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From the Isle to Auradon ~ Carlos de vil x reader by xxdanandphil19xx
From the Isle to Auradon ~ xxdanandphil19xx
What happens when you, your boyfriend, sister and friends get chosen to go to auradon prep what will happen when someone gets jealous of your relationship ? DON'T FORGET...
Poposi's Ascent (A Prince Series Fanfiction) by Crane_Of_Seasons
Poposi's Ascent (A Prince Series 🍁Sia🍁
Everyone knows that the Poposi Student Council is corrupt. Not only do they show favouritism to students based on their status, they also blatantly make decisions based...
Warrior Cats: Weaselstrike's Descent by iiirose
Warrior Cats: Weaselstrike's iiirose
After ShadowClan suddenly moves away from the lake to live in a twolegplace, and after one cat attempts to murder WindClan's leader, Weaselpaw finds his life turned upsi...
Amnesia: The Dark Descent [Part One] by Lilium_Floris
Amnesia: The Dark Descent [Part Lilium
Don't forget. . . Some things mustn't be forgotten. . . The shadow, hunting me. . . I must hurry. . . My name... Is Daniel. I live at London, at. . . at Mayfair. . . Wh...
A Buried Memory by Irhaboggler
A Buried Memoryby Irhaboggler
Professor Squawkencluck finds herself inexplicably drawn to a cave in the Appalachian Mountains in America. The pull she feels towards the cave is so strong that she can...
Amnesia: The Insanity Remembers by XxCrimsonMoonWolfxX
Amnesia: The Insanity Remembersby XxCrimsonMoonWolfxX
Our dearest Mark, or also known as Markiplier, wakes up in a very old manor. He has no remembrance as to how he got there, or why. Embark upon this journey with the youn...
Red Room by Jokes_onmi
Red Roomby Joss
The World was decimated, a disease taking hold of the people, yet a sole Island is isolated holds the remnants of the normal life of humanity. People can be Monsters too.
Descent to Darkness by AMHounchell
Descent to Darknessby A.M. Hounchell
After finding a book, Dante accidentally resurrects the one and only Dracula. Dante goes from boy to vampire in ten years of isolation. Now, with a just a ragtag group o...
Descent of the Moon by Murkymoon
Descent of the Moonby Murkymoon
In the world of Karkaeta, all creatures are immortal, but not invincible. All creatures know of magic and many can harness it. And all creatures hide from humans for fea...
Horror Oneshots by trop-petite-fille
Horror Oneshotsby jinxed 101
These are basically horror stories that I've heard and picked up in the journey of life with all the occasional visitors. Most of these are true. Hope you like these. ...
PewDiePie: The Best Custom Story Ever! by Kazaroth
PewDiePie: The Best Custom Story Kazaroth
Pewdie, everyone's favorite 23-year-old Swedish gamer, plays the greatest custom story of Amnesia: The Dark Descent yet!
Descent (One-Off) by TransUniversal
Descent (One-Off)by Wind with no Direction
A short descriptive story detailing Fate's ruinous path to bring an end to an eons-old Earth.
Merciless Descent by _EccentricGrace_
Merciless Descentby _EccentricGrace_
Celestial always abided by the rules imposed on her; she lived in a world which could only be described as the epitome of perfection, and a community dedicated to altru...
A View by LyricsLifeLaughter
A Viewby LyricsLifeLaughter
Staring at a view and feeling just looking at it is not enough, being captivated by the moment isn't enough, I need to do something. But the best thing to do is apprecia...
Descent by WifiDubt
Descentby Filipe
"- Andrew Mendes - Said Cleo, loud and clear - From now on, your life will change. You will turn into a Guardian Angel. We give you the power of our prayers, in ord...
Beautiful conservative mothers are violated in front of their sons by krticnjak131313
Beautiful conservative mothers Dean Darsky...
Secret services of communist regimes in eastern Europe are searching for a diary written by a nun who had apparitions of Jesus, containing unknown information on torment...
Protect You by crimsonflowerz88
Protect Youby Spain
Stephano Tuteur is a young traveler who has accidentally gotten himself lost in the forests of Prussia. Seeking shelter, he takes residence in what he thinks is an aband...