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The Frozen Empire - An Empires SMP AU by TheMilkman2021
The Frozen Empire - An Empires SMP...by TheMilkman2021
With Scott lost in the Ice Spikes, and his eternal frost growing from Nexus points, the other empires must scramble to rebuild and protect the server - or face the conse...
The Comfort of Broken Glass by WilburTilbur
The Comfort of Broken Glassby WilburTilbur
The Codfather gets trapped in a mirror. The other empires think he's died along will the rest of his empire. Scott and Lizze want revenge. Basically Jimmy gets trappe...
Lovers from a different time  by nicktbone
Lovers from a different time by nicktbone
Around a year ago Scott started have weird visions about flowers about a year ago his parents die. Elf are shy and don't really interact with anyone but sometimes a kin...
youtube love by musie-mint
youtube loveby musie
Everyone and the plot is messed up bad.almost everyone has be change and they life in this is destroy
true love by GamesPlay246
true loveby Games Play
there are different people who dont know each other but stuck together to find true love.there plot twisted where is it?
Scott first day of vampire high school by Cookiedragon06
Scott first day of vampire high sc...by Cookiedragon06
It is Scott's first day of school but it is a vampire school and he is a human and he is the only human in school so will Scott get through 5 years of being bulled and...