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no context invader zim by mongooseful
no context invader zimby mangoose
that's right baby, a collection of cryptic contextlessness all taken from the invader zim graphic novels! along with some extras, like comedic edits ive made.
Poor Insane Son by PARADOX402
Poor Insane Sonby Maria
When Professor Membrane's son, Dib, nearly dies in a freak piggy accident, Membrane decides this is the last straw and takes the matter of his son's sanity in his own ha...
Flowers to Transcend Time || Professor Membrane by lylia9000
Flowers to Transcend Time || Profe...by 💙 Loaf 💙
// Professor Membrane X Reader // "Poppies?" "Yeah, they're my favorite." . . . "You're just as lnɟıʇnɐǝq as the day I lost you." "How...
Close Proximity (ZaDr) by Willowbee77
Close Proximity (ZaDr)by AmethystGem
Zim gets a call from his Tallest, who bears some depressing news. What they will tell him could have many outcomes, but only one is needed for this story. Its ZaDr, what...
Invader Zim/Zadr Pictures by Gomarnic
Invader Zim/Zadr Picturesby Gomarnic Yumika
This is going to be many pictures of Invader Zim or Zadr. All of these artworks are not mine and warning, there will be some mature pictures. So enjoy this book!
Dib's Experiment -Zadr- by The_Tea_OMG
Dib's Experiment -Zadr-by The_Tea_OMG
Dib decides to try a new way of exposing Zim. Dib states that it's for the sake of Earth. How Will this play out? Will it be successful or fall apart.
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Invader Zim oneshots and scenarios  by Stail_Chipz
Invader Zim oneshots and scenarios by Stail_Chipz
Just a random IZ one shot book :3 Also, any art work in this is NOT mine unless I say otherwise I do not own any of the original Invader Zim characters
Everything Has a Purpose, an Invader Zim x GN Reader by CrispyBeanss
Everything Has a Purpose, an Invad...by Beans
You're an Irken invader disguised as a human on planet Earth. Using your knowledge on the paranormal, you decide to have fun with The Swollen Eyeball. Reader is kinda du...
Zadr Oneshots by Gomarnic
Zadr Oneshotsby Gomarnic Yumika
Yes, another Oneshot. But different from my other one since this one has Zadr. Warning, some of these oneshots may be unpleasant for people so don't like, don't read. A...
Zim's Little Terror [ZADR] by QillianstheLunatic
Zim's Little Terror [ZADR]by AQ
[COMPLETED] mpreg Zim Taking care of a smeet isn't an easy job for Zim. Especially when the smeet of his have a mix personality of his chaotic nature and Dib's curiosity...
The New Girl (Zim x fem! reader) by dollieeli
The New Girl (Zim x fem! reader)by ¡ Nayeli ! ɞ ☀ ❞
After a fight in her old school, Y/n has had to move to a completely new city and school. Not only is the word 'school' misspelled but the kids there are weird. But one...
I think I'm Dumb or Maybe Just Happy (Invader Zim x Reader) by RaineStorm_Witha4fix
I think I'm Dumb or Maybe Just Hap...by Raine Whispers
Left stranded in the middle of nowhere, Y/N must find a way home. Though this world feels strangely familiar, going home may be more of a challenge than they thought. Es...
In Love With The Enemy by alexartz101
In Love With The Enemyby Invader Icy
Dib and Zim had always been enemies. But when the two get in a bad fight and Zim fails his science class, the principal assigns Dib to tutor Zim until his grades improve...
Invader Zim Oneshots by Yo_Mom1235
Invader Zim Oneshotsby Yo_Mom1235
Hello! I'm gonna be doing oneshots of iz cause I have been very obsessed with it recently :) more info inside !
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ZADR: Just An Experiment  by Zerianis_The_Witch
ZADR: Just An Experiment by Zerianis_The_Witch
(I don't own any of this art ;-;) [TRIGGER WARNING- THIS STORY INVOLVES ATTEMPTED SUICIDE! PLEASE USE DISCRETION!] Dib sneaks into Zim's lab yet again, only to learn so...
Invader Zim x Reader Oneshots (Requests Are Open) by Low-keyGay
Invader Zim x Reader Oneshots (Req...by StupidGayBitch
All of these are gender neutral unless said otherwise. Requests are always open. I do not own cover art and is something I found off of google.
Zadr Oneshots by bugsabound
Zadr Oneshotsby bugsabound
just some zadr oneshots i wrote for me and my partner to enjoy that i decided to share with you! ✨Requests open!!!✨ nothings explicitlyotly 18+ but some of thems a litt...
They Underestimated Him ( ZADR ) by QillianstheLunatic
They Underestimated Him ( ZADR )by AQ
[ COMPLETED ] Everyone underestimated Zim. The Tallest, Tak, even the filthy human, Dib. " A Defective." " Incompetent Invader. " " A nuisance...
 I've changed (ZADR Fanfic) (Completed) by Trainfreak1
I've changed (ZADR Fanfic) (Compl...by 𝕿𝖍𝖊°𝕮𝖗𝖞𝖎𝖓𝖌°𝕵𝖊𝖘𝖙�...
(Original name was go Away) After the tallest abandon zim, 5 years pass. The tallest are running out of habitual planets to invade so their last option is earth. What ha...
Malfunction (ZaDr) by _ChaosGoblin_
Malfunction (ZaDr)by Bugs
Zim and Dib are in Hi Skool and Zim is still plotting to destroy Earth longing to please the Tallest. Dib has barely tried to stop Zim realizing he could never really ta...