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Soldier Keep On Marching On by Minecraftian1213
Soldier Keep On Marching Onby Simp
We've all read the stories about a teenager falling into a fictional world. So let's do it again with an adult who's lost it all. Aiden Wilson, mother of two, is taken b...
Ok, But why an Eyeball? (Fma:b Avengers Crossover) by realmwalkerdragon
Ok, But why an Eyeball? (Fma:b Ave...by Kora
'Ordinary', was not exactly the word Tony would use to describe the avengers. Far from it. No, between norse gods, walking science miracles, assassins, and more, the Ave...
Bleached Alchemist by UnicornPower234
Bleached Alchemistby Ana Banana
A crossover between Bleach and Fullmetal Alchemist. Enjoy! I lied. I'm going to write a few chapters before updating it regularly. Sorry!
Hope ꨄ Male Reader x Edward Elric by NafiChan
Hope ꨄ Male Reader x Edward Elricby Nafoy
M/R had arrived at Central not too long ago and had met Edward and Alphonse, Edward having both his automail broken. Insisting on helping him, the two become friends and...
Of Alchemists and Wizards by dark_kai_art
Of Alchemists and Wizardsby 🌺KAI🌺
Instead of giving up his Alchemy, Edward Elric makes a deal with Truth to protect a boy from another world quite different from his own. One year after the promised day...
Welcome to the Family by Fangirl9451
Welcome to the Familyby Alexa
Hohenhiem leaves, allowing the Father to move in on his unprotected family. The Father has a sit down with Trisha Elric, Hohenhiem's wife, and proceeds to lie right to h...
Shortie (Edward Elric x Reader) ! Discontinued ! by ShipperLizzie
Shortie (Edward Elric x Reader)...by Lizzie Atlantic
Winry had a sister that was 2 years younger than her. As they grew up Winry decided that she wanted to help people and be a mechanic. (Y/n) however wanted to become a st...
The Sick Alchemist- A Fullmetal Alchemist Fanfiction by TheFlameAlchemist13
The Sick Alchemist- A Fullmetal Al...by TheFlameAlchemist13
Roy Mustang had many questions. But no question was as unexplainable to as why he was stuck babysitting a sick Alchemist. Nobody asked if he was okay with it, they just...
Fullmetal Host Club (FMA x OHSHC fanfiction) by Hologram09
Fullmetal Host Club (FMA x OHSHC f...by Camille
Ouran Academy is running as usual, until a strange new scholarship student comes along. One with golden hair and eyes, and an automail arm and leg...
[Edward elric x reader scenarios/headcanons] by Skyler183_AnimeLover
[Edward elric x reader scenarios/h...by Skyler1836
Enjoy some scenarios and headcanons with our lovable and short ranting blonde midget:edward elric,so hope you enjoy this book! if you simp for this shrimp then have fun!~
Alchemy:  Magic vs Science by A-Marlene-S
Alchemy: Magic vs Scienceby A-Marlene-S
Magic and Science, are they the same or are they completely different? It just takes one person to point out all up and downs. Along with breaking the stereotypes that c...
The Empath Alchemist {Edward Elric X Reader} by forever_content
The Empath Alchemist {Edward Elric...by alex
(Y/n) Mustang, one of the youngest state alchemists and the adopted daughter of the Colonel, discovers that her empathy is much more powerful than anyone around her coul...
Fullmetal Vampire by RachelRose123
Fullmetal Vampireby Catlove3131
~Rewrite and edit of this story is called Misery Looms.~ Mysterious murders had plagued Central for a couple of weeks and the military doesn't know who was killing peopl...
{𝑴𝒚 𝑳𝒐𝒏𝒈 𝑳𝒐𝒔𝒕 𝑺𝒊𝒔𝒕𝒆𝒓..?} by RandomQueen89
{𝑴𝒚 𝑳𝒐𝒏𝒈 𝑳𝒐𝒔𝒕 𝑺𝒊𝒔𝒕𝒆...by Liah cresento
[Wmmap x female oc] My oc is inspired by the character of cayena hill from the villainess is a marionette!also this is not cannon from the original webcomic or the novel...
Harry Potter and The Fullmetal Alchemist [VERY Slow Updates] by AiswaryaLakshmi5
Harry Potter and The Fullmetal Alc...by NaLu_Crazy_Fan
Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain something of equal value must be lost. This has been Edward's life motto. Yet now he w...
Elric Hosts DISCONTINUED  by rockstarfromhell
Elric Hosts DISCONTINUED by Roni
What will happen when the world of Fullmetal Alchemist Meets Oruan host club?
Just Believe Me by HeartOfFullmetal
Just Believe Meby J
When Edward Elric tries to tell his boyfriend, Roy Mustang that he's pregnant, Roy thinks it's all a bad joke. Though after that, Ed leaves Roy disappearing from his lif...
Philosopher's Stone (male child reader X adoptive mother Lust) by ChrisReiniger
Philosopher's Stone (male child re...by Shadow Nexus
There's nothing more dangerous to a homunculus than an alchemist, but what if they weren't all dangerous? For this homunculus this is what she has set out to discover.
The Clockwork Alchemist (Fullmetal alchemist fanfiction) [Unedited] by Steampunk_shadow
The Clockwork Alchemist (Fullmetal...by Error 707
Ed and Al are still on the search for the Philosipher's stone but are having no luck. Maybe the Clockwork Alchemist can help them in their journey. Join the Elric brothe...
Making Memories (Edward Elric X Reader) by ayame_mori
Making Memories (Edward Elric X Re...by Loki Tachibana
A girl has lost her memories who has been living on her own for 3 years. She runs into a famous Alchemist by the name of Edward Elric. She must repay him for his kindnes...