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A little O'Delicious (A Heartland Story) by hicklife
A little O'Delicious (A Josey
Jolene is a up and coming prospect on the circuit as a barrel racer but when horse Moon starts acting up during her runs she doesn't know what to do. Until one of her fr...
The Duke's Wedding (a free rein fanfiction) by 0bsessednerd
The Duke's Wedding (a free rein Obsessed Fan Girl
Zoe Phillips left her life at bright field stables behind after getting an offer from the American riding team. That includes her friends, her boyfriend, and her beloved...
Rising to the top  by arthurlannister
Rising to the top by arthurlannister
Max verstappen' s cousin never liked f1 . Max's aunt was a member of the dutch eventing team . His cousin Jamie verstappen grew up with horses and did eventing untill h...
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In love with Lando Norris by JoyceAker
In love with Lando Norrisby Joyce Aker
This story is about Sarah. She's a 19 year old girl who's crazy about formula 1 and especially Lando Norris. When her dad buys paddock club tickets for the Silverstone G...
Dad? He's your dad?  by HannahroseHill
Dad? He's your dad? by Hannah-rose Hill
This is a 10k love story, Murphy has a daughter.... I'm really bad at descriptions. Disclaimer : my story doesn't follow the tv series, this is just the team travelling...
Dance Moms - Claudia by junktom
Dance Moms - Claudiaby T. P. Channing
Running from the CIA, JoJo took Chloe under her protection, and setup her new life as Claudia Lukasikova.
Bridgerton - A Girl To Remember by EmmaxRiddle
Bridgerton - A Girl To Rememberby Olivia Bridgerton
Olivia Borough (17) is Miss Brigerton's niece who got abandoned after her mother passed away. Now that her father has died too, there is no other option than to move in...
A Lesson in Love by JessWylder
A Lesson in Loveby Jess Wylder
He's a burned-out vet. She's a brazen riding instructor. With naughty horses, escaping ponies, and bolshy grooms on her hands, the last thing Kate needs is for Sean, a f...
Under The Rain (Guevarra Series 1) by binibiningadik
Under The Rain (Guevarra Series 1)by binibini
I always hate the rain because of the danger it could bring. Started writing: March 15, 2021 Date completed: July 21, 2021
Countryside | Ruralburgh 2 by 3dream_writer3
Countryside | Ruralburgh 2by Laeti
*sequel to Rural* Going on a country-wide tour with a horse competition company is a huge deal with for Jamie Krukowski. Not only has he found something he's pass...
My Crazy Boy (sequel to My Crazy Girl) by countrypride74
My Crazy Boy (sequel to My Crazy Sam
Hunter Gilbert son of Brantley and Emma is a junior in high school. Quickly becoming the schools best football player what happens when he meets Holly Potts? Holly Pott...
We Have a New What? by CrunchtheBoss
We Have a New What?by CrunchtheBoss
Will gone in Wyoming to see parents? CHECK National Junior Championships at the end of summer? CHECK New teacher for the summer? CHECK Sounds like everything is going to...
Thunder and Fire  Power Ranger Samurai Story by TimeBanditgirl7
Thunder and Fire Power Ranger TimeBanditGirl7/Holly
(i don't own anything in this story) Sara Silver lives in a town where the power rangers samurai defend the world from monster attacks. One day the rangers were capture...
her Ace | ongoing  by gena_writes
her Ace | ongoing by g<3
"Stop fucking lying to yourself Luna, because in the end it won't only be my heart that will be broken." ---------------- After coming back from Peru from an E...
Becoming an Olympian (Equestrian) by Spirit_horse16
Becoming an Olympian (Equestrian)by Spirit_horse16
🐎THIS IS A HORSE BOOK 🐎 Calli, an 18 year old girl gets an invitation to go to an Olympic training camp, for equestrians of course. She accepts, but The only thing tha...
Horseland Sarah X Male reader by JoseJesusRojas
Horseland Sarah X Male readerby JoseJesusRojas
you are the newest addition to horse land. you are ready to ride and feel that wind in your face with your trusty steed Zod. you'll make new friends, but one girl will s...
City Boy~ \ A BakuDeku Story by Itsjustmoi07
City Boy~ \ A BakuDeku Storyby ✨𝒮𝓊𝒸𝓀𝓎 𝒜𝓊𝓉𝒽𝑜𝓇✨
Katsuki Bakugou, a young farm-boy, is told to greet a guest. A guest who comes from New-York... This young boy, who comes from such a big, popular city, is now in a sma...
Horse Academy (1) by _infinity_06
Horse Academy (1)by _infinity_06
[COMPLETED: undergoing editing] Taylor Hastings has always dreamed of attending the prestigious Elliot Falls Academy, but it came with a price, she would have to leave h...
The Eventer's Club 2: Junior Year by Dressage_Queen
The Eventer's Club 2: Junior Yearby Equestrian for Life!
Evelyn Holloway and Ashleigh Sutton have had an amazing summer filled with horses and adventure alike, but with summer now over, a new adventure awaits them at school...
On the Open Trail by LorenLong
On the Open Trailby LorenLong
Ellie and John head out for a romantic horseback ride on a remote plain. When the stable only has one horse for them both to share, they ride together. As their gallan...