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𝕬nthophile ✿ roleplay book by demotsetdemiel
𝕬nthophile ✿ roleplay bookby ⸺ 𝑲𝑨𝑻𝑯𝒀 !
( where you can roleplay with me & my characters! ) ─ all kind of roleplays ( english! ) ─ statuts: open ! ©demotset...
Fifty Shades Of Jimin {will not be continued} by CUMJlMIN
Fifty Shades Of Jimin {will not crush
‟I never wanted more, until I met you" - PARK JIMIN. *[Sexual Content/Smut/Porn] *Warning; caution advised if you are under 16.
ATTENTION GRave by grateful_for
ATTENTION GRaveby Chamak
Is attention worth all the pain one has to go through after ataing that phase? Doesn't look like that. Look at how love turns to hate, fear to dread and anger to rage...
Broken Shards out of context by Fluffymations
Broken Shards out of contextby Endera ☭
Gradient (@Theaddiedragon) C!Socks (@SquishyWritesStories) Vector (@Endera276) Fotia (mINE) Anyway uh out of context shit :3
A Christian's 30 Day Challenge To Deeper Living by ShoutToTheLord
A Christian's 30 Day Challenge Aly
This is your challenge: grow spiritually, do things you didn't know you could, and delve into a deeper relationship with your Creator. There is no room for wimps. Be c...
In the Shadow's Grasp by Fine534
In the Shadow's Graspby Anand
In the secluded town of Ravenswood, nothing is as it seems. Detective Marcus Reed leads a quiet double life, blending in as a construction worker by day and relentlessly...
COTE Different Point of Views by Kouhai_D-chan
COTE Different Point of Viewsby aerotori
This will follow original cote ln events but it will be from a perspective of a different person in the scene aside from Kiyo. It will be like a one-shot but not really...
yarichin out of context by YarichinSimpClub
yarichin out of contextby simps
exactly as the title entails. !!POTENTIAL MANGA SPOILERS!! -made by kiiboy, other members free to use
Oneshots I guess -- or examples of how you should not write by solecolasudinoi
Oneshots I guess -- or examples solecolasudinoi
Just stuff about these little characters existing in my world. These are not really meant to be read by their own, there's a whole missing context behind so I suggest yo...
A Wings of Fire Theory by WAFFLEZYAIBOI
A Wings of Fire Theoryby Lady Cornbread
Got a burning question? Just something you can't really put your finger on about the WoF universe, like why IceWings have blue blood as opposed to red? Here's the place...
Macbeth Revision Guide by Not_Very_Smart
Macbeth Revision Guideby Not_Very_Smart
Online revision guide filled with quotes, themes and explanations from Macbeth
emotional ties and thoughts of you by happylilthang
emotional ties and thoughts of youby reen
three very short verses of an amateur poet
Fusion Terms and Definitions by Close-but-no-cigar
Fusion Terms and Definitionsby Magpie
Fusion is the act when two (or more) people combine into one body with a mix of characteristics of each person! If you want to know more about the universe I have create...