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Penpals by gumwum
Penpalsby Less Is More
Avery writes to a convicted prisoner in juvy, Theo. What was originally a school task is now the only way two best friends communicate. But one day out of the blue Theo...
Yui's Cousin From America  by KK_Pierce
Yui's Cousin From America by KK_Pierce
Daisy is Yui's cousin. Daisy was sent to the mansion to protect Yui from the vampires but what happens when they fall in love with Daisy instead of Yui?
City Boy Meets the Stable Girl by sarcastic_sarah417
City Boy Meets the Stable Girlby Total Fangirl TBH
Jared is a big city actor. Everyone in the country basically knows who he is unless you live under a rock. Jared wants to be cast as the lead in western-y ranch-y type m...
Country Girls Do It Better... Book 1 Of The Healing Through Horses Trilogy by phantomhippy03
Country Girls Do It Better... Austin McCallin
She was a 17 Year old country girl with a mind of her own. He was an 18 year old country boy who was stubborn as a mule... Let's see who wins. Kate Leeson is the kind of...
Somehow I got Reincarnated as an Fantasy Otome game's Rival Character by Wynnfield
Somehow I got Reincarnated as an Wynnfield
The last thing I remembered was flashing lights, and someone shouting into my ears. When I woke up, I was immediately picked up by a towering figure that looked really f...
Country Girl at Heart  by Taylor_anonymous
Country Girl at Heart by Taylor_anonymous
After being caught, tried and arrested for a crime she didn't do; Lexi Hunter has a choice. It's either Juvie or spend the summer on her dad's ranch working off her prob...
Back to the Plains by KristalKlearSky
Back to the Plainsby Kristal L. Patton
What do you do when you are ripped from the only life you know? How do you move forward when you have nothing left to live for? Ali awakens one afternoon, dazed and inju...
Legends by elouisetanghe
Legendsby elouisetanghe
Sometimes, only a part of the legend is true. Despite being a country girl in heart and soul, Elena Hunter lives in Denver, Colorado. But with the passing of her father...
Hold on  by yourlocalbisexuall
Hold on by Yourlocalbisexual
Riley Grain used to have a somewhat normal life, normal family, normal routine.. now it consists of misery and pain but she will not allow anyone to see this. what happ...
Fresh Air /Bronny James by hardfandoms
Fresh Air /Bronny Jamesby LEIAH🥀
"Hey your new?" "Yeah" she said with her hard country accent, I was shocked "Oh I'm sorry my accent is rlly heavy" she giggled and snorte...
Small Town Girl In Control by effyisawriter123
Small Town Girl In Controlby
Alisha just moved into the big city and she isn't used to working in such a huge place. She just got offered a job at Dominate and Justify and meets a new guy that may o...
Where She Was by blondeinjeans
Where She Wasby Blondie
THIS CAN BE READ AS A STANDALONE! YOU DO not HAVE TO READ LIKE HE NEVER LEFT BEFOREHAND! But I'd certainly appreciate it if you went ahead and checked it out. ;) Dear Gr...
G.R.I.T.S. by MirandaBrown9
#14 Miranda Brown
Jason's just a man down on love. Thinking about dating again makes him feel a deep pang in his chest til he meet this one girl. Country as can be with a surprising simil...
heathers as total drama by Himikonotoga
heathers as total dramaby gray
im obbsessed with heathers rn so heres his mess
Fallin' Head Over Boots  by KaylaHink26
Fallin' Head Over Boots by Kayla
Dakota Lynn Johnson moved away from her home in Montana to try and make it in the music business. But after a few years, things at home start to take a turn for the wors...
Helping Neighbors by Felinesses
Helping Neighborsby LEAGA FanFics
She only wants FREEDOM. It was a dream come true for Lea to live in the Philippines and leave the rural land from a distant country she grew up in. Well, only for two r...
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THE COUNTRY GIRL by JoslynnWinters
THE COUNTRY GIRLby JoslynnWinters
Authors Note: This story is a romantic Teen Fiction that takes place off grid. This is mostly written from my imagination but through out the story there are some event...
Keep My Heart Warm by ChromeDok
Keep My Heart Warmby chrome
Savannah Jones, a seventeen-year-old girl born and raised in the country, gets the mission of saving city boy Romeo Russel from his self-desctructive habits and show him...
The tratter gang by akeylasmith06
The tratter gangby Akeyla’s Wallen
Akeyla is a small town girl from Michigan who loves tik tok. She was actually kinda famous on tik tok with 950,000 followers. She posted hunting fishing and farming tik...