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Rogue || A/B/O universe √ by Laventriloque
Rogue || A/B/O universe √by Laventriloque
"If I catch your scum rogue ass on our territory again I'll rip your head off, is that clear?" The Alpha order tainting his words are so deep and intense it m...
Arranged Love (L.S.)✓ by prnbox
Arranged Love (L.S.)✓by prnbox
"What was the name of the son again?" Harry aksed with curiosity and something else, sinister-like in his deep, husky tone. "Louis. Louis Tomlinson."...
Wilting (editing) by lovesicklarry
Wilting (editing)by Walls ▽
"so I think Louis should work as an assistant" "this useless piece of shit working for someone, no man he will just cause troubles, he is worth nothing&qu...
My Three Mates by smilemore954
My Three Matesby smilemore954
Louis and the Styles triplets live different lives, Louis is just a small, innocent freshman but when three big, protective, senior, identical triplets come into his lif...
The Sovereign and The Sorcerer (Larry Stylinson - L.S.) by Shrawanika
The Sovereign and The Sorcerer ( Shrawanika
The silhouette of the person barely gave away his features. He could make out a tall frame, strength packing around his body like an armour. The scent hit him next, a th...
The Bet - L.S. (Omega!Louis Alpha!Harry) ✔ by _Just_Elli_
The Bet - L.S. (Omega!Louis _Just_Elli_
{Completed; 14.11.2018} Louis is omega. That makes him one of the lowest of the werewolf ranks. With being an omega comes obeying basically every beta, but especially al...
No Control // Styles Triplets by LouisIsGolden28
No Control // Styles Tripletsby LouisIsGolden28
Louis feels dizzy but runs away. He doesn't know where he's going but he travels through the crowd to get away from the bartender. When he almost reaches the other side...
The Lost Little Omega  by ohmygodhi_
The Lost Little Omega by P R I N C E S S
A lost little Omega named Louis is thrown out by his parents , he's gone for days until an unknown Alpha comes across a sweet scent among the woods.
Tamed by loving_teapots
Tamedby loving_teapots
"Take him to the beast." Louis jolted at his words as the two guards came and grabbed him by an arm each. "No! Nooo!" Louis screamed loudly, making...
I'll give you freedom by ThaliaGrace20
I'll give you freedomby thaliagrace20
A/B/O universe werewolves exist and are used by humans as slaves . Alpha's are mostly body guards for humans, beta's are used as maids and servants used to take care o...
Larry stylinson smut by Sofiasummerss
Larry stylinson smutby Sofiasummerss
These are NOT written by me, but here are some larry smuts:)
ON THE LOOSE  (FemLouis) by ruoche7
ON THE LOOSE (FemLouis)by ruoche7
"You are mine I won't repeat it omega." He snarled at her when she tried to escape. The last thing Louis wanted was a mate and that to for it to be an Alpha...
My big alphas by bananas4apound
My big alphasby Stina Eriksson
Louis centric. Louis is an omega who is starting a new college and it's not just any college but it's a college for only werewolves. Louis hopes to find his mate there b...
Bell Bottoms// Larry Mpreg// AOB by -louistyles-
Bell Bottoms// Larry Mpreg// AOBby ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Harry Styles is an Alpha who only wants to find love, but he shows this in a terrible way. He as slept with almost every omega in his small town. Expect for Louis. The o...
You Belong With Us by flightless-angel
You Belong With Usby flightless-angel
Louis Tomlinson is known as the funny, loud, and boisterous partyboy beta of One Direction. But what if the titles explain nothing to how he truly feels inside? What if...
Daddy's Wittle Boy(Larry Stylinson) by gwapo2005
Daddy's Wittle Boy(Larry Stylinson)by gwapo2005
So hey guyssss, sorry in advance if I ever have wrong grammars here. English isn't my first language so pls bare with me😂😁 Louis Tomlinson. A shy omega who works at a...
one last time by louistomlinsonkink
one last timeby louistomlinsonkink
Louis could feel tears stinging the corners of his eyes as he struggles to breathe. His vision starts to blur to the point he can't even see Harry anymore. But he can fe...
whisk me off my feet › traducción by eversinceyoung
whisk me off my feet › traducciónby 𝘀 𝘂 𝘇
Cuando Louis se queda fuera de su apartamento con solo un par de ropa interior novedosa, espera que su nuevo vecino pueda ayudarlo. ✧*。∘˚˳°. ∘˚˳°. © allwaswell16 [todo...
Sweetheart by SaraWritesLarry
Sweetheartby larry's girl
El es dulce, mas decidido e inteligente. Harry, Harry era arrogante y posesivo
Bleeding Pawprints in the Snow [Larry \Niam\Zouis] A/B/O Short Story by Harri-Boo
Bleeding Pawprints in the Snow [ Hi There :3
Harry and Liam find Louis in the snow bleeding...Why is that? Alpha! Harry Alpha! Liam Alpha! Zayn(yes, he's in the story too) Beta! Perrie(I don't care that they broke...