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L.O.V.E. by denissebloom04
L.O.V.E.by denissebloom04
100 years ago, amidst WW3's nuclear bombing, a deadly virus was released in the atmosphere and nearly wiping out the humanity. It lives inside the human brain thriving o...
Dissonance - Book One by B_Ander
Dissonance - Book Oneby Brittany Anderson
Ever thought surviving first period and facing her best friend's boyfriend - whom she recently kissed - was going to be the hardest part of her day, but it turns out the...
Reunited: A Legend Novel | ✓ (#Wattys2014)  by dystopianxfiction
Reunited: A Legend Novel | ✓ (#Wat...by ran ♡
Continued ending to Legend by Marie Lu June's life is put into danger and she needs to choose between saving her country and her loved one-- two of the things she cares...
A Timely Knight by DaveNite27
A Timely Knightby David Caballero
2020 Watty Award Winner: Science Fiction In the city of Slatehallow, Eldon begins having strange dreams about a giant mechanical bird attacking the foreign city of Ironp...
Electrify Me (Shatter Me fanfic) by traveling_endlessly
Electrify Me (Shatter Me fanfic)by Reese
In the world of Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi, life continues in the future. Mainly centers around the child of Juliette Ferras and Aaron Warner. (fanfiction:)
Zahn Und Klaue by Evolution-500
Zahn Und Klaueby Evolution-500
For years, Baron Konrad Von Sabrewulf had traversed the globe in search of a cure for his illness. Following the discovery of a mysterious artifact, however, a spiraling...
The Nutriments by lulmissking
The Nutrimentsby Amanda
In the aftermath of a nuclear war, Earth is left struggling for survival. 3 centuries after humans regained their reign over the planet. In the hard environment, the gov...
Sins, Cola and Sarsaparilla by whxxmsy
Sins, Cola and Sarsaparillaby whxxmsy
The Commonwealth wasteland is left reeling following the destruction of the Institute and then the hostile takeover of Minutemen territory by the Nuka World Raiders. It...
Dawn of Unity: Part One by Thenarrator_007
Dawn of Unity: Part Oneby Thenarrator_007
In the aftermath of a world-shattering event, "Dawn of Unity" is a gripping tale of survival, betrayal, and the indomitable human spirit. Follow Maya, a former...
I Am Anonymous (NaNoWriMo-on hold) by MayEsdot
I Am Anonymous (NaNoWriMo-on hold)by MayEsdot
The year was 2350. It had been nearly two hundred years since the end of the war and the world was finally regaining its balance. Those who survived the nuclear weapon...
newtmas oneshots  by nootiehearts_
newtmas oneshots by 𝐃𝐈𝐃𝐈 🎸
this won't be updated frequently as my other fanfic is more of a priority, but eventually, i'll get to writing more oneshots.
Wired by TheOrangutan
Wiredby Gavin Wilson
Wired - WINNER OF THE WATTPAD GRAND PRIX! Kane, relic of a bygone society, forges his own way through the worlds of known space living on his wits and by his own set of...
Destiny by 1dandme0831
Destinyby Ishita Patel
Harry and Abby is a love story about a political marriage between a Vampire emperor, Harry and a Human princess, Abby. But more then that, it's the marriage of contrasts...
INTERMIXED by 21283book
❝While one world will have secured itself, the other will shatter into pieces and seize to exist.❞ Watch what happens at both ends of the spectrum. ✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧...
Operation Argentum:  Between Glory and Desolation by Tiranosaurio20
Operation Argentum: Between Glory...by Mariano Mishqui Juárez
After six decades of democracy, Argentina emerges as the leading power in South America, reaching a peak of prosperity and securing a crucial seat on the United Nations...
Elysium Red - Valkyr by Sauryelle
Elysium Red - Valkyrby Sauryelle
Life in Nova One is far from easy-a world marred by clans, crime, corruption, and pervasive poverty. Valkyr, a master thief of unparalleled skill, finds herself entangle...
The Colony In Red (Book 1 in New World Order Trilogy) by AdamsValeria
The Colony In Red (Book 1 in New W...by AdamsValeria
"What if everything you believed to be true was an illusion?" In this gripping dystopian saga on an evolving planet, 19-year-old Kayla is an inmate within the...
the maze runner groupchat by nootiehearts_
the maze runner groupchatby 𝐃𝐈𝐃𝐈 🎸
the gladers are all put into a groupchat. here you can read all of their messages. newtmas and other ships if requested
Injection by emmabemmagemma
Injectionby emmabemmagemma
Lucy Montgomery has been born into the New World, a city that is surrounded and barricaded. Lucy had always thought than the walls were keeping something out. But now, s...
Amber & Ice by makexbelieve
Amber & Iceby Heather Fishwick
Athena believes her world is perfect. Direct democracy means that everyone votes, on everything: from how their healthcare is funded to the colour of the clothes they we...