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ململانەیـے خۆشەویستیـے||𝗞•𝗧✓ by Laraa_44
ململانەیـے خۆشەویستیـے||𝗞•𝗧✓by 𝗟𝗮𝗿𝗮 || لارا
"بەڵام ئێمە کچێکمان هەیە چۆن باوکێک هێندە دڵڕەق ئەبێت "یۆنمی بەدڵپڕی سەیری هاوڕێی تاقانەکەی کرد و وتی. "ئەو خێزانە لەشەیتان خراپترن" نوسەر:لارا تەواو...
Professional Education by maru_kim_012993
Professional Educationby BTS ARMY
For LET Review For Personal use
Copy Cat: Illumi x Reader by enchantedlioness
Copy Cat: Illumi x Readerby The Code Maker
"You'll never be good enough," is what (y/n)'s been told her whole life. This year, she was going to change that. (y/n) Decides to become a world class hunter...
Female Rebirth From the Last Days in the 1970s by jeffelyncosme
Female Rebirth From the Last Days...by jeffelynC
This novel is not mine. For non-commercial purposes only. https://www.shubaow.net/35_35909/ Author: Hua Wei Lao Action: Join the bookshelf , vote for recommendations...
Classroom of the Elite - Talent Special Exam by Andr0mesa
Classroom of the Elite - Talent Sp...by Andromesa
He laid the pathway for their success, but he would also be the one to tear it down. To be defeated, to feel what the weak feel. These were things Ayanokoji desired to f...
Rogue by SuVilla10
Rogueby SuVilla
Disclaimer: I don't own Boruto or Naruto or any of the characters from the shows. All credits go to the author. The story takes place after the chunin exams, in Boruto...
Hatake Kakashi: Fascination by DirectionOfTime
Hatake Kakashi: Fascinationby DirectionOfTime
Kakashi thinks he's in for a nice break, free from students, after Naruto's recent departure with Jiraiya, but he hadn't counted on a beautiful stranger turning up in Ko...
✨♣️THE MAGICIANS ON ROLL♠️✨ HISOKA X Reader  by Olx3456
y/n l/n a famous killer magician decides to take the hunter exam would they pass? will they make friends because they are friendless as fuck? will they catch someone ey...
A New Fairy Tail Member (ANFTM Series) - Volume 1 by silverstars97
A New Fairy Tail Member (ANFTM Ser...by ♥♥ Crystal ♥♥
Melanie Ayame is a 17 year old girl whos parents are powerful mages. One day, she stumbles upon the most famous guild: Fairy Tail. There she meets Lucy Heartfilia, Natsu...
Be A GOOD MUSLIM by Slave_of_Ar-Rahman
Be A GOOD MUSLIMby بِنْتِ آدَم
"Be a Good Muslim" is a book dedicated to spreading knowledge about Islam and exploring a multitude of topics within the faith. The author's aim is to offer re...
COTE Special exam by MohammadAlif456
COTE Special examby Mohammad Alif
The story takes place after Y2V10 where Ryuuen won the survival and dropout special exam ,I don't own this story and English is not my native language,so anyone who does...
𝙏𝙍𝙐𝙏𝙃 𝙊𝙁 𝙏𝙄𝙈𝙀 ✿ Hunter X Hunter ᴼⁿ ᴳᵒⁱⁿᵍ by MerryAust
𝙏𝙍𝙐𝙏𝙃 𝙊𝙁 𝙏𝙄𝙈𝙀 ✿ Hunter...by Merry
[ HxH x Fem!Aussie!Reader¡! ] ┊ ╭┈─────── ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ- 𝐀 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐠 girl with godly powers and immortality finds herself in a world full of adventure! ╰┈─➤...
TWINS-book 1- by _panda_bear_xo
TWINS-book 1-by PandaBear
You and Killua are twins, what can be so different about you two? Killua is brave and can do anything he wishes Kila is....a scare of anything really and she barely can...
 OS -  Bound By Love ! ❤️ by zillionsmiles
OS - Bound By Love ! ❤️by tinker ✨
this os is on the most beautiful track Delhi track of the show in which Sameer was not there in Ahemdabad and Naina got failed in exams due to the absence of Sameer...
Tales Of An Indian Boy by BrosnanAshangbam
Tales Of An Indian Boyby BrosnanAshangbam
The Past is infact a great storehouse of knowledge and memories. One cannot specially forget those sweet childhood days. Rewriting over and over again by learning...
Former Assassins/Killua Zoldyck x Reader (BOOK 1) by LAMAJOMU
Former Assassins/Killua Zoldyck x...by LAMAJOMU
You and Killua are assassin partners. He convinces you to run away, and take the hunter exam, but there's one issue- Your parents. (around 10,000 words) also available...
Daisy's From Above [Hunterxhunter Various X Child!Reader] by peacockdragon12345
Daisy's From Above [Hunterxhunter...by Creativity_Juice
"Told them your dreams, and they all started laughing.I guess you're out of your mind 'til it actually happens"
Torn by DanielleStone8
Tornby Danielle Stone
Dani and Rose ,two best friends move into an apartment together.New loves are discovered, fights are had,pranks are pulled, secrets revealed.There is no telling what wil...
The Other Kurta (Killua x oc) by levy-from-fairy-tail
The Other Kurta (Killua x oc)by Loveless
An ordinary girl named Skylar, a MEGA Hunter x Hunter fan (2011 version) from our world died after being a victim to eye cancer. Her parents were already dead a long ti...
Good Golly My Little Lolly (Shikamaru Fanfic) by Kaisa-Chan
Good Golly My Little Lolly (Shikam...by Kaisa-Chan
Well, it's a Shikamaru fanfic. I'm not going to explain it for those who are really interested know of the Naruto world and it's characters. Read if you like, if you don...