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My Brother, The Dentist by JadeTheWhale
My Brother, The Dentistby ✪ Jädë ✪
*THE ORIGINAL STORY* Billy's brother is a dentist... Meet Billy, a thirteen year old regular kid who's parents passed away in a dreadful car crash. But how does he end u...
Living with my dentist  by graceslay21
Living with my dentist by grace <3
Ally Graves has always had fear of the dentist. But when her parents pass away, she moves in with her brother Jackson. She loves her brother. There is only one problem...
Dr. Harry Styles by 1directioned
Dr. Harry Stylesby Rosie ♡
Hold your breath, count to ten, breathe in, breathe out. ~ H. S. half au ~
Medical One Shots by graceslay21
Medical One Shotsby grace <3
Medical and dental related scenarios that come into my mind <3 ⚠️ I don't update this book a lot, just a heads up⚠️ *COVER CREDS TO PINTEREST*
Daddy's Girl by hope8104
Daddy's Girlby hope8104
A story about a dentist named John Travis who's daughter Casey is his whole world.
Dentist Imagines by catluvr1006
Dentist Imaginesby catluvr1006
Just some dentist imagines I've written. Enjoy!
PERFECTION OF LOVE   ||KTH Story|| by dr_eternalV
PERFECTION OF LOVE ||KTH Story||by Taehyung⁷
< SLOW UPDATES > What happens when a very popular Idol fall in love with a well-skilled dentist who just don't wants to be popular even though she is well-versed i...
My sister a dentist my brother a doctor by swiftieinwonderland
My sister a dentist my brother a swiftieinwonderland
Y'all might remember this book.... Well I'm starting fresh... Amelia Swift, a four year old girl from New York who is about to move in with her older siblings. The thin...
My Brother, the Dentist by summerfun9615
My Brother, the Dentistby SummerFun
Abby is your typical teen age girl, right? She's lived in the same small town her whole life with her older brother, Brandon. Brandon works as a dentist and owns his own...
Medical brother by Rosemary_art
Medical brotherby Rosemary Art
Claire Rose Johnson lives with her 4 brothers in Bath (UK). They are all working in the field of medicine, this is Claires biggest fear. When something happens with Clai...
Scared of my own brother  by MaRiA178469025648
Scared of my own brother by MaRiA178469025648
Sarah is a 15 years old girl who's older brother is a well know dentist in Chicago. The issue is, Sarah hates the dentist. Her brother Peter loves her very much and want...
Loved by a Dentist by lizzzjames
Loved by a Dentistby Liz James
After years of avoiding him, I finally had to face him.
breathe// 5SOS  by 5sosxruel
breathe// 5SOS by 5sosxruel
SEQUEL TO FOREVER Getting better wasn't immediate, and that was frustrating. It created tension between family, and cause a constant battle. A constant worry of who wo...
Stuck by Onedirection11123
Stuckby Onedirection11123
Coming soon- My names Londyn Jace Tomlinson. It was one thing to grow up with a mother and uncle as a dentist and dads occupation of an orthodontist. Along with the wann...
My Medical Brothers by ensley_coleman
My Medical Brothersby Ensley Coleman
A girl with 7 brothers, who are all some kind of doctor, her worst fear. Please do not take my ideas, they are my own. If you would like to use an idea, please contact m...
Bare Nerves by SorchaOCathain
Bare Nervesby 𝔖orcha 𝔇orcha
Joseph's sister, Rina, thinks she deserves the maltreatment of their father for causing their mother's death. Joseph can't watch her suffer anymore and takes matters int...
1D • On The Road Dentist by BeautifulRain2020
1D • On The Road Dentistby BeautifulRain2020
Harry Styles is a recently qualified dentist and Paul's made him the tours new, on the road, dentist. It's time for him to see the boys and cuteness, worry and chaos ens...
The Dentist by JaquiJonas
The Dentistby JaquiJonas
oneshot including the very charming Nicholas Jerry Jonas and you (;
Hyperdontia: The Book by EMULYEMER
Hyperdontia: The Bookby Violet Fox
Flower had a dark secret. She hasn't told anyone, not even her family. She was diagnosed with hyperdontia causing extra teeth to appear. It was a nightmare. So there was...
My Perfect Teeth [Wattpad Fright Contest Winner] by DriveInHorrorshow
My Perfect Teeth [Wattpad Fright Drive-In Horrorshow
A dentist has finished his finest creation: rotten, disgusting dentures. And his patients will never be the same. A winner of Wattpad's 500 word "No Pearly-whites H...