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Shattered Memories  by DxmixnWxyne
Shattered Memories by DC_FAN
This is the the sequel to 'Meant to be more then this". It picks up at the start of 'Meant to be More then this' but to understand it you need to read the previous...
Concert {DamiJon} by bby_midnightfires
Concert {DamiJon}by Ace
(Jon decided he wasn't gonna be Superboy because plot reasons but he still has powers he just doesn't use them often) Jon moves to Gotham City because Lois got a good j...
Cruel wish (ONE SHORT) by HikariYamiRoll
Cruel wish (ONE SHORT)by Hikari Yami Roll
Jon wants to own Damian's body and he doesn't care what method he will use if that means he should violate it to make it his own
Meant to be more then this (Damijon) by DxmixnWxyne
Meant to be more then this (Damijo...by DC_FAN
Damian Wayne(Robin) and Jon Kent(Superboy) have a secret that they and 2 others know of, will it be found out or will they reveal it to the other Heroes from Mount Justi...
can't live without you by lynxoftheicewings
can't live without youby Lynx1215
(cover image by wintea-melon on tumblr) Damian can't stand Jon. He thinks Jon is dense, annoying, and stupid. But a mission makes Damian realise that maybe he likes Jon...
Deku as Damian Wayne by chargersgirl63
Deku as Damian Wayneby Sinja lover
What if Deku was Damian Wayne. He was on a mission for his father. He was assigned to see if Japan's heros are capable of protecting their city. (My Au)
Our little game - Jondami by Jpeg_1
Our little game - Jondamiby Demon spawn
Here is my weird ass smut that has no real plot and I don't know why I still have it. I probably won't finish it but oh well AKA do not read kiddos or do not read if yo...
JonDami: Omegaverse. by rosetealatte
JonDami: Omegaverse.by Nari O’Mara
Damian isn't a normal Omega, he didn't bow or obey. He didn't conform or follow, he's an omega with an attitude. Will someone accept him for that? AGED UP! Damian: 17 Jo...
Red Strings [JayTim] by rosetealatte
Red Strings [JayTim]by Nari O’Mara
After an encounter with the actual god Eros' child, Tim gains the ability to see the red strings of fate. But there's a drawback. If he rejects his own soul mate a curse...
Unexpected, yet wonderous ~~ DamiJon by Mattydri
Unexpected, yet wonderous ~~ DamiJ...by Maddy
The son of Batman and the son of Superman, Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent, have been working as partners for years now, ever since they were forcibly paired together by...
Protect the Wayne's by chargersgirl63
Protect the Wayne'sby Sinja lover
The young justice team need to protect the Wayne family as a new mission. Will The team find out their secrets and will the team more secrets be discovered.
Dancing for You || DamiJon/JonDami by Catb1tez
Dancing for You || DamiJon/JonDamiby Catb1tez
A oneshot fanfiction of Damian and Jon dancing with their love. Jon had always loved Damian, but never knew what to do with it. So when the opportunity to dance with hi...
His Last Hope of Coming Home by Lolaathefandoms11
His Last Hope of Coming Homeby Lola and the Fandoms!
Everyone was distraught when Wally had disappeared. Who wouldn't? But everyone knew that none of their grieving didn't even compare with Dick's. Wally's best friend. Ev...
JonDami: Oneshot Book by rosetealatte
JonDami: Oneshot Bookby Nari O’Mara
This is a book for all my JonDami one shots. Warning: I make Jon act more 'dom' than Damian because that's what I like, hence the ship name'JONdami'. I will have the b...
Movie Nights (JonDami Smut) by MagicalgirlUnicornia
Movie Nights (JonDami Smut)by Unicornia
A collab I did with @SOLOMONtheking111 hope you like it!
Some things change but other things don't  by multi-shiper
Some things change but other thing...by 🔥Queen of hell🔥
This is a few years after from the first story Secrets can't stay secret cause things have to change things are a little bit more crazy than the first book yeah
Babysitting the Wayne's?! by jaylyn_1112
Babysitting the Wayne's?!by Justarandomwriter
Batman and the Justice league are going on an off earth mission; Alfred's sick and Bruce has no idea what to do with his kid's, he know's if he leaves them alone when he...
Ask or Dare Mari, Dami, Jon, Colin, and Lian!! by TheTeshire
Ask or Dare Mari, Dami, Jon, Colin...by Midnight-Wayne
This is a ask and dare story for all these characters I've had this on my mind for the longest of time and ya hope you enjoy also I don't know a lot about Colin just a h...
Young Justice, Batbrothers and general D.C one-shots by StaryLight_Nightmare
Young Justice, Batbrothers and gen...by Star
t-the title, I really don't know what else to tell ya other than that mostly Young Justice and Batbrothers I DON'T OWN D.C!!! also this picture here on the cover is a lo...
Dad of the Year by tinyAvenueSailor
Dad of the Yearby tinyAvenueSailor
Clark is very over-protective of his son, sure he's a teenager who fights super-villains on a daily basis, but he's still a minor there were still limits he had to set f...