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I Fell Inlove with Death by rinismine
I Fell Inlove with Deathby Jahmiyah
Some people say that death is scary,some say its just part of life. You live and die nothing can change that, that's just life. Well if I tell you that there is a girl n...
What's In a Name? by MarCafeWrites
What's In a Name?by Mar Café
WINNER of the #WelcomeToTheBlumhouse contest presented by Wattpad and Amazon Prime Video. _____ After losing both her job and her boyfriend within the same twenty-four h...
Top 200 Vampire/Demon stories by danielle_lawley
Top 200 Vampire/Demon storiesby danielle_lawley
My top 200 favourite Vampire and Devil/Demon/whatever other supernatural books. If you have any to recommend message me and let me know and I'd be happy to check it out...
Reminisce by Mateezoh
Reminisceby Mateezoh
Having to deal with a slight dislike of men, Droy has no choice but to learn how to appreciate them. What happens when Blake, just another meaningless male forces his wa...
5 best friends first the couple "lily and marshal" second lover"barney stinson" third date girl"robin" fourth the left at the altar "t...
Love at first sight by Seiko02
Love at first sightby Seiko02
A boy met a girl that has a weird name for a girl the girl was so pissed at the boy as the boy find friends,she does too ENJOY ! ! ! ! XOXO WARNING: Only ages of 16 o...
Letters To Sissy by ShayleeRose98
Letters To Sissyby Shaylee
Letters I write to my sister that I can never send to her cause her address is in heaven.
How sweet it is to be love By you by kadybueta
How sweet it is to be love By youby kadybueta
I was lonely, you came. I was hopeless, you gave me hope. I was broken, you gave me love. I was down, you pulled me up. Nadine. A heartbroken high school student who f...
90 ❁ DAYS by Jungbook2121
90 ❁ DAYSby Violet 💜
⊱ ────── {⋆❁⋆} ────── ⊰ "Death is not the actual end to the story. It's like a full stop. it ends a sentence, but just so a new one can begin" ⊱ ──...
Apartment 301 by uhkaraa
Apartment 301by Kara Whyte
Room 301, as I opened the door he was standing in front of me, the man I thought was dead. "Do you love me that much to ruin my life?" I asked. Will I be able...
A heros cure a travelers curse a soldiers return by Superbrosky
A heros cure a travelers curse a Superbrosky
The enemy of my enemy is my friend But when the worlds at risk and these four rivals are to work together things are bound to get crazy this the finale of the mafia army...
The Hatred That Grows In Us All by PurtleTanda413
The Hatred That Grows In Us Allby Purtle Tanda
Depression is like a war. You either win or lose your life trying to fight for something that you believe is important. People usually say that suicide kills, but really...
The Haunting Talk by mrslaneforlife
The Haunting Talkby mrslaneforlife
Hailey:Hi this story is about me and tasha and we tell scary stories let's get to the story!! both:bye
sparks are little screams by Meetchie
sparks are little screamsby Michello
1. Get hurt, let your soul bleed and you mind stop. 2. Get inked, Let all the pain turn to twisted words. 3. Heal, forgive and forget, let nothing haunt you again
Tighter by ahammer2003
Tighterby ahammer2003
I story about a girl who was happy. This is my first time so yeah
Sixth Sense  by porxtal
Sixth Sense by fallon
Labeled the village crazy lady, Maren Marrow has been seeing ghosts since her near death experience as a child. But it was the ghost of Cedric Swern Pemberton the Second...
"The Choice " by geek123qlovk
"The Choice "by Alphabet-girl
My father use to warn me "Don't underestimate a survivor until you find out what he did to stay alive" .~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~ ...
Solace >> by ndichu254
Solace >>by ndichu254
Because the world is cruel.