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companion // dandy mott by wh0re4diggory
companion // dandy mottby wh0re4diggory
gloria mott is in desperate need for a babysitter. you were the only one willing to take the job. WARNING: VERY SMUTTY. LIKE...A LOT OF SMUT. LIKE THATS PRETTY MUCH THE...
Dandy Mott's Play Toy by DandysGal
Dandy Mott's Play Toyby Dandy’s Gal
just a story about you being dandy's play toy ifykwim *smut* *langue* *knife play* *blood* *abuse* *spitting* *degrading & praising*
Broken Doll (Dandy Mott fanfiction) by lai-ko
Broken Doll (Dandy Mott fanfiction)by laikyn ★~(◠‿◕✿)
Lucy is a homeless runaway who lives her life day-by-day, until one day her fate leads her to the doorstep of the one and only Dandy Mott.
American horror story imagines and one shots by WizardOfLoneliness
American horror story imagines and...by WizardOfLoneliness
Imagines and one shots about any season or character from American horror story. No smut! Submit requests through comments or just message me. Please read comment and vo...
The Girl Who Went Insane  (A Tate Langdon x Reader story) by MocahCat
The Girl Who Went Insane (A Tate...by OceanBreeze
This is a Tate langdon x reader story, Really hope you enjoy
I am Perfection (A Dandy Mott Fanfic) by hxrmonyy
I am Perfection (A Dandy Mott Fanf...by Zhané - Harmony
She nodded and pressed her lips together. "I'm Crystal Harmony, I saw you...You was at the show...in the audience?" Dandy titled his head with a small smile...
Life On Mars? • Dandy x Reader (and some Jimmy x Reader) (AHS Freak Show)  by SuchFandoms
Life On Mars? • Dandy x Reader (an...by Zigzag/Ang/Andi
You are the daughter of Elsa Mars, known as 'the Real-Life Rapunzel.' You live at Fräulein Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities with all of the other freaks, which have become...
Tʜᴇ ɢɪʀʟ ᴀɴᴅ ᴛʜᴇ ɢᴜɴ  by milfsaremyreligionn
Tʜᴇ ɢɪʀʟ ᴀɴᴅ ᴛʜᴇ ɢᴜɴ by slut4milfs
what happens when the child like man dandy mott meets smart and sarcastic maeve willow? will his murderous behaviours still continue? will they get worse? Will they ch...
𖤐 American horror story imagines 𖤐 by bunnyygutzz
𖤐 American horror story imagines...by bunnyygutzz
𖤐(ahs imagines)All of these imagines are from other writer's so i will be crediting them and putting their @ on their story:) 𖤐
Insanity (Dandy Mott) by bilboaaa
Insanity (Dandy Mott)by bilboaaa
Veronica Quen and Dandy Mott are cut from the same cloth. Both are bored with their lives and somewhat psychotic. What happens when the two join forces? ****** so·ci·o·p...
Companions//Dandy Mott by juddsboothang
Companions//Dandy Mottby tates babe
you meet a man named dandy mott at a freakshow and fall head over heels for him. you're not sure if he just has a mean way of flirting or if he hates your guts. When you...
American horror story preferences by fairysierra
American horror story preferencesby fairysierra
Every season. Most characters. Boyxgirl girlxgirl
Dollface (A Dandy Mott Fanfiction) by ferryjo
Dollface (A Dandy Mott Fanfiction)by ♡ Farah Jones ♡
Dandy Mott. Sounds so innocent, and very appealing to the eye, but it's what's deep down that counts. Dandy has a sick obsession for gore, and what happens after he capt...
Beauty and the Freak (dandy mott fic) by hassisobnoxious
Beauty and the Freak (dandy mott f...by Hass :))
Lily has albinism and lives as part of Elsa's freakshow, but what happens when she finds herself in the Motts' mansion? Will she and Dandy form a connection, or will the...
American Horror Story Preferences and Imagines by Pink-cup-cakes
American Horror Story Preferences...by PinkCupcakes
Who wouldn't want a mentally unstable person falling in love with you?
✨Star✨: A Dandy Mott X Reader by ImaginesForUs
✨Star✨: A Dandy Mott X Readerby ImaginesForUs
Y/n gets a job. The job? Being a friend to Dandy Mott.
FREAK by walkersandhunters
FREAKby blake ♔
"I've always been a freak"
american horror story one-shots [requests closed] UNDER EDITING by mckenziecer
american horror story one-shots [r...by mckenzie
[please ask me before you use these prompts] We lived in the Murder House. We escaped the Asylum. We protected the Coven. We attended the Freak Show. We stayed at the Ho...
Tell Me More (Dandy Mott x Reader) by kimyou-naikou
Tell Me More (Dandy Mott x Reader)by baby blue
What if Dandy met a girl just as strange as him. But more sane in the fact that she didn't care about the thirst of murder but the killers way of thinking; his mind. And...
Am I Crazy? by Matchou_Lee_Espinosa
Am I Crazy?by 50 Shades of Zarry
Dandy held me tightly. His arms wrapped around my waist. Our faces centimeters apart. "Am I crazy?" He whispers. "Just a little" I smile as our lips...