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The Rider's Legend by SaoiMarie
The Rider's Legendby SMarie
Hated by the people she's sworn to protect, dragon rider Neely Lynch searches for her stolen dragon while struggling to control the dark powers inside her. ...
Things Not Subject To Gravity by MichaelShivaSurya
Things Not Subject To Gravityby Michael Shiva Surya
Is it possible to change a life by knowing the future or is everything already decided? And what if someone could attain Solomon's power? Set Voland--a homeless young ma...
Smile (P5/Royal Story x OC/Male reader) by zer0420
Smile (P5/Royal Story x OC/Male Zer0420
(Note, there's a few changes in the Persona Timeline for the sake of this story) The prettiest smile hides the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes cry the most tears. Th...
Bat Family × Reader Senarios by Resident_Ghost1
Bat Family × Reader Senariosby Tyler Whittaker - Clarke
Different Senarios for the bat fam to be in. #795 in Random - 2/5/2017 #466 in Random - 8/5/2017 #700 in Random - 9/5/2017 #318 in Random - 12/5/2017 #282 in Random - 14...
Damian Wayne revealed!  by AzureSorceress
Damian Wayne revealed! by AzureSorceress
Oneshots about our favorite DC fam with some unexpected twists involving our favorite bloodson and assassin who has a love for animals. This work is for entertainment, b...
Ghostwriter by Allymp3
Ghostwriterby Allymp3
Antigone Jackson operates on a thin string woven of flimsy finances and desperate hope. Crippled by grief and her new-found duty of raising her late sister's son, she's...
THE ORACLE: Queen of Rogues by JasminSega
THE ORACLE: Queen of Roguesby JasminSega
BOOK 2: (Not edited) All she ever wanted was to be free, but an Oracle cannot run away from her visions. Book 1: Warzone Book 2: The Oracle Book 3: A Wolf's Weakness ...
Avengers / DC crossover by chocymolk
Avengers / DC crossoverby Chocymolk
The avengers are transported to the DC universe, they meet a family full of bats, speedsters, archers and even supers! The 'fun' is interrupted when new villains take a...
Lycan Pass by bittyspyder
Lycan Passby bittyspyder
Diane Fellow was just on her way to another swim meet when a tragic bus wreck ripped her friends and family away from her, and change her life forever. Saved by an unrea...
Olympus Reborn Book 2: Apollo's Return by 146852586a
Olympus Reborn Book 2: Apollo's 146852586a
Percy Jackson, having come off the victory against his ex-father and his supporters, is now a God. The Fates determined it was his time to become one, and not even givin...
Medusa Isn't So Bad by Lyric432
Medusa Isn't So Badby Lyric
When a blind oracle stumbles into Medusa's lair she expects the usual routine. People criticizing her or trying to kill her. Instead she finds out there are worst things...
Batfamily x Reader Oneshots by Nightingale_127
Batfamily x Reader Oneshotsby Nightingale
Just a bunch of oneshots of the Batboys! Follow the Batboys adventures with these small short stories. REQUESTS ARE OPEN! *I do not own any characters, DC does unless s...
The Lost Todd by TheDemigodWarrior101
The Lost Toddby DemigodWarrior101
Before she was Percy Jackson she was Persephone Todd younger sister to Jason Todd bu what happens when Jason tries to steal from the batmobile but ends up getting adopte...
Batfam x Reader by LoveRandomness2
Batfam x Readerby Battle For Life
One Shots and headcanons from my Tumblr. They are mostly x reader. Enjoy!
Oracle by Cee_Writes
Oracleby Cee
"I'm about to make a prediction, okay? So listen close, you punk ass cultist." "Damn, what happened to you?" Klaus asked, narrowing his eyes at Cass...
Bat Family Memes by bluecandifloss
Bat Family Memesby bluecandifloss
Random memes that I've found which are related to the Bat Family. May also include some memes on the Justice League or anyone else in the DCU. Disclaimer: I don't own a...
The shy little assassin  by onlyme201
The shy little assassin by onlyme201
This is a story of where Damian comes to the manor at age 6 and he is a little shy around his family I know his out of character for him but it's for the story so please...
Rejected Princess by kristentaylor16
Rejected Princessby Kristen Oldham
Davina's soulmate rejects her, but he has no idea she is his future queen. *** Davina Andonov is a werewolf, but she...
Brothers gotta Stick Together (DC x Marvel) by LeonaandtheTophat
Brothers gotta Stick Together ( Notthatgeeky
It just seems as if a peaceful reunion won't do for the Bat Family. There is always going to be fights, arguments, bad guys to take down. But what really gets everyone o...
The Vampire Prince and His Brat | On Hold by IllenisThorn
The Vampire Prince and His Brat | I.L. Thorn
"So, the rumours are true..." Fingers lifted her chin, forcing her to stare into his cold blue eyes. "You really are a brat..." "Got a problem w...