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Tris Is Alive by DauntlessWarrior4
Tris Is Aliveby DauntlessWarrior4
What if Tris didn't die in Allegiant but everyone else thinks she's dead. What will she do now that she has survived? Will she ever find her way back to Tobias? First I...
Prior Rings by Windchimed
Prior Ringsby Windchimed
"So, are you nervous?" Zeke asks as he adjusts my bow tie just a touch. "No," I answer simply. And it's true. I have never been more certain of anyth...
Pain In The Ass (Eric Divergent Fanfic) by ButterScotchSwirlie
Pain In The Ass (Eric Divergent Fa...by ButterScotchSwirlie
Elizabeth Montoya is a young student who is finishing up school. She takes a test that will decide the rest of her life, and it changes her entirely. At only sixteen, El...
The Kingdom of Eternal Winter (Divergent Fourtris Fanfiction) by springberrynights
The Kingdom of Eternal Winter (Div...by springberry
"It was a lovely day in spring, the flowers bloomed and a gentle breeze rustled the delicate leaves on the trees, when the queen died. The very same day, it started...
Apples {A Divergent Series Fanfiction} by purpleew567xo
Apples {A Divergent Series Fanfict...by 🍎🔥
"Not all apples are green." After a difficult time in Amity, Taura Daniels decides to move between the Factions, a decision that could land her in danger. With...
Sheo:Mistake or meant to be? by Levisxslut
Sheo:Mistake or meant to be?by Dezerie 💞
Shailene woodley has now finished filming Insurgent along with all her co-stars.One day,Miles throws a party and invites everyone from the movie. Shailene decides to ha...
Tomorrow {Divergent Fanfiction}  by Writingwarrior_
Tomorrow {Divergent Fanfiction} by 💕💕💕
The choice is mine. The right is mine. Pick my own faction. Stay home with family. Stay in my born faction. Or give it all up. I have the right to pick. But what i...
Divergent- Four's Pov by agreatperhapse
Divergent- Four's Povby Maddie
Have you ever wondered what Divergent would be like if told by the character of Tobias Eaton? What would be his views of the Dauntless initiation? What would he think ab...
Divergent Boarding School by LydiaAndLeaCollins
Divergent Boarding Schoolby Lydia & Lea Collins
Tris, daughter of world famous Natalie and Andrew Prior, gets send away to boarding school. But how will it go with a three year old daughter? Will Tris be able to keep...
Divergent High by madzzlol
Divergent Highby maddie.
The story of reality. Divergent goes to highschool, there is the normal drama, fights and problems but of course we add a twist, in the world of highschool you get the d...
RECKLESS → ERIC COULTER by thegayestforyou
"Eric Coulter was everything Zora Allard would avoid, yet he intrigued her like no one else was capable of." extended summary inside chapters eric coulter x o...
Emergent by Ariel-M
Emergentby Ariel M
⚠️Warning!⚠️ This is the sequel to Allegiant (continuation). I highly suggest reading it first.
Stay Away | Eric Coulter [1] by loveyou3000_
Stay Away | Eric Coulter [1]by 𝓚.✨
BOOK 1 of 2 All Vanessa Eaton had ever wanted was to start over. Most of all, she wanted to be free. When the opportunity to rid herself of her abusive father arises, V...
Conversion by GraceG_3
Conversionby TheSapphire
If the tables were turned It's been two years since Tris supposedly died. But now she's back and there's so many questions to be answers; Will she ever be her old self...
I'll Never Leave by Katnisstrisgranger46
I'll Never Leaveby GLORIANA
This is the sequel to my most popular work. Coming back.
A father's approval or how to not get Andrew Prior to kill Tobias | ✅ by Cloakseeker
A father's approval or how to not...by Christina Wind
Disclaimer: I do not own the Divergent Series. Prompt: Tris and Tobias meet Andrew and Natalie Prior for the first time after they saved the Abnegation from being kill...
Because You Left (Allegiant: An Alternate Ending) by divergentascendant
Because You Left (Allegiant: An Al...by The Divergent Series
Tobias isn't the same without Tris. He doesn't interact with people other than his friends. The only people left in his life are evelyn, Christina and Zeke. But what if...
Resurgent: One Choice Can Restore You by angelindurham
Resurgent: One Choice Can Restore...by Angel in Lothian
This is my ✨attempt✨(emphasis on that) to create an alternative ending to Allegiant without changing the storyline. I don't want to give too much away here, so I'll just...
You Promised by AmNotAPansycake
You Promisedby Madison \_(^-^)_/
All rights reserved to Veronica Roth I do not own any of the characters except for Meredith Abner Eaton and Charles Milburn Alvarez _____________________ Apparently, C...