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You're My Mystery •Dib Membrane x Reader• by MadamSpaghetti
You're My Mystery •Dib Membrane x...by MadamSpaghetti
【Dib Membrane x Reader】 |Slight Various!| ❝It's funny.❞ He laughed. ❝Before, I was only interested in proving the mystery that Zim was an alien, but now-❞, his face clos...
Hide n Seek by WillDefinitelyShip03
Hide n Seekby Kinz
After Zim officially ruins Dibs life, Dib decides to run away and start a new life. But Zim is determined to stay in Dibs life just to make sure he is constantly living...
Last Battle (ZaDr fanfic) by ErrorChild12
Last Battle (ZaDr fanfic)by ErrorChild12
Zim and Dib have been battling each other for years sense elementary skool. Zim plotting to try and take over earth while Dib has been trying to stop him from doing so...
The Tallest Zim by amethyst11-d
The Tallest Zimby Amethyst 11-d
After a year of trying to conquer Earth, Zim is abandoned by the tallest's. They called off his mission and banished him to live on Earth. After 5 years of the banishme...
Corrupt Dib - An Invader ZIM AU fanfic by kittygirl2210
Corrupt Dib - An Invader ZIM AU fa...by kittygirl2210
Dib accidentally crashes Tak's ship on Zim's home planet, Irk. Dire consequences come of this Basically, an AU where Dib crash lands on Irk and gets a PAK implanted in...
Mysterious New Boy. by Loki69AO3
Mysterious New Boy.by Loki69AO3
"AU - Human Zim and Irken Dib A strange new boy shows up at skool, Zim can tell he is much different from the other people at skool but he never expected to find so...
Invader Zim/Zadr Pictures by Gomarnic
Invader Zim/Zadr Picturesby Gomarnic Yumika
This is going to be many pictures of Invader Zim or Zadr. All of these artworks are not mine and warning, there will be some mature pictures. So enjoy this book!
Parenthood [INVADER ZIM] by FearTheHime
Parenthood [INVADER ZIM]by Hime-sama
[M/N] or Smeetary worker [M/N] is sent down to earth with Zim, he was the one that raised Zim after all so it's technically his fault for how Zim is. That was his punish...
Invader Zim x reader oneshots  by Kittenoreos
Invader Zim x reader oneshots by Kittenoreos
Just some random stuff I write when I'm bored
Invader Zim 》Not Just a Defect 《 by Veronika1930
Invader Zim 》Not Just a Defect 《by Veronika1930
Takes place a few weeks after the Florpus incident, and Zim gets a call from the Tallests. They finally tell him the truth, and he doesn't take it well. They have had e...
Dib's Experiment -Zadr- by The_Tea_OMG
Dib's Experiment -Zadr-by The_Tea_OMG
Dib decides to try a new way of exposing Zim. Dib states that it's for the sake of Earth. How Will this play out? Will it be successful or fall apart.
What's Wrong With Me? - ZADR Fanfic  by Stupid_auto_correct
What's Wrong With Me? - ZADR Fanfi...by Stupid_auto_correct
Dib, growing stronger feelings towards the alien he hates the most. His enemy. What's wrong with him? He's always hated Zim, right? Why are these feelings only starting...
Behind the Tube's Glass (ZaDR) by Xmimi89eR
Behind the Tube's Glass (ZaDR)by Xmimi89eR
AU story. After professor Membrane's death, the 19-year-old Dib gets full access to his private lab, and what he finds in there wakes the buried kid inside him. ZaDr/f...
Silence (Zim x Deaf!Reader) by AlienEmbers
Silence (Zim x Deaf!Reader)by Ember
ORIGINAL <----------> You're friends with Dib, and have been going to this school for a month or so. Dib helps you by translating what others say to into ASL (Amer...
Invader Zim oneshots and scenarios  by Stail_Chipz
Invader Zim oneshots and scenarios by Stail_Chipz
Just a random IZ one shot book :3 Also, any art work in this is NOT mine unless I say otherwise I do not own any of the original Invader Zim characters
Enter the Earth by HorridLittleThing
Enter the Earthby HorridLittleThing
This happens after the events of the movie. You came to Earth looking for shelter, but it didn't turned out to be as safe as you expected. Invader Zim belongs to Jhone...
 DOOM AWAITS ( Invader Zim x Destroy all Humans crossover / Male reader insert) by Leichenfaust97
DOOM AWAITS ( Invader Zim x Destr...by Leichenfaust97
What will happen if two Irken Invaders land on Earth on a Mission to recover a crashed Irken Scout Ship? Who will join them on their Mission to total Planetary Dominatio...
Invader Zim X Reader - The Alien I Love  by Glitchy119
Invader Zim X Reader - The Alien I...by Glitchy119
You weren't the happiest, moving into this new city. It was quite strange, but it couldn't compare to the even stranger green kid you soon meet at your school. What coul...
Aberrant Worlds (Invader Zim x Reader) by blue_divergents
Aberrant Worlds (Invader Zim x Rea...by Raph's Fangirl (Quotev)
Aberrant (adj). -marked different from an accepted norm [You, for once, are not the new kid. You're at this skool in this strange town for a reason, or should I say a mi...
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You think he's a alien too!? (Dib x reader) by Simpduh
You think he's a alien too!? (Dib...by Simp 😩
Hii! this is my first story so if it's a lil bad or short that's why, if you do read this I hope you like it!