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Colourless by loltales
Colourlessby loltales
As wielders of colour, they are your identity, they make who you are, a defender, an offender or a creator. In a reality structured on colours, Ariel's little brother is...
B[L]IND | bbb!solar x reader, blind!au [ ✓ ] by kazscircus
B[L]IND | bbb!solar x reader, -
❝ first, i lost colour; second my sight; third, the love of my life.❞ [ bbb! solar x reader, short story ] . . . ©KAZSCIRCUS, 2020. | art by : me :) + this was drafted b...
Color(Assassination classroom x male oc)(VERY SLOW UPDATE) by Yuki761
Color(Assassination classroom x Noel
Hibiki is just a normal boy. That attend to high school. His eyes he never really like it stands out really easily with the bright electric blue eyes. When people look a...
Colorless (GxG) by AltoSupra
Colorless (GxG)by Zanna Jearel
(#01 of color trilogy) I didn't know my life without her was dull, dark and colorless...
The Space Between (K Project x OC) by JeanCrest8
The Space Between (K Project x OC)by Jean Crestlight
[On Hiatus] "When did it become like this?" A question everyone asks when they get to a certain point in their life. Whether it was a bad time or a good time i...
achroous  by teenaqerinlove
achroous by ✧₊˚ 𝒂𝒍₊˚✧
i see no colors, i only know the pureness of white and the mystery of black. (cadie)
colors  //  short  story  collection  by ariadnestrinqs
colors // short story ۫۫ 𓆡 𝖆.˚·
COLORS ━━ in which a young writer expresses their feelings and thoughts through short stories and other forms of short texts. ⤷ original short story collection. 「 ‼️...
Our Path Comes together again-Isana Yashiro/ Adolf K Weismann by MoonAura
Our Path Comes together MoonAura
"But let there be spaces in your togetherness and let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love: let it rather be a m...
grey ✓ - yoonmin by HACKYEON
grey ✓ - yoonminby HACKYEON girl
in which jimin can't help but want to see color more than anything else. ©HACKYEON 2016-17
The Colorless Queen | K-project fanfic | by ZerumFear9
The Colorless Queen | K-project Futa Yuki
This is Nina she is the colorless queen she takes Shiro's in K project but she doesn't act like him well not like all the way but some parts. Like him she doesn't know w...
K: Colorless by Iliya_Kushina
K: Colorlessby Iliya
After the colorless king's death, a new king was chosen. Aiko Suzume, the seventh King of the colorless clan.
Colorless by Shattered1111
Colorlessby Shattered1111
Image living in a world of black and white. They say when you find your soulmate your eyes change, and you began to see more. Colors come and you can see them, but only...
Neon - a Peterick AU by twentyonemoose
Neon - a Peterick AUby moose
AU where everything is colorless until you meet your soulmate Patrick has a problem. It's not that he can't find his soulmate to give him color- no, it's just the opposi...
Shades of her. by jiasheikh1311
Shades of Jia Sheikh
A story which is based on reality of this cruel world. A story of a girl who is all alone. This is a story which is based on a few sweet sums of life nd a thousand thing...
Color Variety by Tripolome
Color Varietyby Tripolome
You, Me, Us, Every one,
Sunshine Girl by LilacDreamer4251
Sunshine Girlby LilacDreamer4251
Every day, since I was five years old, I walked myself to the grove. And every day, I would lay in that grove, and watch the sky.The sky I saw was never the sky she saw...
A Land Without Color by _Dragon_Fly_Fire_
A Land Without Colorby Shadow
When Vansin's life of living in a small cabin with his mentor, Romand, goes down hill. He is thrown into a life of monster's and a tyrant who hates any type of art. Alon...