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Monster Hunter When Fantasy Comes To Life by sfkabkq
Monster Hunter When Fantasy NOT a porcupine
Probably one of the most successful video game franchises in recent years, Monster Hunter has always been a series that has captured the imagination of many people with...
What Happened To Erin? by The_true_Enchantress
What Happened To Erin?by The_true_Enchantress
~If you're a fan of Stranger Things, you will love this story~ A group of childhood friends believed their bond unbreakable, until they severed it after one of them disa...
The Eroudon by MartinCruistron
The Eroudonby Kirk
Eroudon had always been sheltered off by the time-manipulating Crimson Storm from the four other continents ever since Goddess Cassini exiled her six sons, the All Fathe...
Mr. Moon by Alyssa054311
Mr. Moonby +.* Stirling +.*
A non-human being going by the name Mr. Moon is going around comforting lonely children. He is not known by any adult humans, as he says. Or is he known by few?
The Magicians Of Time by ThatBitchAmaan
The Magicians Of Timeby Mim's_the_name
Long time ago a wizard set up 5 crystals Chaos Cosmo Elemental Light Darkness One crystal decided to rebel and steal the other crystals Each and every crystal had an own...
BECOMING A DEBUTANTE (Elite Charm School Series 1) by Blehssiner
This is not your classic fairy tale book. In this story, our heroes and heroins will battle dragons, evil stepsisters, vile stepmothers, and flying of unicorns without d...
WilderScape by ErichW
WilderScapeby ErichW
The War for the WilderScape Begins! In the World of Civiland, the environment known as the WilderScape produces elemental ingredients for creating alchemy. But when a Wo...
Midnight Mage by Mahjabin12756
Midnight Mageby Mahjabin12756
In a world of supernaturals, I am something else. Ascension Day turned Average Joes into spell-casting savants, Plain Janes into glamorous vampires, and the homeless guy...
An Untold story  by CruellaDevil769
An Untold story by Cruella Devil
It's story about devil's and Angel's heir who are here to complete thier task as human without geting catch by anyone for being next queen/king of their kingdom...
CHASED- a skephalo/fantasy story (AU) 🗓 by 3xp3r1m3nt666
CHASED- a skephalo/fantasy story ( ภ๏𝐓𝔥เ𝓷ģ sⓅ𝓔ĆเⒶᒪ
!Weird update schedule! (This book might take a long time to finish. ) Fantasy-Roman Fanfiction? Zak ahmed, or skeppy, has a dream. Sounds boring right? Well, it turns o...
Swarglok by quillsand_scalpels
Swarglokby Gokul V
The myth comes alive..
If Only You Hadn't by oaklyy
If Only You Hadn'tby _zincc
Sion is a scientist for the White Diamond army, she studies strange places, events, and sightings that are reported having to do with an unknown creature that the world...
The Hogwart's Wolf Queen by GaiaSilverwolf
The Hogwart's Wolf Queenby Gaia Silverwolf
"They thought they could throw me away to the wolves but instead I became their Alpha." -Rosalina L. Potter aka Rosalina Ulva Volkov. Rosalina is Harry's twin...
Search for the Fae by Pinkroseutena
Search for the Faeby Pinkroseutena
Yggdrasil Burrow is filled with mysteries, from the town's name's sake to the stone stairs that lead to nowhere in the middle of the woods. But the biggest of them all w...
The Flames of Elisira by JessSolanki
The Flames of Elisiraby Jessica Solanki
All her life seventeen year old Seraphina has lived in the village of Copperfin in Elisira, but she wants more. She yearns to escape the small village and explore the va...
Advancement Class by Yimmao
Advancement Classby Yim
Under Construction
Rising Mist(#1 Haze Series) by AFictionBirdie
Rising Mist(#1 Haze Series)by Ankita
Drops descended like drizzle, turning the velvety sun colored liquid sprinkled around to blue which was spreading rapidly all over the ground and stunned everyone insid...
The Hole In The Wall by Craftsman011
The Hole In The Wallby Carroline Ward
Elizabeth West and her brother, Dakota, have concerns about moving into their Great Uncle's house. However, before long, they find themselves trapped in a fantasy world...
Sentient Beast by SakuraForest274
Sentient Beastby Nova TheSkyWolf
I have existed since this world's creation, I was created to protect and nurture the life of all creatures. As many, many years pass I forget my name, my purpose for exi...
Undercover - Minsung by Hanniemin9
Undercover - Minsungby Lan Juillet
Minho is an abnormal undercover agent. He has some abilities that are out of this world. He relies on them in order to complete all his undercover missions. He is the to...