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Foster Family by smilemore954
Foster Familyby smilemore954
Louis had been in foster care since he was a kid. Each home had turned out the same, either miserable or abusive, and eventually he would be sent to a new home. But will...
The Prince Is The One They're In Love With by S_Crz_18
The Prince Is The One They're In L...by S_Crz_18
The description for this story is actually the first chapter of it so if you would like to read it that is where you will find it.
No Control // Styles Triplets by LouisIsGolden28
No Control // Styles Tripletsby LouisIsGolden28
Louis feels dizzy but runs away. He doesn't know where he's going but he travels through the crowd to get away from the bartender. When he almost reaches the other side...
Their Little by smilemore954
Their Littleby smilemore954
Seventeen-year-old Louis lived his whole life believing he wasn't a little because he was well past the average age that most littles tend to slip into their first heads...
3 Kings by honeybee_424
3 Kingsby HoneyBee
Louis is the omega if his kingdom that is ruled by his father. He is in a arranged marriage with the neighboring kingdom of Cheshire. He is a shy and quiet boy and gets...
Sail away with me by randymyqueen
Sail away with meby randymyqueen
Harry, Edward and Marcel the most feared and barbaric pirates alive. Known to kill and torture everyone they come across without any remorse. Louis has been a slave for...
The unexpected love<3(styles triplets) by harrys_0nly_angell
The unexpected love<3(styles tr...by harrys_0nly_angell
Louis is a 17 years old boy who's bullied at school. He has one friend Nick Grimshaw. Louis is nerdy pretty boy who loves pink. He's openly gay and because of that he do...
Our baby boy  by Louandhaz27
Our baby boy by Louis and Harry
Harry ,Edward and marcel have been together since they where teenagers They live in a world where it's normal to have more than two people in a relationship They got m...
Someone's Calling My Name And It Sounds Like You by eizabelladuran
Someone's Calling My Name And It S...by Flourry
The Styles Triplets and Louis Tomlinson have been best friends ever since they're still in diapers. Years later Louis presented as an omega while the Triplets presented...
Styles Love by HiStylesOopsTommo
Styles Loveby HiStylesOopsTommo
This is all the prompts and ideas I have for Styles Triplets love. It's just the Styles boys (if you a Larry then you exactly what I'm talking about). There will be info...
Two's Company  by gooniesneversaydie1
Two's Company by gooniesneversaydie1
In the space of five minutes Louis life has turned upside down His mum is getting married to her boyfriend James, he's moving house and he's getting two new hot, gorgeou...
My Three Mates by smilemore954
My Three Matesby smilemore954
Louis and the Styles triplets live different lives, Louis is just a small, innocent freshman but when three big, protective, senior, identical triplets come into his lif...
Triplets? by Alexbomani
Triplets?by Alexbomani
The triplets were raised in a very uptight, traditional family. Now, if the triplets' DNA had conformed with society's ideals, this would have been fine. However, as the...
I'll Chase You Down Until You Love Me by TommotheTease2021
I'll Chase You Down Until You Love...by 🎗Louis Blue🎗
"Louis!" "Louis! Over here!" "Mr Tomlinson! Can you look over here for me?!" A deep voice catches famous pop star, Louis Tomlinson's attent...
Jellyfish (Styles Triplets) by LowkeyIndya
Jellyfish (Styles Triplets)by Indya🖤
"I've always admired the ocean. It can be the most beautiful thing you'll ever see. But when the sea is angry? It can easily be the last thing you'll ever see."...
Magic and triplets (Styles triplets & Louis) by 2JuStAsImPLeGal8
Magic and triplets (Styles triplet...by I'm a doosh
Louis is new to the whole magic thing and being the only muggle born in Slytherin is hard. Then three people come into his life and they make everything a whole lot easi...
Double the Trouble (H.S) [Book 1] ✔ by Rociodiaz1525
Double the Trouble (H.S) [Book 1] ✔by The Mrs. Styles 💍✨
Savannah is a girl that has had a major crush on the most popular guy in school; Edward. Harry is a geek that has always had a major crush on Savannah. Though Edward do...
The Styles Triplets by 1d_HunterHayes
The Styles Tripletsby Natalie
After moving to Manchester, so Harry could pursue his dreams of becoming a singer, the Styles Triplets, Edward, Harry and Marcel all fall for the same girl. Who will win...
Bandito (Louis + The Styles Twins) by ThickThighsJimin
Bandito (Louis + The Styles Twins)by Lizzy/Liz
A virus has spread throughout the world, causing most of society to become brain-dead, except for their appetite for human flesh. With the world torn to ruins there was...
Brotherly - Larry by Larrybub
Brotherly - Larryby Larry Bub
Harry and Louis were a couple, a beautiful couple to most. Edward didn't really care about that though. or where Harry the CEO of Styles Corp. had a secret twin brother...