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Azur Lane: Surviving hell as a destroyer. by IJN-Haruna-1915
Azur Lane: Surviving hell as a IJN Haruna
After living a mediocre life, I was sent to another world as a kansen to save that world, but I was summoned as a Fletcher-class destroyer, how can I survive this hellis...
The Arrival of CVN-65 by TheLuckyYandereE
The Arrival of CVN-65by TheLuckyYandereE
CVN-65, a ship that is about to be scrapped, sits waiting in her dock. Suddenly, an enormous whirlpool opens up near it, sucking CVN-65 inside. CVN-65 finds herself sitt...
Im Not God, But Simply A Very Advanced Human by NoPotatoForYou
Im Not God, But Simply A Very Sentinel
After Dying the god-emperor of mankind finds himself in a whole new world, much different from the imperium he had left behind. Here he meets girl who fight a Xenos with...
In Another World? Or Timeline? (An Azur Lane Story) by Uther_Maxwell
In Another World? Or Timeline? ( Jesse Maxwell
It is once said... "Time is what we want the most, but use the worst" We all have looked back to the past and yearned for it to return... But, no matter how mu...
Pull up by theyamourme
Pull upby Babygirl <3
It ain't nothing else going on, everything revolving around us, you know we kickin' it. #NLMBLoveStory
The Loving Mediator by MyRomanticMae
The Loving Mediatorby Svetlana Gurskaia
Right so her name was Jasmine Goldman and she was born in New Orleans on a chilly September night and she was charging through. Furthermore she was 5'2. I guess you cou...
The love I Never Had (Herb & Ari Love story) BOOK 1 [COMPLETE] {editing needed} by tetemama123
The love I Never Had (Herb & Ari MZ.murray
This story is about A innocent girl from the hood Named Ariana Fletcher She hasn't seen to much of life yet but that all changes when she falls in love with A boy named...
Escape (A Lil Bibby Story) by Yellow-Sherbert
Escape (A Lil Bibby Story)by TayaBoo💕👑✨
"FUCK, why do you do this to me Bibby?" I asked frustration shooting through my voice as I finally looked up at him. He furrowed his brows as his eyes filled...
TOWIE 2018/19 by mollswritesx
TOWIE 2018/19by mollswritesx
Based on The Only Way Is Essex starting with the 2017 series Xx
Fragile Tension (Alan Wilder x Martin Gore) by abrokenframe767
Fragile Tension (Alan Wilder x f 🥀
It's 1986 and Depeche Mode are touring for their newly released album, Black Celebration. Alan and Martin have been in a relationship for 3 years; over the course of th...
Best friends (perri kiely) by abbiekiely0710
Best friends (perri kiely)by Rocky
she was adopted at 13. She also has a problem getting close to people especially her eldest adopted brother but perri gets her to open up to him
The Only Way Is Essex 2016/17 by mollswritesx
The Only Way Is Essex 2016/17by mollswritesx
When another girl enters the Essex scene who is she going to fall for?
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GOD's Strongest Warriors by tetemama123
GOD's Strongest Warriorsby MZ.murray
" I Got NINA With Me , I Know She Don't Trust You..NINA Nice And Little But She Still'll Fuck You"...
It Won't Always Be Like This (Alan Wilder x Martin Gore) by abrokenframe767
It Won't Always Be Like This ( f 🥀
Parenthood. A mammoth task. Alan and Martin's lives were flipped on their heads when they welcomed their daughter Poppi in November 1986. Since her birth, not a single...
4am Alone by prinnyjodss
4am Aloneby prinnyjodss
Imagine putting everyone first but you end up last in everyone else's life. Can the good ever win? Follow the nostalgic story of Joselin who lives in London. She's a 15...
Unstable Loyalties by Lightningstar22
Unstable Loyaltiesby lightningstar 22
🗲"She is fierce and unpredictable - just like lightning, and within, she is just like a storm about to break"🗲 🗲"Fate... it is so solid. You can't turn...
Solo en verano by spirit_of_triumph
Solo en veranoby Spirit🧸
Claudia Maxwell es una chica medio española medio inglesa que pasa todos los veranos en Essex. Ella solo ve al amor de su vida, Callum Smith, una vez al año. Pero, el ve...
The Commander's Biggest Race by Arrow2k12
The Commander's Biggest Raceby GreyGhost1701E
I don't own anything related to Azur Lane and Nascar
Essex [the bad familiar] by WriterKellie
Essex [the bad familiar]by Kellie Bowe
*2018 Wattys Longlist* Sandelene is self-taught white witch struggling to make a living in Memphis, Tennessee. When a local historical library contacts her about hostile...
Addressed in Almacks (#2 Sweet Nineteenth Series) by TheGeekInterpreter
Addressed in Almacks (#2 Sweet Amy Burr
Charlotte Hampstead, a Baron's daughter, has absolutely no luck: especially in the husband hunting department. She can't play the harp, can't dance and certainly can't...