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Forbidden Love by craxyway
Forbidden Loveby 🖤
"I don't know what will happen between me and you, but I'll be there for you" When two straight boys fall for each other unexpectedly, how will they deal with...
definition of a DL by kyngb_
definition of a DLby kyng
hi my name is camari ! this is a true story about me and this downlow boy :) hope you enjoy the book
𝐻𝑒𝑎𝑟𝑡𝑙𝑒𝑠𝑠 |BxB by blueboyxd
𝐻𝑒𝑎𝑟𝑡𝑙𝑒𝑠𝑠 |BxBby Nick Dion♡
Nile has fallen into the label of being the "new kid" all over again after his mother forced him to move for a job promotion. Having to pack his bags and move...
Raise Your Mic (BoyxBoy) by writerboy242
Raise Your Mic (BoyxBoy)by WriterBoy242
This is a story about a new rapper name Titan that struck the rap game like lightening and blew up pretty fast. He is twenty two from the Bahamas and is a versatile bise...
Jailbird by Alex2713
Jailbirdby NAS B
Cedric, a 21 year old college student is torn between two men. His high school sweetheart Jason has been in prison for the past 3 years but is now back in Cedric life. H...
My Darkest Hours (The Weeknd fanfic)  by Shesagxoner
My Darkest Hours (The Weeknd 🕊
Abel Tesafye is your average man, with a wife, a dog and a job as a reputable professor at the University of Toronto. That is, until after hours when he leaves his sque...
Gay Entanglements  by benji0614
Gay Entanglements by Benji22
Chase is average highschooler who fall inlove with a basketball player which later cause problems
The DL Stories  by PrinceMario855
The DL Stories by The DL Stories
The story you are about to read is about how I meet Jason.
Down Low by Pumpkinsweeet
Down Lowby Aya
Sara Jasmine Elbert seorang mahasiswi baru dikampusnya. Ia berusia 18 tahun. Berasal dari keluarga sederhana, dengan kepribadian yang juga sederhana. Ia hidup bersama Ib...
Recovering Against my Personal Enemy by booma23
Recovering Against my Personal Jordan Wiggins
This describes one of the few things that happened while in college. This is a description of one of the many times this was done
THA TRADE by babyitslife227
THA TRADEby babyitslife227
Three months earlier
Here I Am by melaries
Here I Amby Mimi
Allison is a normal teenager whose life changes one seemingly normal night and she is faced with a lot of strange occurrences afterward. Is she who she thinks she is?
Identity In The Music by ajgregor
Identity In The Musicby Anthony Gregory
The latest installment of flash fiction from The Faster Than Fiction Collection explores Mo'. A man with a down-low lifestyle that's caused enough pain for him and the...
Be Mine: Demetrius & Desmond Story by annoyinglyperfect
Be Mine: Demetrius & Desmond Storyby Dante
Demetrius and Desmond have been best friends since they were kids. They built a close bond with each other, and their friends Jaden, Jasmine, and Milo. After one explosi...
Secrets by _CrisDavis
Secretsby _CrisDavis
Cris and his friends are just like any other everyday average teenager; they have a lot of dirty "Little" secrets. This is the story of how Cris discovers hims...
Down Low by SpiritualFawn
Down Lowby Aisha
A wife with suspicions about an affair in her marriage is in for the shock of her life ...
DANGEROUS by allennekta
DANGEROUSby allennekta
Have you ever been able to start college out like a regular guy but end up a secret agent? Have you been forced to do something you have never done. Chris went through a...
Leather And Lace (Clexa 1960's AU) by disasterelaine
Leather And Lace (Clexa 1960's AU)by elaine
Mini skirts and bikers. Clarke meets a beautiful green eyed biker, named Lexa, while working as a waitress at her familie's diner, Baby's Diner. Does this time period fo...