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Penpals by gumwum
Penpalsby Less Is More
Avery writes to a convicted prisoner in juvy, Theo. What was originally a school task is now the only way two best friends communicate. But one day out of the blue Theo...
Small Town Girl In Control by effyisawriter123
Small Town Girl In Controlby
Alisha just moved into the big city and she isn't used to working in such a huge place. She just got offered a job at Dominate and Justify and meets a new guy that may o...
Fresh Air /Bronny James by hardfandoms
Fresh Air /Bronny Jamesby LEIAH🥀
"Hey your new?" "Yeah" she said with her hard country accent, I was shocked "Oh I'm sorry my accent is rlly heavy" she giggled and snorte...
A Kind Of Love by Chav_bookworm
A Kind Of Loveby Chav_bookworm
It has been said that nothing good comes easy. And that is so true. All my life it has been just me and my family but everything changed when Lance came crashing in. He...
Country Girls Do It Better... Book 1 Of The Healing Through Horses Trilogy by phantomhippy03
Country Girls Do It Better... Austin McCallin
She was a 17 Year old country girl with a mind of her own. He was an 18 year old country boy who was stubborn as a mule... Let's see who wins. Kate Leeson is the kind of...
Back to the Plains by KristalKlearSky
Back to the Plainsby Kristal L. Patton
What do you do when you are ripped from the only life you know? How do you move forward when you have nothing left to live for? Ali awakens one afternoon, dazed and inju...
Country Star  by MarRia001
Country Star by MarRia001
Haliey always said she'd marry a country boy just like Calum always said he'd marry a city girl. But can meeting one time change that all? ***disclaimer*** This is a smo...
Somehow I got Reincarnated as an Fantasy Otome game's Rival Character by Wynnfield
Somehow I got Reincarnated as an Wynnfield
The last thing I remembered was flashing lights, and someone shouting into my ears. When I woke up, I was immediately picked up by a towering figure that looked really f...
I Just Want You (Cole Swindell Fanfiction) by JustEnoughHope
I Just Want You (Cole Swindell Hannah
Savannah was just a country girl looking for a country boy who wouldn't take her heart and shatter it into a million pieces. She loved music and singing, and has always...
Adopted By Luke Bryan? by lutherislife
Adopted By Luke Bryan?by lutherislife
My name is mckenzie walters, i am 16 years old, and i live in baton rouge louisiana. One day my mom and dad went to the store, got in an accident and died. I had no one...
City Boy Meets the Stable Girl by sarcastic_sarah417
City Boy Meets the Stable Girlby Total Fangirl TBH
Jared is a big city actor. Everyone in the country basically knows who he is unless you live under a rock. Jared wants to be cast as the lead in western-y ranch-y type m...
country love story by AllieDreher2
country love storyby Allie Dreher
I though he was hot when he walked through that door let alone be my partner for this baby project and my soul mate
Breaking the Ice by thewanderingpalomino
Breaking the Iceby JJ
Janae Evans returns for her second term at Degrassi Community school, but with Degrassi welcoming the newly formed Toronto Ice Hounds to the school, things are about to...
You Look Perfect Tonight - A Staubrey Short Story by TP_2234
You Look Perfect Tonight - A TP_2234
Aubrey tried to suppress a smile as she leaned against a wooden fence, watching Stacie chase a chicken around. "Gotcha, ya little shit." Stacie said, grab...
Just Some Lewd Fan-Fiction About This Character Seriously I Don't Know What To Put Here It Always Kinda Explains Itself You Know What I Mean?
our loss feeling  by Jena_M
our loss feeling by maybe_jc
He was a city boy from a wealthy family and she was a probinsyana girl.they dated online Without knowing each other's lives off the screen. Outside of the screen, Their...
Country Girl  by Magic-hearts
Country Girl by Magic-hearts
This story is about a girl who grows up in the country . She has four siblings. She isn't popular, her siblings are popular. When she is at school her siblings act lik...
You Promised: A Brantley Gilbert Story. by YoungBrady93
You Promised: A Brantley Gilbert YoungBrady93
What would you do if the one person you wanted to spend forever with was so hurt they told you they couldn't do it anymore? **This story is based off of Brantley Gilber...
Mullet Man by imaflatliner
Mullet Manby imaflatliner
High school best friends reunite after being separated at graduation. Adalida Shane was named after a George Strait song. She loves country, the music and the way of lif...
A Cowboy's Promise by courtneybunny2
A Cowboy's Promiseby Courtneybunny2
Carter Davis moved away from her Wyoming ranch about a year and a half ago after her mother's unfortunate death. Her mother always told her to chase her dreams so she di...