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Horse rider y/n x Creapypasta  by sun-sage154
Horse rider y/n x Creapypasta by Sun_sage987
You own a horse named Trigger who you bought at 19 but now you are 23 and money got tight so you started giving out lessons. It was all going smooth until 3 men walked i...
The Cowboy's Package Love with Faith (COMPLETED) by hoofprintson02
The Cowboy's Package Love with Fai...by Sequoyah Branham
Jedediah Williams, 25, is a single cowboy that works on the 6666 Ranch. He has never been married and hasn't really been swept away by a girl. 'Waiting on the Lord' is h...
Carry On (Book 1) by Dressage_Queen
Carry On (Book 1)by Equestrian for Life!
Ariel Whitman didn't think life could carry on after the death of her mother. Living with her depressed father and twin siblings, they barely made enough income to keep...
Zero Chill {Nico Haas}[ON HOLD] by CoralyThriault
Zero Chill {Nico Haas}[ON HOLD]by Coraly Thériault
Hi my name is Lauralei MacBentley I'm Mac and Kayla triplet and I'm a gymnast, figure skater and I also do horse jumping. I'm the middle triplet Kayla's the youngest and...
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Canterwood Crest Academy: The Rescues by Dressage_Queen
Canterwood Crest Academy: The Resc...by Equestrian for Life!
Ashley Darbus has been riding rescue horses all her life and loves it. So when she is shipped off to Canterwood Crest Academy with her own adopted horses Gracie and Coba...
When Single Riders Come Together (COMPLETED) by hoofprintson02
When Single Riders Come Together (...by Sequoyah Branham
Tylee Jackson lives on a 100,000 acre ranch, outside of Sundance, Texas, that she runs herself. She is very shy and gets social anxiety easily, her best friend, Becca, s...
Loki's Country Girl (On Hold) by KSeasong
Loki's Country Girl (On Hold)by KSeasong
You came to an equine school in upstate New York to learn more about horses. After you help out the Avengers they want to recruit you as their Mounted agent. You will be...
The lost bet - (Appledash) by WritingGayAsF
The lost bet - (Appledash)by WritingGayAsF
The two students on Canterlot High likes competitions, bets and challenges. Both of them are really concered to winning. Who wins the bet to not fall in love first? - ap...
The Forgotten Nakiri by zeldapiece1
The Forgotten Nakiriby Rhian Chivers
Raven is the twin sister to the famous (god tongue) Erina Nakiri who got all the attention from the family and grand draughter to the (Demon of the kitchen) Senzaemon Na...
Appledash One shots by Love_4ever21
Appledash One shotsby Appledashian
This is just a series of one shots of appledash! I take suggestions and I do allow anything to be put in this book (Even 18+ mature scenes). Hope you guys enjoy
My Little Schnee (RWBY X MLP)  by KriegSchnee
My Little Schnee (RWBY X MLP) by KriegSchnee
After being impaled by Cinder during the Battle of Haven, Weiss finds herself in a new world, one filled with ponies. RWBY Post Volume 5 Set in Equestria at War universe
Wild Horse by CamilaEquestrian
Wild Horseby Camila Equestrian
Kate a 17 year old city girl who's lived with her uncle ever since her mother's death, is suddenly moved to back Wyoming to live with her dad and stepmom. Kate doesn't e...
Trustfall || Sanders Sides Equestrian AU by aceydisaster
Trustfall || Sanders Sides Equestr...by Luna
It's one thing to be the best rider in the riding school's team. It's one thing to have the most expensive, impressive horse in the stables. It's a whole other thing, ho...
#SoarinDash by Yourlocalrock03
#SoarinDashby Yourlocalrock03
After Rainbow wins the 'best young flyers' competitions she spends a day with the Wonderbolts and gets closer to Soarin. After the Grand Galloping Gala they form a speci...
Complication by thoroughbreds468
Complicationby Quinn
Gina Ortz now is showing in the A Circuit and training other people's horses. Not only that, but she's also riding for one of the most famous trainers in the world. But...
Wild Horse 2 by CamilaEquestrian
Wild Horse 2by Camila Equestrian
Kate and Spirit are living a happy life at the ranch.. Two horse thieves lay on eyes Spirit and they are overcome with greed. With Spirit gone and sold Kate will stop at...
Through The Dirt and Fame (major revisions) by enable-
Through The Dirt and Fame (major r...by np
What does one filly from the state of Washington go to, to become one of the greatest mares in history? Who does she face, and what history does she write?
Overcome by thoroughbreds468
Overcomeby Quinn
Gina Ortz has as suffered from a terrible riding accident, making her shut out on everyone. One of her enemies becomes her closest friend to help her along. And along th...
Gravity  by sparkybark17
Gravity by Elizabeth Hope
Formerly 'Shattered' / BOOK 3 OF RECOVERY SERIES "Grace-" he whispers, his voice a caress that sends shivers down my spine. "Don't," I warn, taking...