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Hold You Down by DeniseArroyo5
Hold You Downby Denise Arroyo
What's a girl to do after practically being left at the alter, having a full blown panic attack in front of a hot God-like man, and having to pick up the pieces as every...
Mine (Complete) by aamna313
Mine (Complete)by
It's previous name was From Worst To Best Saad decide that I have to give her sleeping medicine otherwise she will get worse then she already is me and Saad both asked h...
THE PROMISE OF TIME (SEQUEL of ' SPARK OF LOVE') by twilightdiaries86
the journey of Abhiram and Ritika
Cinderella in the Cameras by captivatingly
Cinderella in the Camerasby leah
There once was an actress whom everyone called Cinderella. I mean, I guess it would make sense. Her mother was evil and she had gone from poverty to fame. Her fake boyf...
The Heartbreak by Sochi_3505
The Heartbreakby Sochi D
STELLA Stella is a heartbroken girl. Her boyfriend is hurting her badly emotionally and physically. That's when her brother Matthew comes to a family gathering along wit...
Oneshots - Nico x Levi [Grey's Anatomy] by multifandom_net12
Oneshots - Nico x Levi [Grey's 🕊
These will be a series of oneshots and short stories about the relationship 'Schmico' - Levi Schmitt and Nico Kim - from the ABC original show Grey's Anatomy. Levi Schmi...
Beautiful Lives and Tragic Endings by louiseysqueezy
Beautiful Lives and Tragic Endingsby louiseysqueezy
Rosie Anderson has recently graduated from University, she's trying to find her own way in life. Watching the lives of others and different turns of events makes her mor...
Trauma Love by BlueSky6234
Trauma Loveby October_skies
She had been in and out of hospitals when she was a kid because of her abusive family. Now she works in one, one day she meets this doctor who changes her life and bring...
Mysterious Are the Ways of Destiny! by writeandbedazzle
Mysterious Are the Ways of Destiny!by writeandbedazzle
Dr Anaisha Arora, an MBBS doctor and currently a sincere IAS officer, and Dr Idhant Ahuja, a renowned cardiologist and MD of SilverLine chain of hospitals, both have com...
Cold Heart by UnknownoftheBlue
Cold Heartby UnknownOf TheBlue
Hi! My name is Jasmine Khiel Mendoza-Alvarez. Babae ako, syempre. Rich kid din pero akala ng lahat magiging masaya na sila kung marami silang pera at mabibili na nila a...
Recueil (et conseils) de Doctor Love ! by DekuBluePotatoes
Recueil (et conseils) de Doctor KuroPsycho
Doctor Love, en personne, vous dévoile ses "consultations" dans ce fabuleux recueil ! Il vous donnera même quelques conseils en amour ! Alors lisez, et appréci...
My Sweetest Downfall by karsywrites
My Sweetest Downfallby karsywrites
To my future lover when will I meet you? tomorrow, in a couple of weeks, in three months or in four years? Maybe in a decade?
Death By A Needle by Humanitie
Death By A Needleby Humanitie
Young Abigail suffers a life of tragedy and unknown love. She's 21 and is a doctor. What happens when one stitch after the other leads to another rip of pain. *WARNING* ...
My Asympomatic Love by UchihaReyrey
My Asympomatic Loveby Aman Rea
A young happy go lucky chick meets Mr. Perfect. Isang babaeng wala ibang alam kundi mag gala ng mag gala maencountered ang isang responsableng lalaki. Would they fit or...
AQUAMARINE by arbiedie
AQUAMARINEby deng :)
This story is somewhat inspired by the manga "Attack on Titans" and the movie "World War Z" During the Heian period, there was a powerf...
Law of Love (On-Going) by krissylei06
Law of Love (On-Going)by krissylei06
Masayahing tao si Lucas but all change ng nakilala nya si ainsleigh... Bakit nga ba may mga tao na hindi nakikita ang mga efforts natin,ang mga time na binibigay natin s...
Healer ( Cobra Kai Fanfiction. ) by snape_loki
Healer ( Cobra Kai Fanfiction. )by snape_loki
(Taken place in Season 2.) Johnny Lawrence is back at it again. Cobra Kai, new students, and a new life. What happens when Johnny sees a woman getting harassed by 3 men...
Pulse by spielburger
Pulseby Zero Coins
" s o m e t i m e s, home isn't four walls - it's two eyes and a heartbeat." *** Helping people recover, changing lives for the better and giving them hope is...