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Silence (Zim x Deaf!Reader) by AlienEmbers
Silence (Zim x Deaf!Reader)by Ember
ORIGINAL <----------> You're friends with Dib, and have been going to this school for a month or so. Dib helps you by translating what others say to into ASL (Amer...
Up Next Forever (An Invader Zim fanfiction) by CountToZero
Up Next Forever (An Invader Zim Villian Raven Faith
(Dib Membrane X Male!reader X Zim) When walking home from school one day, you tripped and fell into a portal-looking puddle, landing on the hard concrete of an alleyway...
Parenthood [INVADER ZIM] by FearTheHime
Parenthood [INVADER ZIM]by Hime-sama
[M/N] or Smeetary worker [M/N] is sent down to earth with Zim, he was the one that raised Zim after all so it's technically his fault for how Zim is. That was his punish...
Everything Has a Purpose, an Invader Zim x GN Reader by CrispyBeanss
Everything Has a Purpose, an Beans
You're an Irken invader disguised as a human on planet Earth. Using your knowledge on the paranormal, you decide to have fun with The Swollen Eyeball. Reader is kinda du...
The New Kid (Invader Zim x Reader) by boringolgal
The New Kid (Invader Zim x Reader)by its ya girl madz
Am I crazy for writing this?... Oh well. Here ya go. When picking up your younger sister from band practice, you walk inside the school to find a strange boy examining t...
Invader zim x autistic! Reader by LordOfTheBiches
Invader zim x autistic! Readerby LordOfTheBiches
(Y/n), a human with autism, finds herself in a weird place with an alien, a paranormal-obsessed boy, a scary girl with a gameslave, and so... so... much more...
Roommates || Dib x Reader x Zim by RooTheInvader
Roommates || Dib x Reader x Zimby ʀᴏᴏ
You are, Y/N a young adult in her twenties, who had recently lost her house. Only due to not being able to pay her rent on time, now she is looking for a new place to st...
ZADR~ a small bite by Dazai_522
ZADR~ a small biteby Jade Mclain
What if Zim were desserted by his tallest? But what if Zim did something he may regret? (may contain some explite language and sexual scenes)
Garou Hanma: Cartoon High by JuanCarrillo914
Garou Hanma: Cartoon Highby Juan Carrillo
Hi, this will be my third book hope you enjoy our main character will be Garou Hanma. There are similarities to the Baki manga series and also differences so be ready fo...
𝑺𝒑𝒂𝒄𝒆 𝑷𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒄𝒆𝒔𝒔 (𝒁𝒊𝒎 𝒙 𝑭𝒆𝒎!𝑹𝒆𝒂𝒅𝒆𝒓) by -Mixxie-
𝑺𝒑𝒂𝒄𝒆 𝑷𝒓𝒊𝒏𝒄𝒆𝒔𝒔 (𝒁𝒊� 💜
This book is about you. A 17 year old Irken that ran away from the Irken Armanda to go to Earth to see an Invader. An Invader who needs help with his mission. But he has...
That Kid From Upstairs [Invader Zim x Reader] by TheStarOfCaroline
That Kid From Upstairs [Invader TheStarOfCaroline
The door to 7/A's classroom swings open a little more forcefully than usual. The children in the front row flinch away as an upperclassman strides into the room with a g...
ZADR-Love Story by MychiefIsGood
ZADR-Love Storyby ✧𝕄𝕪𝕔𝕙𝕚𝕖𝕗✧
Zim snarled and slapped his cheek harder which surprised Dib. He then screamed at him, "WHAT IS THAT SUCH DISGUSTING! ZIM IS NOT GAY, YOU KNOW!! YOU FAGGOT LOSER...
Our little Irken by FlakyJam
Our little Irkenby Flaky Jam
An AU where Miyuki and Spork didn't die and the Red, Purple are very clingy in terms of Zim Story: Four Tallests lives inside the massive to conquer any planets they see...
Gimme Zimmy!!~  (Zim x Reader) (maybe NSFW soon, idk) by CheshireSinner1
Gimme Zimmy!!~ (Zim x Reader) ( SansyrusLovesToSin
First day of "Hi Skool" & your friends Zim & Dib are in the same class for the whole day (The school's too cheap to add more than what they have). After a deta...
Enter the Earth by HorridLittleThing
Enter the Earthby HorridLittleThing
This happens after the events of the movie. You came to Earth looking for shelter, but it didn't turned out to be as safe as you expected. Invader Zim belongs to Jhone...
Zim's Little Terror [ZADR] by QillianstheLunatic
Zim's Little Terror [ZADR]by AQ
[COMPLETED] mpreg Zim Taking care of a smeet isn't an easy job for Zim. Especially when the smeet of his have a mix personality of his chaotic nature and Dib's curiosity...
Invader Zim oneshots and scenarios  by Stail_Chipz
Invader Zim oneshots and scenarios by Stail_Chipz
Just a random IZ one shot book :3 Also, any art work in this is NOT mine unless I say otherwise I do not own any of the original Invader Zim characters
The New Girl (Zim x reader) by Milkeytau
The New Girl (Zim x reader)by ¡ Story ! 𓅻 ❞
After a fight in her old school, Y/n has had to move to a completely new city and school. Not only is the word 'school' misspelt but the kids there are weird. But one of...
 DOOM AWAITS ( Invader Zim x Destroy all Humans crossover / Male reader insert) by Leichenfaust97
DOOM AWAITS ( Invader Zim x Leichenfaust97
What will happen if two Irken Invaders land on Earth on a Mission to recover a crashed Irken Scout Ship? Who will join them on their Mission to total Planetary Dominatio...
Dib's Experiment -Zadr- by The_Tea_OMG
Dib's Experiment -Zadr-by The_Tea_OMG
Dib decides to try a new way of exposing Zim. Dib states that it's for the sake of Earth. How Will this play out? Will it be successful or fall apart.
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