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Invader Zim cast reacts to... by shinshinjane
Invader Zim cast reacts to...by Shinshinjane
5th reaction story, watch helplessly as all the cast witness their dooming Fates of their lives.
Nafsu Wattpad by aisyahxyz
Nafsu Wattpadby Ashie Chan
Apa aku dah buat ni? Khas buat orang-orang yang meminati bacaan 18sx atau erotik
Our little Irken by FlakyJam
Our little Irkenby Flaky Jam
An AU where Miyuki and Spork didn't die and the Red, Purple are very clingy in terms of Zim Story: Four Tallests lives inside the massive to conquer any planets they see...
Aberrant Worlds (Invader Zim x Reader) by blue_divergents
Aberrant Worlds (Invader Zim x Rea...by Raph's Fangirl (Quotev)
Aberrant (adj). -marked different from an accepted norm [You, for once, are not the new kid. You're at this skool in this strange town for a reason, or should I say a mi...
Yandere Invader Zim Scenarios and Oneshots  by SmolCinnamonRoll10
Yandere Invader Zim Scenarios and...by Rose
Why does Zim love you human? Zim does not know, you are my queen/king human. Art belongs to @Tsundere_Doll. Invader Zim characters belong to their rightful owners. The v...
 DOOM AWAITS ( Invader Zim x Destroy all Humans crossover / Male reader insert) by Leichenfaust97
DOOM AWAITS ( Invader Zim x Destr...by Leichenfaust97
What will happen if two Irken Invaders land on Earth on a Mission to recover a crashed Irken Scout Ship? Who will join them on their Mission to total Planetary Dominatio...
DOOM ARRIVES (Invader Zim x Destroy all Humans crossover/ Male Reader Insert) by Leichenfaust97
DOOM ARRIVES (Invader Zim x Destro...by Leichenfaust97
It has been some time since our beloved Invader brothers took control over the United States and crushed the pathetic Majestic organization under their boots. Y/N ruled...
↳kinda strange, isn't it? | zim by -l0nelyl0ner-
↳kinda strange, isn't it? | zimby ▹☂
For being one of Irks finest invaders, [Y/n] didn't feel like one. When she gets caught up in one of the Tallest's jokes, she finds herself with the responsibility of m...
Zadr Oneshots by Gomarnic
Zadr Oneshotsby Gomarnic Yumika
Yes, another Oneshot. But different from my other one since this one has Zadr. Warning, some of these oneshots may be unpleasant for people so don't like, don't read. A...
They Underestimated Him ( ZADR ) by QillianstheLunatic
They Underestimated Him ( ZADR )by AQ
[ COMPLETED ] Everyone underestimated Zim. The Tallest, Tak, even the filthy human, Dib. " A Defective." " Incompetent Invader. " " A nuisance...
I think I'm Dumb or Maybe Just Happy (Invader Zim x Reader) by RaineStorm_Witha4fix
I think I'm Dumb or Maybe Just Hap...by Raine Whispers
Left stranded in the middle of nowhere, Y/N must find a way home. Though this world feels strangely familiar, going home may be more of a challenge than they thought. Es...
Return (Invader Zim Fanfic) by HLHaynes
Return (Invader Zim Fanfic)by HLHaynes
As Zim is attempting to destroy Dib for probably the hundred and twenty-sixth time, they are interrupted by Tak, whose motives are unclear. Meanwhile, Tak struggles with...
Invader Zim oneshots and scenarios  by Stail_Chipz
Invader Zim oneshots and scenarios by Stail_Chipz
Just a random IZ one shot book :3 Also, any art work in this is NOT mine unless I say otherwise I do not own any of the original Invader Zim characters
Craving you (Invader Zim x reader) by InvaderZerna
Craving you (Invader Zim x reader)by ★Zerna★
Y/n was only a young female human. (sorry if your male just imagine k?) She's only 13 years old. Although She's the smartest kid at her school. Y/n had to move but sinc...
Invader Zim Oneshots by Yo_Mom1235
Invader Zim Oneshotsby Yo_Mom1235
Hello! I'm gonna be doing oneshots of iz cause I have been very obsessed with it recently :) more info inside !
Urth And It's Inhabitants! (Irken Male Reader X Invader Zim) (Disc.) by WardenMain90
Urth And It's Inhabitants! (Irken...by 𝐖𝔞𝔯𝔡𝔢𝔫𝐌𝔞𝔦𝔫90
Invader Y/n, the second tallest, only to Red and Purple, and he was only a measley 18 Irken years old! he was sent to Urth by the Tallest on a mission to find Zim! Becau...
Invader Zim Scenarios [✔] by _maxcylavender_
Invader Zim Scenarios [✔]by 金龙
The Book has Ended. -VERY OLD BOOK Vote or comment if you enjoy it! [Why are people still reading this?] -----👽----- Started: 4/7/20 Ended: 6/10/20 Art cover by me (_m...
Invader zim Characters Scenarios  by unstxble-star
Invader zim Characters Scenarios by ✨Constellation✨
Just little scenarios :) I just thought I would do this
Falling For An Irken ~ Zim X Reader  by WildChild289
Falling For An Irken ~ Zim X Reade...by QueenOfSass👑
~Previously ~ The New Kid???~ Zim my names zim!.I AM ZIM!. Now what did that dib tell you?." "Just that you were an alien..." "LIES!!!." "O...
I dont dislike you(Irken male reader x Tak by m0no_chrom
I dont dislike you(Irken male read...by Mono
You are (I/N)[Invader name] you and you're best friend Invader Anthony are sent to earth by order of the tallest (you two being the second tallest and next in command),t...