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Dark Brawler(Bakugan x Male reader) by JJHM2004
Dark Brawler(Bakugan x Male reader)by The Ultimate Trickster
I know this is gonna sound weird but one day my whole world changed, you see cards started falling out of the sky, coming down like rain, at first we didn't knew were th...
How To Fight For Your Dragon (Hiccup x Reader 2)  by OneArtsyGamer03
How To Fight For Your Dragon (Hicc...by Sabrina ( ^◡^)
** COMPLETED ** Ah, Berk. Located in the middle of nowhere, the people aren't too friendly... But the upside is the dragons! 5 years after the defeat of the Red Death...
Dark Brawler: Defenders of Vestroia(Bakugan New Vestroia x Male Reader) by JJHM2004
Dark Brawler: Defenders of Vestroi...by The Ultimate Trickster
They came out of nowhere, launching a sneak attack. Before we knew, the Vestal people had conquered New Vestroia and captured all the bakugan. But nobody messes with our...
To mend a Valkyrie's heart (HTTYD fic) by Vala411
To mend a Valkyrie's heart (HTTYD...by Vala411
They all thought Hiccup was dead. Stoick blamed Astrid, and when Drago threatens the Archipelago with his dragon army, her fate will be in the hands of the enigmatic Dra...
COTE X Bakugan by JayAckerman20
COTE X Bakuganby JayAckermon20
What if the Bakugan world fused together with Classroom of the Elite world. Who is the best brawler in ANHS School the most prestigious school in the world? You'd have t...
Night Rider by Hermione_Hofferson
Night Riderby Hermione Di Hofferson
Night Rider - A httyd and Hiccstrid book. -Astrid's pov- 8 years. That's how long it has been. 8 lonely, cold, devastating years of my life that I will never get back. E...
Off the Edge. Sequel of At the Edge. Hiccup X male reader by AceAtomCatV66
Off the Edge. Sequel of At the Edg...by AceAtomCatV66
So I decided to make the sequel anyway and in true fashion this takes place during HTTYD 2. But with Y/N in it. I'm writing this in a new style that I hope you enjoy! Ha...
Not So Bad After All | Eret Son Of Eret by ThatAnime_Nerd
Not So Bad After All | Eret Son Of...by ThatAnime_Nerd
You are an old friend of the dragon riders and show up on an unplanned visit to Berk after the events with Viggo and the Dragon Hunters. You haven't seen or keep in cont...
Mysteries Beyond (Dragons RTTE Fanfic  - Sequel to Deception) by ToothlessNightFury12
Mysteries Beyond (Dragons RTTE Fan...by Silver Night
This is the sequel to Deception (I recommend reading that first, or this won't make much sense). Now that you and Viggo have left the Archipelago, that does not mean th...
It's a mad mad world by Vala411
It's a mad mad worldby Vala411
(Superhero AU) (Superhero AU) Superheroes, supervillians, mad scientists, crazy dragon and whatnot. Come and read about the everyday life of villains as Hiccup and Astr...
Catching the Heart of a Dragon Catcher - Story Complete by ScarWinters
Catching the Heart of a Dragon Cat...by Winters Scar
You are apart of Hiccup's friend group and were helping stop dragon catches and Drago. What happens when you encountered a certain dragon catcher that you have seem to c...
Hiccup's lost sister (How to train your dragon) by HiccupSSRSister
Hiccup's lost sister (How to train...by Kamilia Seta
It was a perfectly normal day for Hiccup and Astrid, they were happily racing when Hiccup spotted something on the beach. They decided to go and investigate it. Little d...
The Lost Soul (Toothless x Reader) by ZulukIgnites
The Lost Soul (Toothless x Reader)by Axel
A young Death Star was with her family for many years until one day her brother and herself went out to fly before they ate. When they came back her family was murdered...
A.I.: Orphans of Terra (HTTYD) by Vala411
A.I.: Orphans of Terra (HTTYD)by Vala411
(Post-Apocalypse AU) The human race is dying and by their own machinations. In a world where the future is uncertain and the past is all but dust, does an unconventional...
I Am Dragonblood: Alpha and Chief {Book Two} (HTTYD Fanfic) by FlittLocke
I Am Dragonblood: Alpha and Chief...by Flitt Locke
Will Hiccup discover who, and what, he really is? (I wrote this when I was younger, just started out in writing and was going through a hard time. I don't like the way t...
 IRON FURY: I AM IRON FURY! by opeyemiolajimoh
IRON FURY: I AM IRON FURY!by opeyemi olajimoh
Some heroes aren't born. They are forge in the darkness. This is the retelling of Commander ALFA " I am iron fury" Imagine mine as the Zack Snyder Version . En...
'Be a mercenary', they said... |HTTYD/RTTE| Viggo x Reader by Ztyle005
'Be a mercenary', they said... |HT...by Ztyle
You're just another mercenary of many, and yet one single job again flips your life around. A failed assassination not only destroys your career, but also your relations...
The Runaways by TwinFriendz
The Runawaysby TwinFriendz
Astrid Sees Hiccup running with the Bola Launcher and decides to do the same thing. So she shoots down the Light Fury the same night Hiccup shot down Toothless. I don't...
Hiccup white ranger (Complete)  by minero586
Hiccup white ranger (Complete) by diego Gonzalez
ok this is my 3 story about Hiccup as a power ranger in this storie Hiccup fakes his death and flies away but later finds a cave and there were drawings on the wall show...
Bakugan Mechtanium Surge (x Male Reader) by Mmcprim
Bakugan Mechtanium Surge (x Male R...by Titus prime
This is a take of Bakugan in my own style with a few surprises