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literotica by ddysangl
literoticaby angl ᡣ𐭩.
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Taboo, Tabwho?  by LilPervxo
Taboo, Tabwho? by LilPervxo
18+, cnc fantasy, gangbang, extreme. Jennifer was a total prude who barely even moaned during her sex life, but when a gentle walk down the wrong neighbourhood one nigh...
Toilet (nsfw) by xxAl1enFuck3rrxx
Toilet (nsfw)by Jupiter Jackass
Piss and non consensual sex in a public bathroom. That's basically the story. 🤷
My Stalkers by ElrikaWarc
My Stalkersby Elrika Warc
This pair of stalkers forces Layla to divorce her husband so they can be with her! Disclaimer: I do not own the picture on the cover
Strap On Fun by LilPervxo
Strap On Funby LilPervxo
18+, girl on girl, partner watching, cuck, used, extreme. Strap on anal fun with her friend was getting rougher as it went along with her no limits slut mindset, all wh...
What are you doing step bro by Kon_El_LastSon
What are you doing step broby Phoenix duval
Some step bro filled fun in this fic
oneshots  by SweetbutsaltyX1
oneshots by SweetbutsaltyX1
Smut one shots that'll make you cream. ⚠️ if you aren't 18+ read at your own risk and do not report. It is your responsibility to ensure you've read into the trigger war...
Bunny by Kit__kat_89
Bunnyby Karnage
Dz found himself a pet. TW; CNC Powerplay, blood, 18+
The Forest by aquagi01
The Forestby Samantha Chin
18+ writing out my fantasiiiiiiies
Monster‐fuckers central by StarCorpses
Monster‐fuckers centralby StarCorpses
this is gonna be a bunch of stories about monsterfucking, mainly mxm. Some chapters may be triggers, if they are, there will be a warning at the beginning.
The Abduction by katielovesxo
The Abductionby katie
Arielle North is walking home when everything goes dark... She wakes up somewhere out of her worst nightmares.
My Stalkers (New and Updated Version) by ElrikaWarc
My Stalkers (New and Updated Elrika Warc
[STATUS: ONGOING] This is the new and improved version of My Stalkers. Layla has stalkers. She's known for some time now, yet no one believed her, not even her husband...
Adopted by nba youngboy by CanddM
Adopted by nba youngboyby CanddM
⚠️TW⚠️Every kink to ever exist is in this book
Runner (OneShot) by CelesteMason
Runner (OneShot)by Celeste Mason
Runner is a werewolf one-shot. Trigger warning.. Please read tags before reading. Theme not suitable for young audiences. Reader discretion is advised. Third person PO...
𝐏𝐎𝐋𝐀𝐑𝐎𝐈𝐃, crawford collins by venusworrld
𝐏𝐎𝐋𝐀𝐑𝐎𝐈𝐃, crawford collinsby 𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐬
𝐏𝐎𝐋𝐀𝐑𝐎𝐈𝐃- in which crawford and olivia take a polaroid together and crawford has no recollection of the event, all he has is the polaroid. yet, he's determined t...
For my Demon Children by SubmissiveLilith
For my Demon Childrenby Queen Lilith
Any smut I feel like writing :)
Forever with you <3 by namjoonscumrag
Forever with you <3by bunnib0y
Hello guys! This is my first ever story so please bear with me :) *DISCLAIMER* most of these WILL INCLUDE MATURE CONTENT such as: CNC,BDSM,CURSING etc. These will just...
Let's blame our Co'workers. by DaePetersen
Let's blame our Co' Dae Petersen.
Hi! My name is Dae and this is just a small random story about office workers with different kinks. This one is more of a brat, Light CNC, banter, type of thing ya know...
Hotel Heaven by TheSpicyshelf
Hotel Heavenby TheSpicyshelf
she's a CFO in a powerful company, being stalked, but she uses it to her advantage to have him. However, she needs to know who he is....Will she ever find out?
Well Aren't you a good girl  by ghostzprodigy
Well Aren't you a good girl by ghostzprodigy
Another short story with a bit of fun