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Total Drama scenarios [COMPLETED] by NoahsWittyTales
Total Drama scenarios [COMPLETED]by Katie
Hi guys! This is a TD mini oneshot book :) It includes scenarios that aren't story telling like my typical story telling narrative in my main oneshot book. I hope you en...
Total Drama Scenarios [Requests are closed] by NoahsWittyTales
Total Drama Scenarios [Requests Katie
Because my last TD scenario book filled up, I decided to make a second one! Basically, this is a mini oneshot book where the scenarios are filled with moments rather th...
Star Wars the Clone Wars Shorts by FantAsyDiveR0
Star Wars the Clone Wars Shortsby FantAsyDiveR0
Just some short Stories about our Beloved Clone Troopers.
Heart of Gold (Cody Burns x reader)  by Dravenfact
Heart of Gold (Cody Burns x TheMadOne
Moving to a new town is hard for a 14 years old (Y/n). It was the last thing she wanted. It wasn't the school, or the town that scared her, it was making new friends. Sh...
Cody Ko x Reader by EmersonEacret
Cody Ko x Readerby Emerson
Romantic love story with you and Cody. It's just you and him, what now? If you like this story be sure the check out my book on Cody Ko x Noel Miller.
[Requests Open] Total Drama X Reader One-Shots by Idk_im_just_bored
[Requests Open] Total Drama X Idk_im_just_bored
Just a history what i want to do Started: 20/9/2021 Completed: I forgot to put this of the Characters I don't do: Lightning, Alejandro, Heather, Justin, DJ and Duncan Pr...
Sarah and the Lalin's Curse (Season 1) by OnnaHeartcore
Sarah and the Lalin's Curse ( _°Dear•Star°_
A girl and a boy who met were childhood friends, but they don't remember and forget each other in 9 years. Sarah is a photographer and a paranormal investigator. Her sec...
Written in the Stars... (on hiatus) by lovecrafttx
Written in the Stars... (on hiatus)by 「𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓬𝓻𝓪𝓯𝓽」
As Josephine and Cody hit a bump in their relationship, a beautiful young woman and her sidekick of a best friend move to town. Cody and Josie's love has dated all the w...
DO5 Cody x Male reader by D05Cody
DO5 Cody x Male readerby SaIIarry
During school you didn't have any friends so you sat alone scribing away on your notebook. A girl with ginger hair comes up to you and offers you to sit with her and her...
Total Drama Island x Reader by DInYoMomma
Total Drama Island x Readerby DInYoMomma
[Name] is just like all of the other teenagers, thinking she signed up for a beautiful resort and getting stuck on a crappy campground island. Well she might be a little...
TDWT- Cody x Reader by DInYoMomma
TDWT- Cody x Readerby DInYoMomma
[Name] [Last Name] is a known world famous actress. Also known for being a huge germaphobe, what got her into the Total Drama fiasco? Chris McLean repeatedly hitting up...