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Aurora・My Hero Academia  by natyliebautis14
Aurora・My Hero Academia by Natylie Bautista
Ariana Aizawa is the daughter of Pro Hero Eraser Head or Shota Aizawa. She is also the sister of Hitoshi Shinso. Aizawa has always kept his little girl away from people...
beyond the walls (Ongoing)  by FL0WERXD
beyond the walls (Ongoing) by flowerxD
Earth has been claimed by an unknown creature and trying to wipe out humanity to make it they're living, Of course humans won't die easily without a fight. after countl...
A New Earth Born! by UnionGranto
A New Earth Born!by EarthSovereign
(This is a Continuation of the EDH Unionverse Lore from Earth's Darkest Hour! This lore is not meant to be taken seriously with its ideology and leadership this is all f...
Khalkhairha Linhahe's  ̶D̶a̶i̶r̶y̶ *DIARY* by Khalkhairha
Khalkhairha Linhahe's ̶D̶a̶i̶r̶y̶ Khalkhairha
It's obviously not a private ̶d̶a̶i̶r̶y̶ *DIARY*. Those are just my thoughts and some happenings of my life on Earth.
Admiral Arc by USS_Montana
Admiral Arcby USS_Montana
Jaune Was Betrayed and Abandoned by his own Team and Friends After Alister Kurokoko Destroyed his Chances of Becoming a Huntsman Fortunately for Jaune Fate had other Pl...
Earthlings by Serinwee06
Earthlingsby 🌻𝕊𝕦𝕟𝕗𝕝𝕠𝕨𝕖𝕣 🌻
It all started with 2 siblings playing a video game. These siblings never expected to end up in the Star Wars universe, but when a twist of fate brings the two galaxies...
Transformers Animated Roleplay Book  by Optimusprimegirl
Transformers Animated Roleplay Optimusprimegirl
This is For My Friends @TheBlueBean1993, @Asomebrero2021 and @PastelCotton10 Only!
The Rising Pheonix by EdajaJohnson
The Rising Pheonixby Edaja Johnson
My birth was not a joyous day. My kingdom was under attack and if my older brother, and Sworn Protector, Prince Jacobe had not taken me and fled, I would not be here to...
The Secrets of the Elements by melia0505andyeah
The Secrets of the Elementsby Ur mom
Royalty always seems to be perfect, after all you have everything at your finger tips, you never truly have to "protect" anyone other than yourself and your ki...
Star Wars: Legacy Of Forge - Star Wars X Male OC|Male Reader by Endgame1999
Star Wars: Legacy Of Forge - Kieran 'Russo'
"This is the first day of the rest of your life. But if you want it, you gotta fight for it." Two years had passed since the outbreak of the Clone Wars with ne...
Elemental Magic  by Carolinew267
Elemental Magic by
Four newly enrolled students join a supernatural school for the gifted and are convinced they have superpowers, but are being hunted for their powers. But what makes the...
Jenny Goes to Earth | A TMF fanfiction by BookwormPuppy7
Jenny Goes to Earth | A TMF Drover the TMF fan
Jenny, a dog turned into a human girl, goes to Planet Earth with some friends. On there, she meets Zander and becomes obsessed with him. But he is already taken! Will Je...
A DEAL WITH GOD (Jinkook) by Leahs_archive
A DEAL WITH GOD (Jinkook)by Leah✨
In a world, where evil and corruption ruled over love and humanity, a royal angel was often sent down to earth every 20 years, to help cast out wandering demons and rest...
The Chronicle of Johnny Rubah by RyoSaeba4
The Chronicle of Johnny Rubahby Ryo Saeba
A story about a deadliest,topmost assasin in the past named Johnny Rubah,who now retire and exile him self in a small island. But after he able to enjoy his last life be...
BETWEEN TWO WORLDS | zeesxread by zeesxread
BETWEEN TWO WORLDS | zeesxreadby zeesxread
Fay has to leave her old life behind and quickly finds a holiday job in a new home. But the shop where she works is somehow mysterious. What is it about this room that t...
The Secrets Of Ether-Terra by mare_harmon
The Secrets Of Ether-Terraby mare_harmon
Sapere Aude Series: the Doyenne - si vis pacem, para bellum. I am Quillin Antaura Hoar. The first ever product of a fairy and a demon. Loved, adored and appreciated by t...
Transformers: Loud Road Ahead by ECHO-173
Transformers: Loud Road Aheadby ECHO173
Hello everyone this is a fanfiction story crossover for The Loud House and Transformers. Note I do not own either the Loud Hosue or Transformers, they belong to there ri...
Thought Provoking Articles by AmateurAstronomy
Thought Provoking Articlesby AmateurAstronomy
Random articles about that gargantuan area we call the Universe. They may stir your imagination, some will amaze you.
The President Of the World by Mywordsaregold
The President Of the Worldby Jemima Asopo
An Extraordinary Poetry Serie that describes and personifies the person worthy to take control and run the world. Who do you think is the president of the world?