Disfigured Stories

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Requiem for a Soldier (Requiem #1) by ellelawrence
Requiem for a Soldier (Requiem #1)by Ellie Lawrence
A disfigured veteran hiding from the world and the young woman who found him. 2019 Watty Award Winner - Romance After suffering extensive injuries in Afghanistan from an...
Layla the gypsy girl by fayally1998
Layla the gypsy girlby fayally1998
13 year old Layla lives in Paris under the tyrannical rule of Judge Claude Frollo. Her best friend Esmeralda, is like a sister to her, since all of Layla's family are de...
Disfigured (Jeon Jungkook x Reader) by softxthorns
Disfigured (Jeon Jungkook x Reader)by softxthorns
Song Eun Jo (You) got thrown with acid on her face 3 years ago and her face was never the same again. It became disfigured. - Jeon Jungkook, the man who threw acid onto...
Infinite DC Journeys: The Missing Face by LivingStoneWriter
Infinite DC Journeys: The Missing...by Sean Livingston
A horrible accident leaves Mandy, the sixth regeneration of Neas, severely burned beyond recognition. Her 8-year-old companion, Clarence Wendle, is left without much hop...
Hephaestus & Nike by plusquemaproprevie
Hephaestus & Nikeby plusquemaproprevie
When Hera learns of Zeus's indiscretion that brings about Athena she knows that she must do something to get revenge. She decides to have an indiscretion of her own whic...
Teptidah by laosythai
Teptidahby The Dark Poet
Based on a true story of a refugee girl and her brother kidnap by white supremacist...will break it into a few parts...
Voice Of A Troubled Angel by AlexWritesAgain
Voice Of A Troubled Angelby Al
Erik hides many scars. Christiana hides many scars. They both are victims of fate, do not want to fall in love, and have an addiction to sarcasm. Think of this story...
Little Brother by dollymouse
Little Brotherby dollymouse
A short piece on unconditional love. FEATURED BY OFFICIAL WATTPAD PROFILE: MicroBytes
Disguise by Depleted-
Disguiseby Carrot c;
|| Disguise || Leila isn’t normal. She’s a shapeshifter, with a crescent moon birthmark on her forehead that stays with her no matter what form she’s in. She was in lo...
The Cursed Prince - Tale of Two Kings  (Book Two) by 1fish7flowers
The Cursed Prince - Tale of Two Ki...by Qian Hui Bennet
Languishing deep within the stone prisons of the Stone-Hearted, Elaena is brutally tortured to reveal the fate of Eden and its young King. Beaten, starved, and broken sh...
Strike! ストライキ by Akira_Misaki
Strike! ストライキby Akira Misaki
Sole is a young boy who woke up in a small, farm town called Mineas. He is trying to understand who he is and where he came from. All he has is vivid nightmares of what...
Stragglers: Coco's Beginning (Book One) by _Jessums_
Stragglers: Coco's Beginning (Book...by Jessica
The story of a little white "disfigured" and abandoned kitten finds herself in a dog pack that runs the neighborhood, being kept as a ragdoll. The only two fr...
Deaths' Breathe by AnnieDesigns
Deaths' Breatheby AnnieR.
Deanna was once a very active teenage girl until the day secret forces toyed with her life. Deanna, after suffering a tragic death, never got her say in court, that is t...
Quaker Ladies Rubble, a Phineas Gage Story by LisaRedfern
Quaker Ladies Rubble, a Phineas Ga...by Lisa Redfern
Phineas Gage, the man with the famous brain injury, is on a ship bound for California in 1852. As familiar territory fades from sight, Phineas reminisces about the girl...
DisFigured by _Thats_Awkward
DisFiguredby _Thats_Awkward
They tell us we are perfect. They treat us like we are perfect. They mold us to be perfect. But what if I found out why they made us perfect. In school,we learned about...
dysmorphia by rosesdarkly
dysmorphiaby m.K
dysmorphia-- the abnormality in the shape or size of a specified part of the body pain and adaptations love and hurt lullaby and insomnia How do they relate? {lowerca...
• in the 1800's- A homeless, disfigured girl stumbles across people like herself. Disfigured, hurt, lonesome and abandoned. And finds herself upon a rollercoaster...
The Dance of the Blacksmith and The Huntress by paulwillson26
The Dance of the Blacksmith and Th...by Paul Willson
Doyle and Ophelia continue their dance around each other. Both of them scarred by horrific injuries both on the inside and the outside. Doyle can never find the words to...
The Sight by keritoney
The Sightby Keri Ward
Clara Knowles recently moved to Allentown, Pennsylvania from New York City. Did she come to live a more peaceful life or is she running from something? Is this new house...