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Invader Zim/Zadr Pictures by Gomarnic
Invader Zim/Zadr Picturesby Gomarnic Yumika
This is going to be many pictures of Invader Zim or Zadr. All of these artworks are not mine and warning, there will be some mature pictures. So enjoy this book!
Parenthood [INVADER ZIM] by FearTheHime
Parenthood [INVADER ZIM]by Hime-sama
[M/N] or Smeetary worker [M/N] is sent down to earth with Zim, he was the one that raised Zim after all so it's technically his fault for how Zim is. That was his punish...
Dib's Experiment -Zadr- by The_Tea_OMG
Dib's Experiment -Zadr-by The_Tea_OMG
Dib decides to try a new way of exposing Zim. Dib states that it's for the sake of Earth. How Will this play out? Will it be successful or fall apart.
Zadr Oneshots by Perewinklebuzz
Zadr Oneshotsby Bee/Dev
Oneshots ranging from AUs to fluff to the tiniest bit of lemon.
Zadr Oneshots by Gomarnic
Zadr Oneshotsby Gomarnic Yumika
Yes, another Oneshot. But different from my other one since this one has Zadr. Warning, some of these oneshots may be unpleasant for people so don't like, don't read. A...
Fin by MalfoyPotter14
Finby MalfoyPotter14
Zim tries a cloning experiment with his and Gaz's D.N.A. WARNING: Implied self harm I want to know what you guys think, so leave a comment.
They Underestimated Him ( ZADR ) by QillianstheLunatic
They Underestimated Him ( ZADR )by AQ
[ COMPLETED ] Everyone underestimated Zim. The Tallest, Tak, even the filthy human, Dib. " A Defective." " Incompetent Invader. " " A nuisance...
Invader Zim: Living With The Enemy by KoolAidPoison
Invader Zim: Living With The Enemyby D. K. Bloomfield
Months after the events with the Florpus, Zim thinks of a new plan to conquer planet Earth, and it involves infiltrating on Dib's house and earning his family's trust to...
Project Z [ ZADR ] DISCONTINUED by QillianstheLunatic
Zim is captured, ever since that florpus incident. He was taken to the membrane laboratory for alien research purposes. 8 years passed by liKe a blink of an eye. Zim is...
Insane - An Invader Zim AU by Niko_Shall
Insane - An Invader Zim AUby Sleepy_Jay
Zim tries everything in his power to stay away from Dib, but the class creep knows where he lives. Dib knows Zim is an alien. He must be, so he was going to figure out...
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Don't You Dare Forget The Sun  by TheZaDrShipper
Don't You Dare Forget The Sun by Gir!!!
Dib is no longer a child but now a grown man. Eighteen and in his last year of High Skool, Dib has a lot on his plate. Mostly how is he going to handle leaving his arch...
Dead Inside by CrimsionCat
Dead Insideby CrimsionCat
Maybe re-watching a childhood favorite to help deal with the bone crushing reality that is life was a bad idea. "...WHY THE HELL ARE MY HANDS GREEN?!" Irken!Re...
invader zim x reader oneshots ! 💫✨ by mikeymayhem
invader zim x reader oneshots ! 💫✨by mikey 🫀
You can request anything, I will literally write whatever.
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Invader Zim [x reader] Oneshots   HIATUS by spookyeet
Invader Zim [x reader] loona-tic sksks
READ THE REQUEST CHAPTER OR MINI MOOSE WILL STEAL YOUR KNEECAPS. this book was so unpopular. but then the movie dropped, and i changed the cover, and now it's blowing up...
ZAGR week by Rebeccatmntlover6548
ZAGR weekby TMNTLover6548
i found the picture on tumbler and I actually didn't know someone made this so on August 16 to the 21 and soon i will work on my leorai week as well but idk when
I love you stupid 💚💙 Invader Zim and GIR (PLATONIC, DO NOT SHIP THEM) by wandertastic
I love you stupid 💚💙 Invader Morro
Zim always thought GIR was stupid and annoying, GIR was never serious and always caused Zim to fail, so one day when something horrible happens and Zim looses GIR, zim W...
-=#Newbie#=- Prof. Membrane x Reader by not_phil_in_a_wig
-=#Newbie#=- Prof. Membrane x The Masked Beanie Man
(REMAKE) (STILL BAD THO) This is your average Professor Membrane x Reader. I will probably add a lot of stuff about the kids though, because I love them. I am so sorry...
Poor Insane Son by PARADOX402
Poor Insane Sonby Maria
When Professor Membrane's son, Dib, nearly dies in a freak piggy accident, Membrane decides this is the last straw and takes the matter of his son's sanity in his own ha...
Love isn't very Scientific (Professor Membrane x OC Reader) by StarryVixen14
Love isn't very Scientific ( Freddie Grayson
Seven years ago, Squeak Marley, a genius girl was chosen out of millions of people to become the intern of the world's greatest and most brilliant scientist... Professo...