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Withering With You: Rises The Moon by honeyspr0ut
Withering With You: Rises The Moonby honeyspr0ut
For the first time since their journey began, Soleil the Lycan and Lyra find themselves sharing shelter together from a storm. What strange feelings may come from their...
Where We Belong by pointerbrother
Where We Belongby pointerbrother
They had it all. Reasonable flat, reasonable money, (somewhat) reasonable friends and love beyond all reason. They were perfect. Louis thought.
Gone by MissNind
Goneby MissNind
He was always hot headed. He chased the thrills and danger. But had he pushed away the one he wanted in the mean time?
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Brutal Power | Xu WenWu  by 9ShadesOfKai
Brutal Power | Xu WenWu by 9shadesofKai
Xu Wen Wu x Reader with healing power Power, the feeling of being in absolute control, was and still is addictive to Wen wu. When he met his first wife, he thought he...
To the Winner Goes the Spoils by LecherLemon
To the Winner Goes the Spoilsby LecherLemon
When you're a young Alpha and your ex girlfriend goes into heat, drawing not only your attention but your rival Billy Hargrove's too... what lengths will you go to to ma...
X Reader one shots from my wonderful mind by UmaBaybee
X Reader one shots from my wonderf...by Big Sis Uma
Just a collection of the x reader one shots I write in my spare time, hardly anything serious. Multifandom, smut abound, and I'll put trigger warnings ahead of each chap...
Toil & Trouble by LovelyylevoL
Toil & Troubleby LovelyylevoL
In The Weird Sister's coven, there must always be 3. **Sequel to Something Wicked** A witchy serial killer has come to claim Santa Carla for her own. Without a witch of...
Not Alone by GiukayyAwa
Not Aloneby GiukayyAwa
DISCLAIMER we don't own any of the characters of the majestic Lord Hussie. And also, the picture is from princesssakura1221's DA, not ours. We inform the reader that...
Should've stayed quiet by ShantayToohey
Should've stayed quietby boldboatfan
Christian is determined to punish Farid
Più di questo [Bokuaka, Kuroken] by __Pud__
Più di questo [Bokuaka, Kuroken]by __Pud__
« È successa una cosa tra Bokuto ed Akaashi, qualcosa di brutto ed è colpa mia e non so se riuscirò mai a perdonarmi ». Si dimenticano sempre di loro o forse semplicemen...
Yandere Genderbend Rize x Reader by NanisayNani
Yandere Genderbend Rize x Readerby NanisayNani
What if instead of Kaneki, you were the one getting coffee at Anteiku's. What if you were the one that met and fell for a certain purple haired guy. Also what if instead...
Nico Appreciation Thirst: The hot bartender by Justfantasphanimiri
Nico Appreciation Thirst: The hot...by Justfantasphanimiri
This is a one-shot of Daddy Cointrick, a.k.a Nico, a.k.a COINtricktwitch. Its written from the first perspective. Twas a dare.
The Lion and The Mouse by Hope_Void_Enby
The Lion and The Mouseby Chaos
So maybe it had not been the best idea for Izaya, (admittedly) one of the most hated and sought after in Ikebukaro, to drink.
You Should've Kept Quiet by bold690boatfan1
You Should've Kept Quietby bold690boatfan1
Farid never knows when to shut up. christian teaches him a lesson
Caged Bird by PegTheBirdMan
Caged Birdby Oli
Just Hawks getting tortured (homoerotically). What more could you ask for?