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Screwed by PlusSizedPrinxess
Screwedby Prinxess
Robyn Fenty is a sheltered child, she is also a Pastors kid, always in church on Saturdays and Sundays. She is expected to marry another Pastors kid named Jeremy after g...
MINE by unknown_42069
MINEby unknown
"Your mine baby girl" he growled in my ear.
Poison by khanya1507
Poisonby Skhulile Aaliyah Mdluli
19 year old Rita Jones, ordinary girl, blindly in love with Drew Del'Monte, her boyfriend of three years. Blindly forgives him for everything he does to her. What happen...
Wolf In The Hood {Completed} by KAYxSAVAGE1999
Wolf In The Hood {Completed}by 𝙽𝚞𝚎 𝙽𝚞𝚎
August is a drug lord in New Orleans, Louisiana. He makes sure his men is kept well and fitted. He don't play no games. But Aug haves secrets. Nikita is the new girl on...
Thick madame by AyoKidoo125
Thick madameby Keyawanna Mashay Jackson
ɯɛٳĆơmɛ řɛąɖɛřŞ
S.E.X. by 1999beauty
S.E.X.by Lily
Olivia Julian Homes, otherwise known as the daughter of famous swimsuit supermodel, Indiana Kilt, is a genius and well known computer geek. Olivia's mother dies in a tra...
336 LILBACKWOOD by pjwantsmore
336 LILBACKWOODby Paulianna :)
Taken away from your family and home, you learn to love a boy that says he doesn't believe in love. Over time you two become close... Highest Ranks #1 in nofearkillion
Build  A Thug ** SLOW UPDATES** by Curves_
Build A Thug ** SLOW UPDATES**by Tae
Giselle Wood knew the streets like the back of her hand. After she witnessed her parents being killed in front of her, she moves to Philadelphia to try and make a new li...
Love and War by stay_strong_____
Love and Warby stay_strong_____
Begin reading to find out!😉
Blood Sisters by QueenK-K
Blood Sistersby DirtyDiana
You know what they say, "Blood is thicker than water." But then again they also say "For the love of money is the root of all evil." Karma,Eva and M...
  Kings of New York ( Pablo Reese)         by holycruciformedxz
Kings of New York ( Pablo Reese)...by Michael Nayas
They stared at each other's eyes as sun sets slowly. He could read her mind that that's it. " i love you, Pablo." she said, licks her lips for more words...
Make Me Proud by hipstertiana
Make Me Proudby Princess ♡
Sydney Price. 17 year old bombshell. Like the body of a Victoria Secret Model. Gorgeous &' Smart. Funny &' Sweet but also a bad bitch. She is what all guys dream about d...
Sold To The Gang Leader's Son by XxnikkixbrokenxX
Sold To The Gang Leader's Sonby b r o k e n
Nikki Martinez isn't your average girl, s different from all the other girls. She's "bigger" than most girls. Her stepdad sells her to the Pablo Escobar's son.
ALL MINES by Damya12345
ALL MINESby Damya12345
A Covenant Of Ashes by i_am_number_4N
A Covenant Of Ashesby i_am_number_4N
Closely follow Bethany, a young woman in her mid twenties who steals for an organisation for a living, choose. Does she abandon her loyalties, does she abandon her own l...
Thug Love  by _Foreign_Lala_
Thug Love by _Foreign_Lala_
Read And You'll Find Out !!
"All Thugs Need Love" by AdoreeAsha14
"All Thugs Need Love"by A'sha_don'tcare.
"When two major/well known Drug Lord's fall for one another but can't mix business with pleasure...read to find out what happens"
Fighting for us {HS A.U} by bangthestyles
Fighting for us {HS A.U}by BangTheStyles
"It should've been me!" I cried out. I was gripping his hand tightly, I didn't want him to leave me. No he wasn't going to leave me, it wasn't an option. "...