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Irkens Cant Love (Zim x reader) by OraclesParlour
Irkens Cant Love (Zim x reader)by Working on a Midstory special
Humans were disgusting to one like Zim. Any Irken could see that the species was disturbingly stupid and possibly not even worth the time. That's why it suprised him so...
Parenthood [INVADER ZIM] by FearTheHime
Parenthood [INVADER ZIM]by Hime-sama
[M/N] or Smeetary worker [M/N] is sent down to earth with Zim, he was the one that raised Zim after all so it's technically his fault for how Zim is. That was his punish...
Babysitting with an aftertaste (Zim x reader) (On hold) by Hellova_paw
Babysitting with an aftertaste ( Hellova_shot
Coming back to be Gaz and Dib's babysitter was planned, but to be between them and an alien invader was not part of my job. I have not signed up for that! Invader Zim d...
Beauty and the Beast|||Zim X Reader by leiakatniss21
Beauty and the Beast|||Zim X Readerby 👽🪐🌌
"My mother told me that everyone has a purpose in life. Everyone has a reason to exist. I never knew mine." I cupped his hands in my own and stared into his ma...
Truce? ( Dib X Zim ) [ Invader Zim ] ( bxb ) by TheShippinati
Truce? ( Dib X Zim ) [ Invader Shippi
Dib x Zim fic | After Zim and Dib have triplet sons, Zim debates on moving to a paranormal friendly neighborhood in New York. Ever since he told the Tallest about his so...
Flowers to Transcend Time || Professor Membrane by lylia9000
Flowers to Transcend Time || 💙 Loaf 💙
// Professor Membrane X Reader // "Poppies?" "Yeah, they're my favorite." . . . "You're just as lnɟıʇnɐǝq as the day I lost you." "How...
Love with an alien (Invader Zim ~Zim x reader~)   (On Hold For Now) by rossella_4_chan
Love with an alien (Invader Zim Donnie's nerd
After moving into the neighborhood where Zim lives. It was clear that your life was going to get interesting. Why you ask? Because Zim falls for you (who is human) and D...
Invader Zim x reader oneshots  by Kittenoreos
Invader Zim x reader oneshots by Kittenoreos
Just some random stuff I write when I'm bored
↳kinda strange, isn't it? | zim by -l0nelyl0ner-
↳kinda strange, isn't it? | zimby ▹☂
For being one of Irks finest invaders, [Y/n] didn't feel like one. When she gets caught up in one of the Tallest's jokes, she finds herself with the responsibility of m...
Vexed Love (ZADR)  by SCXURG3
Vexed Love (ZADR) by EM0
In this au Purple and Red love and is overprotective of Zim. Zim didn't feel the same but doesn't know how to reject his leaders. Who knows what they'll do? Zim finds a...
Invader Zim x Reader Oneshots/Headcannons (Indefinite Haitus) by Low-keyGay
Invader Zim x Reader Oneshots/ StupidGayBitch
All of these are gender neutral unless said otherwise. Requests are always open. I do not own cover art and is something I found off of google. DO NOT REPOST MY WORK ON...
Truthseeking by KKKitto
Truthseekingby KKKitto
Zim finds out the truth about his mission, he doesn't take it very well.
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Aberrant Worlds (Invader Zim x Reader) by blue_divergents
Aberrant Worlds (Invader Zim x Raph's Fangirl (Quotev)
Aberrant (adj). -marked different from an accepted norm [You, for once, are not the new kid. You're at this skool in this strange town for a reason, or should I say a mi...
Urth And It's Inhabitants! (Irken Male Reader X Invader Zim) (Disc.) by AuModere
Urth And It's Inhabitants! ( AuModere
Invader Y/n, the second tallest, only to Red and Purple, and he was only a measley 18 Irken years old! he was sent to Urth by the Tallest on a mission to find Zim! Becau...
|Blood And Tears| An Invader Zim Fanfiction by Randomcable69
|Blood And Tears| An Invader Zim Eva-May McAuley
It had been six days since Zim was pulled out of his dark thoughts by the Tallests. But something wasn't right... every time Zim looked at Gir, he couldn't see the frien...
Invader Zim/Zadr Pictures by Gomarnic
Invader Zim/Zadr Picturesby Gomarnic Yumika
This is going to be many pictures of Invader Zim or Zadr. All of these artworks are not mine and warning, there will be some mature pictures. So enjoy this book!
Nicktoons Unite by Grimstone15
Nicktoons Uniteby Fan Man 50
A strange storm begins to invaid the multiverse. Not only that, some of Nickelodeon's evilest villains have formed an alliance. So it is up to to Nick's greatest heroes...
(REQUESTS PERMANENTLY CLOSED)Various X F!Reader One Shots by SelfShippingWeirdo
Being a self shipper and a writer comes with the urge to share my creations. I don't accept requests as the one shots I post are one shots I've written for myself and I'...
In Love With The Enemy by alexartz101
In Love With The Enemyby Invader Icy
Dib and Zim had always been enemies. But when the two get in a bad fight and Zim fails his science class, the principal assigns Dib to tutor Zim until his grades improve...
Invader Zim X Reader - The Alien I Love  by Glitchy119
Invader Zim X Reader - The Alien Glitchy119
You weren't the happiest, moving into this new city. It was quite strange, but it couldn't compare to the even stranger green kid you soon meet at your school. What coul...