram tagged to the FBI agent who is watching her piques the interest of the actual FBI. Things quickly go from business to pleasure as thin...
A Holly Jolly Christmas by MorganaStorm24
A Holly Jolly Christmasby MorganaStorm24
Kara Danvers and Lena Luthor have been invited to the Kent Farm to spend Christmas with Kara's cousin Clark Kent and his fiance Lois Lane. 2 Supers, 1 Luthor and 1 Lane...
You and Me (Clois) by CapricornOdyssey
You and Me (Clois)by CapricornOdyssey
What if Lois met Clark while he was Kal in Season 3 of Smallville? Summary: While Lois is visiting a friend in Metropolis over the summer, she runs into Kal and sparks...
Clois Part 8: Everything  by gigan2004
Clois Part 8: Everything by gigan2004
While reconnecting with old friends at the Smallville High Reunion, Clark encounters a major threat that can only be a job for Superman.
Clois Part 6: We are Meant to Be (Both Earths) by gigan2004
Clois Part 6: We are Meant to Be ( gigan2004
Lois and Clark are about to be married in two timelines when a portal sends one of each to the opposite Earth.
Meant to be by Ayanbro17
Meant to beby Ayanna
This is story telling of how clark and lois met and fell in love through their friendship. Hope you guys enjoy❤
Kent at Camp by Princesscutie11
Kent at Campby Devin Vanleeuwen
It was like any day for Leo Valdez, tinkering around in Bunker 9, stuffing himself with tacos, and thinking about Calypso. Until a muscular teenager with black hair sudd...
Clois: Destiny  by gigan2004
Clois: Destiny by gigan2004
The Smallville versions of Clark and Lois meet their opposite selves from the DCEU. While trapped in the opposite dimensions both Clarks learn valuable lessons from thei...
Justice Avengers (Crossover between Marvel's The Avengers and ZSJL) by TyrannosaurKing
Justice Avengers (Crossover Tyrannus 27
Determined to ensure Alana's ultimate sacrifice was not in vain, Kaitlyn Chang (Kristen Kreuk) aligns forces with Donna Troy (Conor Leslie) with plans to recruit a team...
Smallville: Blur-Etto (Part 1) by gigan2004
Smallville: Blur-Etto (Part 1)by gigan2004
A short reintroduction to a new Smallville Timeline. Lois disguises herself as a fake superhero called Stiletto to meet up with the Red Blue Blur who she doesn't know i...
Smallville/The Dark Knight (Part 2) by gigan2004
Smallville/The Dark Knight (Part 2)by gigan2004
Batman winds up in Smallville, following shortly after the events of The Dark Knight. Clark Kent meets him and the two form an alliance in order to track down an old foe.
Clois 2: Doomsday  by gigan2004
Clois 2: Doomsday by gigan2004
Clark's relationship with Lois is threatened along with everything Clark holds dear when Doomsday strikes again.
Smallville: Time Trouble (Part 4) by gigan2004
Smallville: Time Trouble (Part 4)by gigan2004
Following the ending of Clash of Love, the timeline has been altered and the younger version of Clark attempts to piece together what happened. Lois admits her feelings...
When Blonde Meets Black by Belle6700
When Blonde Meets Blackby Knk6700
What happens when Clark Kent and Jason Grace happen to meet one day? This will take place Post-BoO but Pre-THO and during Season 10 of Smallville sometime after the epis...
Man of Tomorrow (Standalone) by gigan2004
Man of Tomorrow (Standalone)by gigan2004
A short follow up that takes place immediately after the events of Man of Steel, Clark Kent and Lois Lane's relationship develops now that Clark is working at the Daily...
Men of Smallville  by gigan2004
Men of Smallville by gigan2004
Clark Kent from the Smallville universe crosses over into the DCEU and meets another Clark Kent known as Superman both as a hero and a villain.
Their Origin: The Greek Cousin  by DarlingTodoroki
Their Origin: The Greek Cousin by DarlingTodoroki
A Smallville and PJO crossover. The Man of Steel. A hero. A legend. A super man. His story begins now. Here in his hometown. With his first love, friends and family. He...